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CAMHS won't see you now

Susannah Harris

  • Revealed: how reflections were used in the Bawa-Garba case

    Susannah Harris's comment 07 Feb 2018 4:29pm

    Dr Beerstecher I'm an appraiser and I am speechless that the GMC has pulled you up for this, I regularly see appraisal documentation containing the same tone of futility you have used. Most GP's sole aspiration is just to survive another year, or if they can afford to, to retire. And if you are under some sort of legal threat from the CQC (is that right?) no wonder you feel depressed. I hope the GMC's 'cause for concern' is that a doctor feels so beaten down by circumstances and does not appear to be getting adequate support
    Going on to address the multiple accusations against appraisers in this thread, I would like to address this nebulous hostility head on
    Anonymous 212 YES we must see Significant events that read the GMC threshold but we have all been made very much aware our write up of reflections should be limited to whether or not the doctor has reflected appropriately and taken steps to prevent recurrence, and perhaps the effect of the incident/complaint on the doctor themselves. We have no wish to cause appraises to inadvertently incriminate themselves and I for one will highlight to an appraiser when they have done this and suggest that they withdraw written self-incriminating remarks and will not write them down if verbalised to me.
    Stdphanie Hart you have conflated the debrief by a consultant with an appraisal process. It does NOT follow that 'we can reflect but should not trust our appraisers'. Quite the reverse. And what is this 'covering our backs' we have to do? The obligations as an appraiser are to participate in sufficient appropriate training annually and to be subject to a quality assurance process by the appraisal leads which focuses on the quality of our appraisal summary and PDP in terms of addressing all the necessary points and illustrating both challenge and support in the conversation. I cannot see how it is any kind of threat to appraises.

  • 'Indemnity fees are killing our profession' - sign this letter to Jeremy Hunt

    Susannah Harris's comment 01 Sep 2017 3:56pm

    Signed susannah HARRIS GP Todmorden West Yorkshire

  • Government to blame for poor doctor morale, says former health minister

    Susannah Harris's comment 17 Dec 2016 1:00am

    I find it heartening that the two clinicians in the Tory party, Dan Pulter and Sarah Woolastong talk of increasing taxes. This is heresy in the eyes of Tory party, I think they're rather brave. they are also right. Yes Dan Poulter was wrong before (not least about but he's right now. Credit where its due.

  • My annual angry appraisal blog

    Susannah Harris's comment 15 Dec 2016 0:45am

    Up and down the land A&Es are closing down, Social care is falling apart, GP surgeries are shutting their doors, the nightmare of CQC (now THERE'S a tick box exercise!)whom we PAY for the privelage of being superficially scrutinised and judged according to meaningless criteria The entire health and social care system is being run into the ground. And we moan about appraisal? Sure it has its downsides, but I get 2 hours paid to talk about just me, a bit of time off from the daily grind, in the grand scheme of things, appraisal is really NOT the problem!. Please colleagues expend all this energy on something REALLY important. (COI I am and appraiser but I have to have appraisal just like everyone else, and they challenge me too).