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Independents' Day

Hippocratic oaf

Retired GP

  • Mitigating the effects of the new coroner reporting rules

    Hippocratic oaf's comment 16 Feb 2020 6:52pm

    Well said Azeem! This misinterpretation has been used by some coroners to put the responsibility on reporting to OOH organisations.

  • GPC chair says shared patient records are increasing workloads

    Hippocratic oaf's comment 30 Sep 2019 7:41pm

    Troughtastic is right. The problem is not the shared record but the behaviours. The response is to be expected from those in the GP community who want to continue to live in the past and don't care about the obvious benefits of shared records.

  • Three candidates to stand for RCGP chair

    Hippocratic oaf's comment 26 Jun 2019 4:26pm

    And so what?
    Also do being high up in the RCGP get you a chair? Seems to be a lot more nowadays.

  • Coroner criticises GPs for not following NICE guidance after suicide of patient

    Hippocratic oaf's comment 06 Jun 2019 5:48pm

    Sadly, this will only get worse. The Coroners and Justice Act 2009 changed the input of future Coroners. In the past, a Coroner could only be sacked by the Monarch and now Coroners are subject to a Chief Coroner who , in effect, continues the tradition of not interfering. Furthermore, the requirement for a Coroner to be a solicitor of 5 year standing has excluded many doctors with legal training from applying so we will continue to get Coroners with little understanding of the nuances of medical care and the influence of guidelines on practice. The problem is that my legal colleagues regard guidelines in the same way they view precedent ... binding and non negotiable (to a tiny degree). The Art of medicine is to use guidelines but adapt them to the circumstances and needs of the patient. This is not the first and will not be the last incident.

  • How primary care networks can strengthen GP practices

    Hippocratic oaf's comment 04 Jun 2019 6:01pm

    After 35 years, I have learnt such concepts are rewording of the same nonsense they are attended to replace with the same local GPs who get off on this sort of thing. It will fail as all things have.

  • Is the GMC serious about mending relations with doctors?

    Hippocratic oaf's comment 04 Jun 2019 5:58pm

    I agree with all the above. Her case has been the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back. And to expand on Stelvio's point, would I have retired at 55? No. I did mainly because I found it demeaning to go through a meaningless second revalidation, being constantly afraid of complaints , being tired etc. and, yes, I, bitterly, miss caring for patients and being of some use.

  • RCGP withdraws invitation for Julia Hartley-Brewer to speak at conference

    Hippocratic oaf's comment 31 May 2019 2:28pm

    Oh dear. Just when you think the College couldn't get more incompetent, they do this. As others have said, JHB is hardly a raging fascist. I do hope that Corbyn et al get the same treatment in view of their lack of support of Venezuelan doctors and their toils against a corrupt government and the persecution of Chines doctors who speak out. I am neither left or right wing but this sets an important precedent.

  • Why I'll leave RCGP if Julia Hartley-Brewer speaks at conference

    Hippocratic oaf's comment 30 May 2019 3:09pm

    SUPER TED....Hope you're not a hospital cardiologist with your spelling.
    Anyways.....once the meds wear off , I hope you will accept that Corbyn being an apologist for the IRA (and others )and the Labour Party accepting they have a problem with antisemitism sort of back up my points.And I also denounce the treatment of people in Gaza by both the Israeli Government and Hamas. You see, I have the unfortunate tendency to not care whether evil smells of Fascism or Communism. It stinks.

  • Why I'll leave RCGP if Julia Hartley-Brewer speaks at conference

    Hippocratic oaf's comment 20 May 2019 10:41pm

    Duncan, you're so right. He threatens to leave over this when far worse things have happened at the College? If I had not listened many years ago to someone who challenged my so called pro life views I would not now be passionately pro choice. I am not saying i would suddenly become right wing but we need to understand where these views come from so we can challenge them and prepare to be challenged ourselves.

  • Why I'll leave RCGP if Julia Hartley-Brewer speaks at conference

    Hippocratic oaf's comment 20 May 2019 5:36pm

    Delighted to see the writer has such a balanced and nuanced approach. So I look forward to lots of petitions critcising Trump over his views on abortion, extreme right wing views, the persecution of Christians in Saudi Arabia, the withdrawal of all funding from India and Pakistan until they spend money on the poor instead of nuclear weapons, the abuse of women in Asian countries, the use of prisoners in China for transplantation purposes, the lack of medical treatment (except for Party Members) in Socialist Utopias) , the banning of Corbyn from all RCGP meetings and an active campaign against any possible Labour Government until he apologises for his support for terrorism and the abuse of those seeking human rights, antisemitism and all forms of racism and abuse. Just tick those your morals extend to. I do not agree with the intended speaker's views but then again, I don't particularly like anyone from any side of the political divide who spouts hatred and at least, as someone else said , she is hardly a Tommy Robinson but then again Momentum members are hardly Jeremy ( privately educated man of the people) Corbyn.

  • GP petition threatens RCGP resignation due to 'controversial' conference speaker

    Hippocratic oaf's comment 20 May 2019 5:26pm

    God help us all! Finally agree with the RCGP for once. I would have a lot more sympathy with such protests if they didn't smell of partisanship. I don't like her views either but nor do I like the views of Corbyn who supports terrorism and evil regimes who restrict medical treatment to Party members or to those who have embezzled enough money to have treatment abroad......? Venezuela ?? Is the same group going to campaign against Russian homophobia? Thought not. Same old, same old, the right wing want to shut up the left and the left want to shut up the right. Sounds like the protesting GP group have too much time on their hands.

  • RCGP set to remove honorary title from Sultan of Brunei

    Hippocratic oaf's comment 11 Apr 2019 6:10pm

    Great news! Of course, this will now be extended to all those other leaders of countries and their supporters who have persecuted LGBT+ people for years such as most of Africa, Arabia, Russia etc.... Oh, perhaps not

  • GPs urged to review 'no dogs' policies

    Hippocratic oaf's comment 10 Apr 2019 3:11pm

    As long as they have adequate training, I think they could take over many of the roles in primary care. Certainly, the efficacy of dogs involved in CBT has been shown (Rover et al 2019, Ralphthewonderdog 2017). I would have some reservations with minor surgery, mainly to the possibility of needle stick injuries due to handling issues but wound care could be a great area to explore ( Effects of licking of wounds, Journal of Woof Studies ) And.....oh, I misread this , didn't I? I'll just get my coat then.......

  • GPs can safely prescribe a years’ worth of contraceptives at the first consultation

    Hippocratic oaf's comment 30 Jan 2019 6:38pm

    Oh come on,
    We moan about extra work then we moan when it is taken away. What is the evidence against yearly scripts? Oh....... listen to the tumbleweeds. And do you check 3 monthly Viagra scripts? Thought not.

  • MP raises problem of ‘two-tier’ ambulance service following Pulse investigation

    Hippocratic oaf's comment 16 Jan 2019 7:13pm

    Slightly puzzled as to why this is news. As someone who oversaw the running of OOHs, walk in centres and a practice, I was categorically told that such places were 'places of safety' and thus not subject to an emergency response, much to the disgust of the paramedics. My objections fell on deaf ears. The Ambulance service is understaffed and funded and has increasing pressures on its services so I can, partially, understand them going for the easy wins as who is going to listen to moaning GPs?

  • GPs should refer patients to Skype outpatient appointments, says NHS England

    Hippocratic oaf's comment 11 Nov 2018 6:41pm

    Ahem. Been here and got the T shirt. Skype servers are US based and therefore subject to the Patriot Act and subject to NSA, CIA, FBI and Justice department scrutiny. But that makes them totally confidential doesn't it??????

  • Could knowing the price of NHS treatments help patients grasp their true value?

    Hippocratic oaf's comment 17 Oct 2018 7:47pm

    It's really difficult to encapsulate what 33 years has taught me about this subject after a while in Australia and study of other countries with insurance schemes. It could take an essay of many pages. I could cite Hume and Kant but I think it would best sum up by saying and not deviating from the point made but , and I am not filling up unnecessary space......but are you joking???? In a system that is free, why should they care???????? Have you lost your mind???? Yes, nurse, I am coming !!!!

  • PHE issues national warning to GPs after rabid bat found in UK

    Hippocratic oaf's comment 14 Oct 2018 6:30pm

    Do I feel a QOF descriptor coming on? So how many bats in your practice have been tested?

  • GMC to train fitness-to-practise investigators to recognise 'human factors'

    Hippocratic oaf's comment 10 Oct 2018 6:07pm

    GMC, our eternal thanks for recognising issues that have been part of the bedrock of justice for centuries. Your kindness in joining the 19th century makes me well up with tears. I, on behalf of all medics, offer you an apology. We all just didn't understand you were ignorant and more aware of your political masters. I could write more but the nurses here don't believe I am a Zblong from the planet Eurghhhh.

  • Increasing number of 111 calls handled by clinicians, says NHS England

    Hippocratic oaf's comment 25 Aug 2018 9:50am

    Fantastic! At last, a robust clinically led service which exudes quality......oh, isn't that it what it replaced....OOHs. So not so new.