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Malcolm Artley

  • Referral management scheme declined almost a tenth of GP requests

    Malcolm Artley's comment 16 Mar 2018 3:00pm

    I'm having some problems with the sums here. 1,683 referrals 'returned' saves £252,450. Less the £206,000 spent on the scheme leaves £46,450, not £982,000. Community referral or GPSI may save a bit more but it's still an order of magnitude less than the claimed savings.

  • The Generation X-ers who #RefusetobeHadiza

    Malcolm Artley's comment 06 Mar 2018 9:18am

    Eloquent and elegiac. Thank you

  • I’ve had a change of heart(sink)

    Malcolm Artley's comment 19 Oct 2017 12:44pm

    I appreciate how you feel and I have always enjoyed your insight and humour. The 'hamster wheel' feeling is all too common, especially if you are overstretched as many of us are and have been for too long.
    I often look back at the aphorisms from 'House of God' by Samuel Shem, which has had more influence on my medical practice than perhaps is altogether healthy. e.g.
    Law 4 - The patient is the one with the disease
    Law 8 - They can always hurt you more
    I'm sure we can come up with modern variants for general practice.
    Law 99 - When they walk out of the door - you'll still be you and they will still be them (would you swap places?)
    Law 212 - Show me a DoH/CCG/NHS initiative that only triples my work and I'll kiss Jeremy Hunt's feet.
    Law 350 - Despair is directly proportional to numbers attending a multidisciplinary meeting
    Law 400 - Health care can be good or quick or cheap
    Take a break - you've earned it.
    Best wishes