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CAMHS won't see you now

pipin singh

  • Pulse's GP workload survey is open - take part now

    pipin singh's comment 11 Feb 2019 8:23pm

    makes an interesting read so far.
    agree will anyone take notice?
    a great experiment though. lets see what the results show.

  • Another MRCGP review is not the answer

    pipin singh's comment 25 Aug 2017 10:52pm

    Very well written article. I agree. It's a stressful process for both trainers and trainees. The preparation for this exam really dominates tutorials and almost removes ability to cover anything else. Real shame that it's become
    Like this :(

  • One in three benzodiazepine prescriptions last over a year, GPs warned

    pipin singh's comment 19 Jul 2017 8:45pm

    These patients are becoming increasingly complex. We register new patients with Complex needs who are addicted to all sorts. We get minimal info from previous surgeries, little correspondence from CMHT who often prove to be unhelpful when they get a whiff of these meds. The drug and alcohol services send little information as to what interventions are being undertaken and we are left to pick up an increasing problem with addiction in this country. Prison services often send us nothing!! We have to rely on the patients. Hmmm. We have very little back up and often consultations are challenging and can result in fears for your own safety leading to prescriptions issued. Services have collapsed and appointments to support These patients I'm sorry to say are non existent in a poorly funded NHS! Expect this to get worse and worse I'm afraid the longer services are stretched and the fewer drug and alcohol services there are to help us!

  • Café? Fitness trainer? What’s your Plan B?

    pipin singh's comment 10 Feb 2017 9:18pm

    Remember the discussion I had with my headmaster / deputy aged 15 only 19 years ago! I had 2 dreams, doctor or pilot. After in depth discussion opted the former....maybe Jeremy hunt will allow me to follow my other dream :)

  • Paperwork binned and core funding boosted under new GP contract deal

    pipin singh's comment 07 Feb 2017 8:14pm

    some of this sounds good right now. lets see how it pans out