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  • Restoring GP services ‘will cost practices £6,000 a week’, claims PCN report

    Old's comment 12 Jun 2020 10:37am

    Are with Michael 11 Jun 2020 5:58pm
    When practice signed up they should have done due diligence exercise. I cannot belief the cost is 6k/week.
    Lets look at the work :
    Chronic diseases- done by Nurses
    IMMS- done by nurses
    acute med- mostly 1st port of call- ANP/NP
    We just need to work SMART
    We cannot continue to disguise the word ‘cannot DO''

  • GPs to provide Covid antibody testing for patients who have bloods taken

    Old's comment 01 Jun 2020 11:24am

    I understand the concerns about workload
    However, I am sure most GPS will be happy to carry out COVID ab test if there was a carrot attached to it.
    Currently we are hardly seeing the volume of Pts F2F though the tel triage may have increased
    In pandemic crisis we as a community need to be seen to be helpful rather than challenging the ‘dictat’ from higher up constantly. It does not portray the profession in good light. What is wrong if blood is taken for other reasons and COVID is added to the request form. It appears that the profession does not want pt coming into surgeries and are content with tel triage!!!

  • GPs should continue with ACE inhibitors and ARBs

    Old's comment 24 Mar 2020 10:35am

    Great chatter and opinions. The so called expert body is giving their opinion. You don’t need evidence but a theoretical possibility ( how trials are based on) should not be ignored and ridiculed. The molecular study and pathophysiology indicates that the CoronaVirus enters cells in the lung via ACE receptors.
    There are other drugs
    that can replace ACEI/ARA

  • GMC reassures GPs who ‘depart from procedures’ to combat coronavirus

    Old's comment 04 Mar 2020 11:23am

    I will be weary in trusting the GMC.
    The only way anyone should return to NHS is for the government to pass an emergency legislation, of no fault claim and immunity from prosecution and inquisitions byCQC or GMC…..just look at Dr Bawa!!!!!!

  • Government may call in retired doctors to help deal with coronavirus outbreak

    Old's comment 02 Mar 2020 1:55pm

    Geoff Davies | GP Partner/Principal02 Mar 2020 10:39am

    Cunning plan to reduce pension payments by killing off all the retired doctors
    Totally agree!
    If they want retired Drs back, I certainly will want payments with taxation and NI insurance. I with health problems will not be keen to b3 I a firing line.
    Situations like this must make the government realise, they need to be nice to the NHS professionals. Certainly all those at NHSE can be summoned to role the sleeves up and do some decontamination

  • Revealed: why out of hours is on a knife edge

    Old's comment 27 Feb 2017 11:41am

    in Oxfordshire there are to providers, one provide indemnity and ten other not.
    Why such a discrepancy n on CCG ?
    This needs addressing uk wide or England wide.
    Why would a doctor work for ooh if one locality provides with indemnity.

  • Revealed: why out of hours is on a knife edge

    Old's comment 27 Feb 2017 11:38am

    Where is Oxfordshire in the list.....there have been no shift I. One locality at night....something that happens high not frequent