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GPs go forth


  • CQC will phone to check in with GP practices in England starting next week

    keitflyer's comment 16 May 2020 3:07pm

    The government is going to need a lot of money to pay for this crisis, so they need to consider making some savings. I wonder where there might be some well paid staff at the CQC who would not be missed if their salaries were taken off the government payroll.
    Maybe they could offer consultancy privately - any takers?

  • Sorry shouldn’t be the hardest word

    keitflyer's comment 25 Apr 2020 10:55pm

    how about resignations rather than apologies? Dr Kanani is pathetically incapable.

  • NHS 111 booked slots to 'inevitably' be for only 'really unwell' Covid patients

    keitflyer's comment 24 Apr 2020 5:13pm

    patients with cough and fever need pulse oximetry and temp doing.

    Can 111 do this ? I don’t think so i.e. they are useless and a danger to patients.

  • Non-Covid clinical crises: Adult DVT

    keitflyer's comment 24 Apr 2020 7:47am

    Hospitals are in many areas very quiet so why not just send the patient to A&E ? Patients need a definite diagnosis if they do have a DVT, and to avoid dangerous treatment if they don’t have a DVT. This article is advocating inferior quality care.

  • The Government's litany of mistakes has led to a greater loss of lives

    keitflyer's comment 23 Apr 2020 8:57pm

    a bit harsh surely? Most countries did the same as the UK . Some were luckier. . yes PPE and testing have been poor but would it have been better with a different government or other ministers?
    The real problem with this very British blame approach is that brave decisions about lifting the lockdown will be discouraged and that will cause more suffering and deaths in the long run.

  • GPs wishing to return to NHS for pandemic caught up in red tape for weeks

    keitflyer's comment 23 Apr 2020 10:58am

    Relax folks GPs and hospital doctors in much of the country have little to do. Routine work has been stopped and patients are not calling us to ‘protect the nhs’ so even in a&e and gp land patient contacts are well down on usual in my area.
    NHS 111 and the CCASS will presumably work this out at some stage.

  • East London GP becomes fifth to die with Covid-19

    keitflyer's comment 23 Apr 2020 10:51am

    according to bbc more or less. nhs deaths are approx the same as the general population ie approx 1 per 20000 so 5 gps seems reasonable considering our age distribution

    This is a tragedy but we should not panic and patients do need to be seen and yes that means sometimes F2F

  • GPs 'not expected' to see Covid-19 patients booked in by CCAS face to face

    keitflyer's comment 18 Apr 2020 7:14am

    You really couldn’t make it up. Gp practices and hospitals in many areas are doing a fraction of their normal work, unless you count reading constantly changing policies as work that is.
    And patients are being handled by phone I think ( not video is that correct ? ) by retired doctors who don’t have access to their gp records rather than by their own GPs.
    When they do get passed on to us from 111 it makes it more difficult to deal with them not easier.
    Dear 111 doctors, surely you are only needed in the areas where GPs are off sick or overloaded. You need to tell your bosses that and perhaps resign as you may not be helping

  • NHS England urgently calls on GPs to offer spare time to Covid-19 triage service

    keitflyer's comment 07 Apr 2020 5:54pm

    I looked at this. You have to fill in loads of forms, then get your ID checked with at least 2 documents then do the training then use an unfamiliar and by all accounts pretty basic IT system.
    Meanwhile GPS are in many areas twiddling their thumbs. 111 should simply divert complex calls to practices so they can be dealt with by doctors who have the records and may even know the patient.

  • Triaging: NHS England management of patients with cough and fever, 2 April

    keitflyer's comment 05 Apr 2020 1:45pm

    So all patients need o2 sats. How do we do that?

  • CQC specialist adviser quits role due to disillusionment with inspection process

    keitflyer's comment 27 Feb 2020 10:11pm

    I did one inspection with the cqc. It was a farce. It was all about the paperwork and clinical issues were ignored. And they spend about 4 to 5 hours in a practice and the remaining 35 hours of the working week they sit in their offices doing very little. No wonder the cqc fulltimers aren’t resigning

  • To engage or not to engage…?

    keitflyer's comment 01 Feb 2020 3:13pm

    Dear Dr Kanani

    I have been a GP for a long time and I have seen most of my contemporaries retire early because of the constant stream of extra work and reorganisations, which Together with QOF and the CQC and the GMC has damaged morale and reduced job satisfaction. This has led to a vicious cycle of doctor shortage causing an even bigger workload and unhappy patients who are can’t get appointments or are fobbed off with nurses. Poor continuity has lead to increased referrals, overprescribing and morbidity. The situation has been worsened by large numbers of doctors being taken out of front line care to run CCGs appraisal, CQC work and now PCNs.
    To reverse this will take years, and to start with you should study other nearby countries which have kept up gp morale and good standards of care. Most of them have stayed with the model of small practices with good continuity. Other important factors are easy to use IT which does not bombard GPs with pop ups, a stable payment system, light touch regulation, and good communication with and access to specialist care with no dumping of work.
    So far the PCN idea has completely ignored all of this and I and my colleagues are filled with dismay at proposals which will take even more doctors out of frontline care and will add extra work burdens. If we start doing anything new we will stop doing part of what we are doing now. I am currently working abroad and unless things change I am not keen to come back to work in the uk.

  • DH plans for pharmacists and paramedics to retrain as doctors in three years

    keitflyer's comment 31 Jan 2020 4:56pm

    You couldn’t make it up. We are training 7500 doctors per year, which is plenty, and actually quite hard work for the NHS.
    The problem is a failure to retain experienced doctors especially GPs, and artificial unnecessary restrictions that stop other doctors working in primary care.
    Recruiting more doctors from the bottom drawer is not going to help
    Come on bma RCGP gmc etc do your job for a change and prevent this

  • How GPs are left without fair pay for local enhanced services

    keitflyer's comment 09 Jan 2020 1:31pm

    Bring back the red book! All was fair and equal

  • GP acquitted of ‘assault’ after serving 15 months in prison

    keitflyer's comment 08 Jan 2020 5:06pm

    I expect the Gmc will immediately restore him and issue a sincere apology and recompense his financial loss, and the confidence of the medical profession will be restored.

  • LMC issues urgent call to GPs on 'viability' of practices following network proposals

    keitflyer's comment 08 Jan 2020 5:00pm

    What are the bma playing at? Doctors unions in Denmark and New Zealand where I have worked have robustly refused to be pushed around and have kept high quality general practice afloat. In England we have been s**t on and the bma and the RCGP twits have been useless, even helping the process.

  • The RCGP must adopt a neutral position on the assisted dying debate

    keitflyer's comment 14 Dec 2019 4:41pm

    I have had several patients who have begged me for help to end their miserable suffering and in whom massive opiate doses have been useless.
    When I talk to Dutch people who have had relatives assisted to die, who all say what a great thing it was and what a good ending, I feel sick at all the suffering my patients have needlessly been put through. All because of an intolerant and dishonest and unkind religious minority who insist on imposing their outdated beliefs on the rest of us.
    Grow up RCGP!

  • Banned by bureaucracy from practising in the UK

    keitflyer's comment 07 Dec 2019 8:45pm

    Try applying to work in denmark. I did anD they were so helpful and they need GPs. The same person answered my emails and was available on the phone and it was sorted in a couple of weeks. And it’s easy to get to the uk and the health service is more Oz standard. The uk is going down the drain, gmc CQC QOF you name it it’s a nightmare

  • Are there too many posh doctors?

    keitflyer's comment 05 Dec 2019 8:02am

    What would William Osler had said about this ? (Hint - look it up and no he didn’t agree)

  • Highest number of appointments ever as GP numbers continue to fall

    keitflyer's comment 28 Nov 2019 9:19pm

    It may be too late but surely time for CQC QOF CCGS PCNS, Revalidation, etc. to be abolished, and seniority restored. On top of a critical situation this loss of experienced GPs is a disaster. The quality of primary care is appalling now and bound to get worse, with noctors missing serious diagnoses, overprescribing and over investigation and punters being refused appointments.

    And If registrars count as Part of the workforce why don’t practices have to pay them?