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Sensible GP

  • The latest distraction from seeing patients

    Sensible GP's comment 24 May 2018 2:49pm

    Maybe we can invent a mandatory training course for creating mandatory training courses?

  • Managers in 13 areas fail to pass on funding to help reduce GP waiting times

    Sensible GP's comment 08 Jan 2018 10:10am

    Extremely interesting that Sunderland is the only CCG in the NorthEast to have spent the full £3.00 on supporting General Practice and improving patient access.

  • ‘Nearly all’ practices sign up to red-rated cash-incentive prescribing scheme

    Sensible GP's comment 07 Jul 2017 2:25pm

    Nothing controversial, the case for de-prescribing is well made. Its in NICE guidance, frailty guidance and the massive multimorbidity evidence base. Cost effective prescribing or cost effecting medicine in general is part and parcel of GP training. The LMCs are a bunch of useless backward obstructive GPs who are behaving like an out of touch trade union. The work will be done for good medical reasons, if it achieves increased funding for practices then that's great. If it doesn't there isn't any penalties... Not sure what's the issue here. Pulse you're not being objective

  • Practices invited to bid for £5bn voluntary GP contract

    Sensible GP's comment 14 Jun 2017 1:14am

    Its people like you who put all new graduates off general practice. You can't see solutions or opportunities if it hits you in the face. Youre negative, cynical and extremely antagonistic. You probably choose into the wrong career hence the miserablity !! It might actually surprise you that there is lot of doctors who enjoy medicine, enjoy looking after their patients from cradle to grave, welcome the satisfying yet challenging environment and that being a doctor and a GP isn't a 9-5 job but a vocation.