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Gold, incentives and meh

Patients First??

  • High number of BME GMC referrals 'driven by poor employer support and isolation'

    Patients First??'s comment 25 Jun 2019 10:58am

    The proof of the pudding will be statistics in the following years. In light of the lack of organisational change in the last few decades in relation to bullying and harassment, despite plenty of 'hand wringing', I would be very surprised to see a real change.
    New Zealand has a better approach, where the bullies and sociopaths that cause the problems are isolated and are deterred from positions of power.

  • Pulse 2018 review: Cash incentives targeted at GPs who cut referrals

    Patients First??'s comment 30 Dec 2018 10:55am

    Reading this article raises a number of alarm bells. Firstly, and the one the government, medical directors and regulators bang on about.....PATIENT SAFETY!!!

    Part of the problem with this, is the micro-managing approach to trying to reduce NHS expenditure. While the GP training curriculum and examinations have become more detailed and extensive, the question arises as to whether this has translated into better care? I would welcome statistics from my general practitioner colleagues on this area. A significant bulk of general practice work is related to chronic disease management. As a hospital doctor I can state that this is something GPs do very well, provided they follow guidelines. The question arises then, is what exactly are the GPs referring? Also which practices are referring more? If they are referring more, is that influenced by other factors such as patient education level, economic deprivation etc. The list is long when looking at factors that influence the referrals. Having established that, is there an evidence based approach where they can be managed more cost effectively? Also has the dumbing down of Public Health coincided with problems in the management system?

    I would be interested to see if this approach has led to more harm to patient care? If this does occur, is this due to lack of knowledge and expertise of the GP?