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  • How we are promoting 'pure' self-care

    keitflyer's comment 15 Sep 2019 8:08am

    This is so important. The only way to square the circle of how to deal with an increasing workload with static resources is increase self care which is actually not that hard. Patients are checking their own bp etc, but this needs broadening. One of the main methods should be teaching people to use reliable websites not effing Google.
    This needs to be facilitated ++++++
    And yes, some form of incentive may be needed

  • The noise around statins distracts from its real problems

    keitflyer's comment 14 Sep 2019 10:44am

    cataracts, muscle weakness and falls, neuropathy, insomnia, need adding to the list too !

  • NHS England appoints Dr Nikita Kanani as primary care medical director

    keitflyer's comment 11 Sep 2019 6:45pm

    When they put the babies in charge, it’s time to get out. Is this the clever person who thought taking GPs away from the dayjob to run these network things was a good idea?
    I have been working in Denmark, where the key themes are small practices, contnuity, and team work with specialists. Ie the opposite from the uk!

  • CCG's plans for PCN deputy clinical directors set to exacerbate workload

    keitflyer's comment 19 Jul 2019 7:42am

    Those who can DO the job. those who can’t TELL those who can how to do the job. Go figure as they say.

  • The tragic legacy of our serial GP reforms

    keitflyer's comment 06 Jul 2019 10:42am

    Very true for most of uk gp. But there are islands of old fashioned quality that can provide a model for new GPs. Unfortunately those on high including the RCGP don’t show any appreciation of these values as they are busy on committees and generally not doctoring.
    Move abroad to NZ or similar
    Great article thanks

  • I'm too expensive to perform the tasks I enjoy

    keitflyer's comment 27 Jun 2019 8:06am

    Work in a small practice as a partner and you can do all the practical stuff yourself and I bet that you will be more efficient than a nurse.
    Stop doing some of the useless overprescribing and overreferring and you will save plenty of time to spend on the stuff you like.

  • Fear and loathing in the appraisal process

    keitflyer's comment 27 Jun 2019 8:01am

    Look at the bright side guys. The paperwork is dead easy these days with clarity or fourteen fish and it’s a good opportunity to have a long chat with a mentor who is at least a little bit wise and experienced. If you don’t respect your appraiser ask for a change. And is recording some CPd such a bad idea?

  • Capita's processes made me consider the Jobcentre for work

    keitflyer's comment 26 Jun 2019 8:02pm

    My daughter just got her vocational training certificate and applied to have it recognised in Denmark. She was told she could start work pending the recognition. 2 weeks later she received the completed approval.
    And there is no CQC or GMC !

  • Tomorrow’s IT for today’s GPs – building a future-ready system

    keitflyer's comment 19 Jun 2019 7:28pm

    So that is the ‘choice’ that has happened in wales where half of practices were forced to change from emis to microtest . Yes microtest😱

  • Tomorrow’s IT for today’s GPs – building a future-ready system

    keitflyer's comment 19 Jun 2019 7:25pm

    Gp IT was a world leader 25 years ago it true, but sadly those days are long gone. We are still using faxes for referrals, scanning paper letters and using paper prescriptions. In Denmark for example none of these 3 exist at all.
    And our systems are soooo sloowww as we watch little circles go round and round due to the governments insistence on remote servers without the good broadband needed to make them work well. And gp medical records are poor in the uk especially systemone.
    Above all please improve the hardware and the connections before imposing more IT ‘improvements’

  • GMC chief executive admits Bawa-Garba legal advice was wrong

    keitflyer's comment 12 Jun 2019 9:00pm

    So it was the legal advice that was wrong was it ?
    Charlie didn’t take the decision then. Really!
    So why does he get all that money and benefits ?

  • I'm being denied an appraisal - for being a British GP working abroad

    keitflyer's comment 08 Jun 2019 3:36pm

    So we are desperately short of GPs and need 5000 more and at the same time we put upall sorts of obstacles that make it difficult for British GPs working abroad to come back and help.

    Sadly not surprising from the GMC CQC NHS England etc.

    What will it take to get them to pull their fingers out and do something? Presumably one of their family members will have to die because of the shortage to make them wake up.

  • Have we run out of possible solutions to the workforce crisis?

    keitflyer's comment 06 Jun 2019 8:43am

    There is an obvious change that would help a lot.
    Why are you not mentioning the restrictions on which doctors can work in general practice?

    Any doctor can work in emergency departments or even in neurosurgery but only Gp trainees or fully qualified gps are allowed to do our job. If we like New Zealand or Denmark for example allowed other doctors to work in general practice then we would have more bums on seats in the short term and some of them would stay surely.

    What’s not to like? Unless you are the RCGP etc.

  • It's too easy to poke fun at the RCGP

    keitflyer's comment 01 Jun 2019 2:56pm

    The RCGP is the main factor responsible for the GP manpower crisis.
    If they let non VTS doctors work in GP practices as part of a team, and if they made it easier for trainees to transfer from other training programmes with credits for their experience, it would be a massive improvement on patients being seen by clueless Noctors, as they are in most parts of England - except of corse for training practices. they are all right jack aren’t they?

  • Why I'll leave RCGP if Julia Hartley-Brewer speaks at conference

    keitflyer's comment 23 May 2019 7:06pm

    If you don’t like what this lady says then argue against her. That is called debate.
    And yes the RCGP charge a lot of money for doing not a lot but that Is a different issue.
    Snowflake is a horrible expression but in this case it is appropriate.

  • GMC to spend ‘bulk of resources’ on supporting doctors

    keitflyer's comment 23 May 2019 6:57pm

    So the gmc has been wasting money. Well I never.....

  • The impact of pregabalin reclassification on GP prescribers

    keitflyer's comment 27 Apr 2019 2:34pm

    Its our own fault guys we know these drugs do more harm than good so why are we prescribing them?

  • Only one FTE GP produced for every three graduates trained, says NHS England

    keitflyer's comment 24 Apr 2019 6:47pm

    I am a 63 year old gp locum and i work partly in the uk and partly abroad. In the uk i have to cope with myriads of forms, IFR rules which vary from area to area, QOF, irritating interference in my prescribing, appraisal, and really stupid mandatory training in FGM etc etc. Outside UK there is none of this . No wonder we are putting off potential gps.

  • A solution to patient medication errors

    keitflyer's comment 24 Apr 2019 6:36pm

    The government is actually not trying to reduce drug costs as that would harm their friends in big pharma.
    If we really wanted to reduce costs we would follow the Kiwi example and negotiate prices in a sort of auction -who wants the Acei inhibitor contract and what is the lowest price you will accept - etc etc. it works and the patient gets the branded drug they now, but really cheap for the country buying the drugs.
    We get generic prescribing and timewasting dangerous rubbish like Optimize. And gps are retireing in droves- go figure.

  • Bawa-Garba: a journey from hell to redemption

    keitflyer's comment 10 Apr 2019 8:02pm

    We should send a big hug to dr bawa garba and salute her persistence.

    We should send a big raspberry to the coroner the police, the daily mail and the gmc and tell them how much harm this has done to medical care in the uk. Many good docs have gone and the rest are practising defensively and badly.