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  • ‘Lifestyle medicine’ could revolutionise patient care

    WarksTrainee's comment 27 Oct 2017 11:57am

    Problem is the latest brand of 'lifestyle medicine' is poorly evidence based clap trap such as telling people to put coconut oil in their coffee and never eat grains. The other trend is to criticise doctors for prescribing too many medicines and then go and prescribe vitamins and supplements that don't work.

  • £20k ‘golden handshakes’ to be expanded to 200 GP trainees

    WarksTrainee's comment 15 Oct 2017 9:59am

    I actually think its a pretty good idea if someone already wants to be a GP and has no particular ties to an area.

    It might not sound like a lot to some but for me at the start of training would have been very useful!

  • University expands general practice curriculum to boost GP numbers

    WarksTrainee's comment 07 May 2017 6:28pm

    Great idea. Students should spend far more time in general practice. I was destined for hospital medicine until my FY2 job in general practice gave me the exposure I needed.

  • GP training rota has turned me into a dinosaur

    WarksTrainee's comment 25 Mar 2017 10:58am

    As an ST1 trainee you might not be surprised to here that I like the look of the proposed timetable. Not just however so that I can satisfy my itch to catch 15 to 1 twice a week!

    I don't think working longer hours improves the learning experience. Nor do I believe that trainees need to demonstrate stamina for the job by matching the work load of the senior partners. Most have us have worked greuling rotas in A+E and acute medicine in the busiest times in the history of the health service.

    I think trainees will develop better with more time to learn and reflect and not by not suffering burnout and loss of morale that many on this forum demonstrate.

    I do not think longer training and more hours necessarily leads to more knowledgeable and competent doctors.