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GPs buried under trusts' workload dump

Tim Binmore

  • Removing earwax is down to GP practices, says new NICE guideline

    Tim Binmore's comment 23 Jun 2018 12:04pm

    I don't disagree with previous writers but I do syringe some patient's ears sometimes. People do get distressed by their deafness, instant results and very grateful patients. And despite the dangers of the orocess ou may have heard, no one has come to harm using modern syringing machine. !

  • Health Education England to consider extra year of GP training

    Tim Binmore's comment 13 Dec 2017 7:20pm

    Whenever a change is made which is expected to solve all the professions problems, it will be found wanting. This is not about the workforce crisis ( or it shouldn't be). It is about getting doctors ready to practice independently as GPS. The only way to get that experience is to do the job and see patients. I think that most registrars would benefit from the extra time, though agree with sceptical colleagues that the details of what that year entails needs to be thought through carefully

  • Another BMA U-turn on firearms licensing confirms GPs can conscientiously object

    Tim Binmore's comment 07 Mar 2017 2:43pm

    I agree with Sax that needs to be more in line with DVLA medicals. The root of the problems is that if GP does nothing, person gets licence.
    Now, if the police said no GP letter, no licence, that puts the onus on the shotgun owner to pay for the service he or she needs