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Independents' Day

jonathan heatley

  • How GPs have used the independent model to adapt in the pandemic

    jonathan heatley's comment 07 Jul 2020 2:42pm

    as a GP with special interest in dermatology it has been an eye opener to see how limited teledermatology really is. I find it far quicker and safer to eyeball the patient often in our outside courtyard in the sunlight. They feel they have been properly seen and its altogether more satisfactory. nevertheless we are well pleased with telephone triage- its so efficient that the poor locums are now out of work. Suddenly there is no recruitement crisis.

  • Two GP practices closed down amid staff Covid-19 outbreak

    jonathan heatley's comment 02 Jul 2020 7:34pm

    how can a face mask be out of date? it reminds me of those clowns at CQC who got very excited on our practice visit claiming our oxygen was out of date. We had to gently remind them that it had been around for 13 billion years and another couple of years in a presurised cylinder was unlikely to make it deteriorate.

  • Professor Clare Gerada's letter to the CQC on restarting GP inspections

    jonathan heatley's comment 27 Jun 2020 5:06pm

    perhaps we should all agree to refuse to be inspected this year. they can hardly shut us down. We have more important things to attend to.

  • Face coverings are not mandatory in GP practices, DHSC confirms

    jonathan heatley's comment 15 Jun 2020 7:48pm

    phew! thats a relief! Could the BMA please relax on this issue.

  • GPs asked to buddy up with PCN practices to cover for isolating staff

    jonathan heatley's comment 14 Jun 2020 10:02am

    a gp that has to self isolate as a potetial contact but who is well should be able to telephone triage from home using the new systems in place. We can manage this ourselves without the intervention of outsiders....

  • Has coronavirus carved an entirely new path for our profession?

    jonathan heatley's comment 14 Jun 2020 8:34am

    Medium sized partnerships have evolved over 80 years to give the best patient and doctor working conditions. Defend this model and all the other nonsense such as PCNs will go like the other chaff (pcts, fundholding, virtual wards to mention a few).
    Telephone triage has been an eye opener to all of us and has greatly reduced the work load to the extent that Locums are clamouring to become permanent members of practices. We just need to hold on to what works and resist the rest.
    We do need to campagn to reduce the time wasting that is CQC, QOF and appraisals and this year has been blissful without them.
    I confess I love this job and plan to work up to my 70s.

  • BMA calls for compulsory face masks in GP practices

    jonathan heatley's comment 10 Jun 2020 9:13pm

    well said stelvio

  • Primary care network serving 80,000 patients collapses due to DES concerns

    jonathan heatley's comment 09 Jun 2020 11:45am

    Perhaps the need for PCNs has evaporated with the mass take up of teleconsultations. Remember how PCNs were sold to us as the only way to cope with recruitment issues? Now we have the opposite situation where there is no demand for locum cover and locums are moving to take up substantial/permanent posts.
    The natural size that works for primary care is the medium sized partnership embedded in its community. Groups of 50k or more lose the 'ownership' and become less enjoyable to work in. PCNs RIP.

  • Can we talk about death?

    jonathan heatley's comment 08 Jun 2020 10:02am

    the current terminology is pretty offputting to the public. DNAR (Do Not Attempt Resuscitation), or 'Euthanasia' are rightly scary to non medics. I feel it is time to change the names and suggest A.N.D. (allow a natural death) and a FOND farewell (Fade Out Naturally with Dignity). My patients seem relieved when these terms are used. They also like the reassurance of a long standing family doctor who is there all week for them no matter which day they die ( and that does include weekends in my case). Death is best managed by the GP and it would be a major loss to no longer offer this reassuring service to the families we know so well.

  • We need to be shielded from more NHS advice

    jonathan heatley's comment 14 May 2020 9:06am

    its also bliss not to have CQC QOF and appraisals to think of. At last I have the time to look after patients properly without wasting time on these unproductive activities.

  • Tributes page - GPs who sadly died with Covid-19

    jonathan heatley's comment 23 Apr 2020 11:27am

    These GPs were working well into old age and obviously devoted to the job. Whats going so wrong now that no one wants to follow their wonderful example?
    Have we all lost the vocation? They were still happy under the current system so please don't all start whingeing about modern general practice. I know I am not alone in finding the current work load is light. perhaps we can all learn from Covid and do more telephone triage and manage the demand better such that we are not as badly understaffed as we all seem to fear??

  • Former RCGP chair Clare Gerada overcomes coronavirus

    jonathan heatley's comment 16 Mar 2020 9:48pm

    should we be advising our patients to take paracetamol? It certainly helps the discomfort but it also reduces fever and we know that the human body needs a fever to rev up the immune response. Surely it would make more sense to prescribe a painkiller like dihydrocodeine. We call this 'ache and bake' and patients that do it seem to get over viruses much more rapidly. what do my colleagues think?

  • CQC suspends all routine GP practice inspections immediately

    jonathan heatley's comment 16 Mar 2020 12:47pm

    hurrah. My morning was stressed and miserable but this has REALLY CHEERED ME UP. thank you thank you thank you.

  • GP practice staff test positive for coronavirus

    jonathan heatley's comment 14 Mar 2020 12:26pm

    so who is left looking after the 20k patients?

  • Deep cleans and concerning NHS 111 referrals: our practice's Covid-19 experience

    jonathan heatley's comment 12 Mar 2020 7:18am

    Well done Jane Wheatley, a pragmatic and sensible response from front line staff despite the conflicting advice from the authorities. Thank goodness for General Practice,-- it makes one proud!

  • The BNF - then and now

    jonathan heatley's comment 11 Mar 2020 6:27pm

    The BNF has become so bloated its barely useable now and I have taken to using mims instead.

  • Continuity of care has worsened 'due to part-time GPs', says NHS England chief

    jonathan heatley's comment 09 Mar 2020 11:29am

    He is at least talking about the elephant in the room now. We are a training practice and all our registrars are part time for personal reasons. we look in vain for a full timer and there are none on the horizon. I regard being a GP as a vocation and still enjoy the work but could not fully do it half time. We need a new surgery in our town but no part timers will want to set one up. Its beginning to feel hopeless out here on the front line.

  • ‘Dad’s Army’ to the coronavirus rescue? How about a real plan?

    jonathan heatley's comment 07 Mar 2020 11:27am

    Other suggestions are that we produce a list of non urgent medication that patients can safely leave off for three months. there are likely to be drug shortages and a lot of anxious patients. So for instance statins alendronates thyroxine emollients, vitamins calcium etc not essential. Let our staff know what is on this list and they can reassure many patients.
    Suggestions please for other non essentials

  • ‘Dad’s Army’ to the coronavirus rescue? How about a real plan?

    jonathan heatley's comment 07 Mar 2020 11:22am

    I have contacted the retired partners at my surgery and they all said they are willing to come back and work. We would perhaps have them doing telephone triage consultations from a safe back room, but so far I am getting no help from authorities about the process of using them so cannot proceed. could we please have some urgent guidance on how this will happen.....

  • GMC reassures GPs who ‘depart from procedures’ to combat coronavirus

    jonathan heatley's comment 04 Mar 2020 2:21pm

    these comments just show how reviled the CQC has become. If the government want to do something about GP morale they need to have a rethink how CQC works at the very least if not get rid of it entirely.
    They come into surgeries with an agenda to find fault and they will search until some totally trivial piece of paper work is out of order and put in a damning report. I wonder if there is anyone medical out there prepared to put in a good word for them? No I guess not. They need to be subject to their own type of report. It would go like this...
    Has CQC helped patients get good medical care? No, it has driven many experienced GPs into early retirement. It has demoralised further a workforce under extreme pressure. It has pursued a vindictive and petty agenda. FAIL FAIL FAIL
    close it down and save the money for a better purpose..