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  • RCGP reviewing whether MRCGP exam is ‘fit for purpose’

    Ashfaque's comment 29 Jul 2017 2:19pm

    100 discarded doctors every year - by the way, a small number. How many patients does a GP see every day? At least around 20 and supposedly the GP only works 5-6 sessions a week, that is approximately 60 patients weekly and 2700 yearly. If you have 100 doctors who despite training and resources spent by RCGP to train them, don't eventually become GPs, that is around 300000 patients added every year to the waiting club. Over the past 10 years it's 3 million more patients waiting longer to get a GP appointment if lucky enough to be registered with one .Go and tell those patients who struggle to get an appointment with their GP that 2700 or even 3 million of them is actually a small number. This is RCGP policy. Patient safety? Hmm...