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Just Gone Part Time

  • Sorry, I won’t go south at this time of day

    Just Gone Part Time's comment 24 May 2019 9:06am

    Or what about ..... A chess clock. Pts have 2 hrs preloaded annually. Click at start and end of consultation. Once time up - gotta re-register. Most will never get close , a select band will be 3 strikes and out !

  • GPs required to take pictures of lesions before skin cancer referrals

    Just Gone Part Time's comment 08 Apr 2019 5:45pm

    So , Leeds CCG , been doing this for about 1 yr now . CCG provide the dermatoscope , and ipod , the training is c 10mins long
    Its really easy to do. Clinical responsibility lies with the consultant - if they feel they can be sure its benign , then they inform the patient directly and the 30% of 2WW referrals in Leeds that were for Seb k's don't even need an appointment
    And yes , to those who might refuse , if I send it in "on the back of an envelope they will triage the patient to face to face within 2 weeks

    Really sorry , but I just don't see what is not to like. Not everything new in GP is rubbish , sometimes they are improvments

  • The white elephant in the room

    Just Gone Part Time's comment 12 May 2018 4:58pm

    Personally ... our practice has and no doubt will continue to have excellent colleagues from different ethnic backgrounds .
    If you had applied to our practice .... I suspect we would have been quite intimidated by x2 royal college memberships , with distinction, and extensive leadership roles.... coming in a a junior partner.
    You might not have been a "good fit" at our practice.
    I am not saying , at all , that racism is not rife in our country ,and sadly our profession , but sometimes there are other reasons for non-appointment, and to play the racism card might not be it.
    Just my 2 pennyworth ... you may or may not have been appointed out our practice (as we obviously have never met!) but I guarantee you , failure would not have been due to the color or your skin

  • Should all GP referrals be subject to peer review?

    Just Gone Part Time's comment 07 Oct 2017 5:29pm

    Of course soddin GP referrals have stopped going up , now that secondary care no longer send us "please refer on 2WW pathway for suspected angina" stuff

  • Health secretary wants LESs to take forward GP 'one-stop shop' plans

    Just Gone Part Time's comment 05 Jan 2017 9:48pm

    Same old Same old

    Luckily for me I am old enough to get out before it becomes really 5H1t...

    Feel really sorry for any fool mad enough to embark on this a career for the next 25 yrs like I did

  • Closing the gate before our role has bolted

    Just Gone Part Time's comment 05 Jan 2017 9:39pm

    I think Dr Copperfield has eruditely set out the current dilemma....
    In my view it is not quite that simple...
    Whilst agreeing wholeheartedly with the sentiment expressed , I would add that this is also exacerbated by the fact that within the 10 min consultation , when we could , in the past have easily dealt with examples 1,2 & 3 above without the need for referral anywhere else ....we are now also expected to deal with problems 2, 3 , & 4 that the patient has brought with them, as well as problems 5 ,6 , 7 & 8 that comprises the Qof , the Quip , meds management software, etc , AND problems 9,10 & 11 relating to issues from secondary care ... appointment not received / good enough , my CT scan result the hospital did please Dr , and "GP to chase results"
    Is it really any wonder the default option is "refer" .. .next problem please