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  • Small GP practices least likely to receive NHS England resilience funding

    Anon..'s comment 21 Aug 2018 11:55am

    Single handed practice 3200 patients. 97% patient satisfaction. Put in a bid to take on 1000 patients after a local practice closed. GP lined up to join. NHSE in their infinite wisdom declined the offer stating that the practice was too vulnerable! Resilience funding will only support a merger of my practice with another... A very clear message the small practices are not part of the bigger picture...

  • The real conspiracy of NHS England

    Anon..'s comment 04 Aug 2017 3:14pm

    Having been in a position to "negotiate" with NHS England over GP contracts I am fully aware of the pressures they are under and sympathise with the difficulties they face which are part of the Tory Policy to destabilise and privatise the NHS (sorry 'tis sad but true). I will not accept however that the negativity and demoralisation of the GP's at the coal face is contributing to the problem. I for one have reached my limit in being expected to do more, be responsible for more and do it with ever diminishing finances and to do it with a smile on my face in order to attract unsuspecting trainees into the mess. I am sorry Nishma, but your comments are well meaning but unfortunately both insulating to those experienced practicing GP's and incredibly naive. It would be interesting to hear your views in 5 years.....