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Independents' Day

Man the lifeboats

  • GMC reassures GPs who ‘depart from procedures’ to combat coronavirus

    Man the lifeboats's comment 03 Mar 2020 6:57pm

    Most doctors have retired before 60 for good reason - they had to sacrifice career and income for sanity and health
    Why on earth would they come back!
    The “plan” is so deluded they actually think they are doing us all a favour
    It’s a No

  • Capita's processes made me consider the Jobcentre for work

    Man the lifeboats's comment 22 Jun 2019 11:24am

    It took over 4 months for me to get in the system trying to get back on the performers list after a break to look after a relative. By the time I got to the cost of occupational health I had run out of time and was told I could apply for the returner scheme after 24 years of general practice experience .
    No thanks
    Like the article there was no one to speak to and unimaginable delays.
    Why on earth do you have to go for an identity check when you have just had a DBS !
    i guess they don't really want GP s as there are cheaper staff to use - the few Gps left can just bear the responsibility -win win

  • Broaching the M word

    Man the lifeboats's comment 23 Jun 2018 11:52am

    Just send them to the local comprehensive - they won’t get in from there

  • The Friday afternoon dump

    Man the lifeboats's comment 23 Jun 2018 11:00am

    It will be difficult to beat the prize dump of an ambulance crew turning up to bring me a patient to check over in the middle of a surgery!
    They wanted me to drop everything and go to the car park into the ambulance to check the patient so they could eject him into our waiting room
    I used the tried ant tested old passive resistance of carrying on the surgery and ignoring them until they got bored and drove off to A and E

  • Single-handed GPs asked for 'continuity plans' in case of their death

    Man the lifeboats's comment 04 Jun 2018 10:10am

    Now we have total responsibility for patients in death as well as life !
    Good to know NHS England cares -I think they have forgotten we are human beings too - if I am dead or dying my responsibility is to my family first thanks !

  • LMC leader to chair Hunt review into 'reinvigorating' GP partnership model

    Man the lifeboats's comment 11 May 2018 2:56pm

    It should be coalface partners saying what will keep them in place and salaries saying what will tempt them to take on partnership.
    I think there is some strong bargaining power to be used.
    After all someone needs to carry the can !

  • Even I could hazard a guess on Mr Hunt’s ‘5,000 GPs’

    Man the lifeboats's comment 20 Feb 2018 11:07am

    Doctors will either quit or keel over - you might know what you signed up for but you didn't know at the age of 18 the impact of 30 years of constant stress on your body In permanent state of adrenaline overload .
    Stopped working 1 year ago diagnosed with hypertension - blood pressure was up to 180/105 ....a year later 106/74 - no medication.

  • Hunt orders 'rapid review' into use of manslaughter charges against doctors

    Man the lifeboats's comment 07 Feb 2018 4:02pm

    Jeremy you are a genius - how clever to pretend you are indignant about this case when you have been tightening the screw for the last few years.
    You can smell the fear and panic... oh dear maybe we need doctors after all duh !

  • Revalidation paperwork equivalent to 390,000 days' worth of GP appointments

    Man the lifeboats's comment 04 Jan 2018 1:41pm

    yep - the fact that I have been told I need 50 hours cpd even though I have now reduced hours to look after relative has made me decide to surrender my license this year .
    It’s a shame as I could have carried on a few more years and practices are desperate - seems bonkers - why do we need annual mandatory appraisals after 30 years of medicine ?- we are not allowed a fallow year in case we forget 30 years of experience in 12 months!

  • Foundation trusts in GP practice takeovers as partners resign contracts

    Man the lifeboats's comment 15 Dec 2017 2:28pm

    Hmm I wonder if these GP partners are on the property lease -I would bet my last penny the trusts won't be taking over those .

  • GP numbers decrease by more than 1,000 over past year

    Man the lifeboats's comment 21 Nov 2017 3:38pm

    I'll be gone by Feb
    Leaving early too
    things that would have stopped me
    - limit to patients seen with overflow hubs
    -reduce enhanced hoops and add to basic practice income
    -Retain seniority
    -Run a separate service to cover nursing homes
    - dedicated community visiting service - these patients have different needs and need proper continuity by a community team
    -Appraisal 3 yearly like nurses
    - remove vindictive online trip advisor type ratings
    and so on
    I really hope the BMA and RCGP do something because I feel they are just as culpable for this sorry state we are in

  • GPs asked to do early home visits to avoid 'surges' of patients at A&E

    Man the lifeboats's comment 20 Nov 2017 10:22am

    The simple solution is that all early visit requests ( most come in after ten) can be done by suitably qualified paramedics and cut out the gp who is causing the problem !
    Obviously we are just sitting on our backsides twiddling our thumbs waiting for these visit requests then ambling over after a few hours to asses them.
    If you don't like how we work do it yourselves !

  • Ground-breaking court ruling paves way for doctors to take GMC to tribunal

    Man the lifeboats's comment 18 Nov 2017 11:56am

    I never used to worry about the GMC but after a mild brush - i was terrified - the trivial complaint by a patient - (who kindly emailed them to say she didn't want to complain about me I was only on the release of records form) suddenly this snowballed into an investigation into all aspects of my clinical care .
    This type of investigation although closed after 6 months can be deeply traumatising and can happen to anyone no matter how careful and safe you try and be.
    I certainly wasn't prepared to go through anything like it again and I fear there are many other similar stories -
    I cancelled my BMA membership - fat load of use they are

  • Ground-breaking court ruling paves way for doctors to take GMC to tribunal

    Man the lifeboats's comment 17 Nov 2017 9:22am

    The Gmc is not concerned with regulation or safety . The tiniest complaint with no substance is blown into a full 6 month investigation worthy of hercule poirot - during this time a demoralised doctor throws the towel in . At this point the investigation is terminated after finding out.... quelle surprise it was a load of vindictive hogwash.
    Bullying , Kafka inspired organisation hounding us all out .

  • £20k ‘golden handshakes’ to be expanded to 200 GP trainees

    Man the lifeboats's comment 12 Oct 2017 8:56am

    It makes you want to weep .
    When trainees see the avalanche of GPs scrambling to get out they know the job is a stinker! They need to retain the GPs in post to make the job attractive - throwing money at it in a shockingly desperate -" please anyone ??" attempt to attract new recruits makes it look even more crap !

  • Patient safety at risk unless NHS creates 'right working environment for GPs'

    Man the lifeboats's comment 25 Aug 2017 9:29am

    Until there is a daily cap on workload the job is unsustainable and unsafe.
    We have been screaming this ,but no one is listening - because we have carried on out of sense of duty.
    We don't have time to be safe then we are persecuted for making a mistake - the vicious circle of General Practice.

  • 600 overseas GPs to be recruited for English practices by April

    Man the lifeboats's comment 22 Aug 2017 9:05am

    This shows support for a short term salaried or locum model to prevent total collapse. There is no commitment to make GP partnership sustainable which would provide the value for money and quality in the service. Pressure will just continue to pile on individual practices.
    Why can't they just make the changes now to stop early retirement and general partner exodus.
    Unfortunately we are rapidly moving to a market driven two tier private system with all the terrible inequalities that brings .
    It's pretty terrifying to anyone who won't be able to cough up.

  • GP out-of-hours cooperative cuts staff and pleads with NHS to pay more

    Man the lifeboats's comment 21 Aug 2017 11:46am

    There is probably a manager to manage the managers and they will have meetings about meetings!
    Seriously what a farce !

  • We must increase diversity at medical school

    Man the lifeboats's comment 11 Aug 2017 4:51pm

    The reason behind this is its well known to be easier to achieve 3 A s when there are only 5-10 people in your study group - plus the cost of tutoring private school children are more likely to afford.
    Also people from private school can afford to take a year or two out of work and have connections to easily change career so they are dropping out because they can afford to.
    The background of medical students should be more reflective of the community they work in .

  • Nearly 40% of trainees intend to take on partnerships within five years

    Man the lifeboats's comment 02 Aug 2017 8:53am

    The main advice I would give is take on what you are comfortable with .
    Partnership does give more control and flexibility but can carry financial risk and burden of management.
    People should do what they are comfortable with ,but don't stretch your personal finances or you will feel trapped and that is when the dreaded burnout strikes.
    General Practice is not a high earning career so if money is honey to you chose something else.