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  • Of course GPs in A&E won't improve access

    Docbhuvan's comment 23 Mar 2017 9:14am

    Completely agree with Sandy. we need more Drs and Nurses in AED and more beds in Hospital and more Drs and Nurses in Hospital as exemplified during winter trolley waiting time. Why make GP's take risks without investigations backing them to make some difficult acute decisions.
    and we need more GP's and Practice Nurses to decrease the pressure and improve patient access.
    This is all going to cost money no matter how you put it.
    Ultimately it is job of politicians to provide adequate finance to employ adequate workforce to be able to safely do their work and for patient safety which leads to safe Clinicians

  • Of course GPs in A&E won't improve access

    Docbhuvan's comment 21 Mar 2017 7:03pm

    to be honest its not about them vs us--neither hospital vs GP or Patient Vs Drs. Its about 1st world country giving 3rd world country service to patients.
    Why do we need GP's in AED. And why if someone has come to AED be refused Rx and sent back to GP when GP surgery is absolutely full and no appointments available.
    Why is the patient supposed to know if his left arm pain is muscular or heart attack or is a collapse due to ACS or NSTEMI or just a simple collapse. They are not medically educated and some are barely educated.
    We should be able to provide for them wherever they present, AED or OOH or GP and guide them appropriately after careful history taking and examination and necessary examination.
    Number of acute illness sent back from AED to gp as it appeared on simple triaging as nothing to worry about only turning out to be much more complex later in the day. Even 1 patient harmed is too many harmed.
    Provide more AED's rather than closing them. Get more staff drs and nurse both in 2ndry care and Community care. It will cost but that is bound to happen as we are saving more and more people and making their medical more and more complex due to this survival and ageing population and newer knowledge of SIRS/ACS/NSTEMI etc etc which were not even heard of in the past etc.
    No excuse for not funding both 2ndry and primary care and then blaming everyone from patients to Health care providers but the politicians who control the finance

  • ​#GPnews: RCGP launches online GP practice quality improvement kit

    Docbhuvan's comment 01 Mar 2017 8:51pm

    I am glad someone came out with this. I had to argue the case with paramedics to convince them to take an old person who had collapsed and had LOC to be taken to hospital for investigating to r/o ACS as the cause. Paramedics were bent upon saying there is no chest pain so cant be ACS.