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GPs go forth


  • GP died by suicide after fears over sharing his mental health diagnosis, inquest hears

    mike's comment 15 Oct 2019 4:59pm

    I would say the biggest contributor to stress, is patient power, onerous enhanced services, premises and unnecessary big brother cqc, appraisals etc to the extreme extend that some of them are taken to. You know what my GP colleagues did't care even when under duress, and they are supposed to be trained in mental health!!!!

  • GP died by suicide after fears over sharing his mental health diagnosis, inquest hears

    mike's comment 15 Oct 2019 4:56pm

    sad thing was I did not hide the stress I was under to my ccg or lmc but no one suggested any form of alternative support. Not surprised by this report one bit

  • GP died by suicide after fears over sharing his mental health diagnosis, inquest hears

    mike's comment 15 Oct 2019 10:24am

    know the feeling, lost 12 ibs and suffered from severe anxiety after waking up one morning to a letter from the greedy landladies solicitor for a 100k bill for dilapidation as the last man standing.

  • Smaller practices receive £5 more funding per patient

    mike's comment 03 Oct 2019 2:50pm

    makes you wonder about pulse when it puts a headline like that and shows pound notes in glorious colour!!Its the small practices that are all closing down one by one, so why make it seem like its a privilege. Highly suspicious behaviour if you ask me

  • Health secretary given right to suspend GPs' pensions before conviction

    mike's comment 17 Apr 2019 6:52pm

    LIke I have been saying on these forums for the pat year over and over and over again. Forget your representatives they are self serving servants of the government. What I am about to say is not elegant but the only way to force the idea through.

    Its the F'ing GPs that don't stand up for their rights.

    My colleagues all around me act like spineless puppets. No doubt then that many must agree with all these political unethical attacks on GP's.

  • Why is the network deadline so tight?

    mike's comment 05 Apr 2019 12:43pm

    to me same old tactic put pressure on the profession and that will stop them rebelling against the government. Same ploy used for all workforces. same ploy as owning your own home and being tied down by a mortgage for the rest of your life. Same old same old. That's how we are all kept under strict control to obey the rulers of the kingdom by keeping you on the edge of burn out, so you have no time to think a strategic plan or have the energy to employ it. Why do you think we as a profession are so weak we are kept on or within the point of burn out. Added to this of course is the weight of the compulsory chain that is the mortgage fuelled by inflated house prices which the government must be loving. SIMPLES

  • GPs to vote on practices being paid per patient contact

    mike's comment 21 Feb 2019 2:10pm

    pie in the sky, false hope, another scheme to retain Gp partners and prevent further departures. Yeh right!

  • The new contract recognises the GP crisis – but it has a hidden agenda

    mike's comment 08 Feb 2019 12:41pm

    precisely why i have at long last thrown in the towel, i cannot believe after nearly 30 years in the NHS without a break i will be able to sleep peacefully in my bed and not worry about reminding reception to recall joe for his renal function test the hospital requested before restarting his spironolactone. Thank the heavens above i am out I AM FREE before the NHS f's up my life any further. At least i can enjoy more of my life before i hit my 60s and not have any regrets. My children will see a happier dad and my wife will remember how how much fun it use to be in the old days, thats if the world itself does not implode before then!!!

  • Partners continuing to take drastic measures to combat workload

    mike's comment 04 Feb 2019 5:19pm

    The thriving practices are run by younger hungry fresh new GPs often in committed pairs/relatives.In areas where enhanced services pays so well that killing yourself for it is more than worth the financial reward. Of course the enhanced services i those areas expected that you would employ more staff to do the work ad help improve local practice population health overall. But there are certain types of Gp's that would work very hard indeed if the financial reward was worth it. In fact some of the highest paid enhanced services are in the most deprived areas as they need to attract and retain staff.

  • Prominent MP criticises ‘frustrating and ineffective’ GP appointment systems

    mike's comment 30 Jan 2019 9:26pm

    Alan Almond, my kind a guy, only such harsh words can ever trigger a stimulus, I tell my professional lot what a bunch of fucking idiots they all are, and I am talking GP colleagues here. Yes they are as much to blame. Its not just patients and politicians a lot of our own colleagues are a bunch of pathetic, selfish, faceless A,,,holes and are also to blame for whats gone on for wanting to do nothing about it. Funny they are the ones that do 2 sessions full time in their large practices and then you see their name in the locum list as well or they are arse kissing with their roles in the CCG actually getting paid for doing nothing. Lead this lead that, as my patients jokingly often say, I too say 'why kiss my batty man'!!!

  • Hancock given 10 days to answer no-deal Brexit medicine shortage concerns

    mike's comment 28 Jan 2019 9:47pm

    What a fuc...d up world, we worry about our medical supplies when millions are dying and starving throughout the world. Our patients obsess over their health led by our governments will to please them. We argue over the minutiae of protocols not to get sued by money humping minorities, yet the world has millions dying from lack of medical care and clean water. We spend a fortune on paper news articles and all our mental prowess in working out the complexities of brexit and millions carry on dying from day to day with little or no help from anyone. What a selfish world we live in. What a f....d up world we live in.

  • How GPs have been left dealing with the pensions pot fiasco

    mike's comment 03 Jan 2019 11:36pm

    how convenient for the government to employ such an allegedly incompetent company such as ths. Never heard of such incompetence in any walk of life, another set up no doubt!

  • Hancock’s Half-Cocked Hour

    mike's comment 26 Dec 2018 6:39pm

    no that's right, there will be no cavalry coming. Time to stop the moaning and get out, no point waiting anymore, they will never come, the world has seen to that!

  • GP suspended after secretly filming CQC inspections

    mike's comment 12 Dec 2018 8:17pm

    What a mess too little too late, I have been harking on about this BS for years and no one from my profession did anything. I have been threatened by my own CCG for being a troublemaker and disruptive for speaking out in the past, more or less threatened i would have all my medical records checked if I did not shut up. It takes a brave soul to put his neck on the line for some of us to wake up. UNfortunately my lot remained and still remain totally LIMP AND IMPOTENT.`````````````````````````````````````````

  • LMCs conference to debate ‘wholesale’ new GMS contract

    mike's comment 07 Nov 2018 6:54pm

    kiss my backside, LMC is a joke, they have never managed a thing in their lives. Why should they, they are self serving money makers!! We allegedly all have local reps from the LMC, in 25 years of General Practice not one has EVER come to me about what i want.

    Debate debate debate, conclusion f all as per usual, just noises to keep them in power, paid by us may I add. Again many happy to pay this and get nothing out of it. Never understood my colleagues perhaps its a cultural thing?? Our beloved NHS dont want to upset anyone right or wrong even if its full of cheats??? So perhaps it was always a vocation and I just never realised it. Damn what a fool I have been, and here's me moaning all the time. Shut up you fool.

  • Part-time revolution: How general practice is adapting as GPs reclaim control

    mike's comment 06 Nov 2018 8:42pm

    yep going part time was the weakest option, but the only way to remain sane. Too late now, nobody really did anything be it at the top (where nothing would have ever been done anyway) or at our level.

    Its all over dont see a way out. Government will continue regardless ( as we have all collectively been too weak and continue to be so as witnessed by this reports headline)and the brainwashing of new recruits is just their latest plan.

    Dont care anymore. I will be out of it soon anyway, good riddance, I am just gonna enjoy the rest of my life and yes i will continue to work, but as a volunteer abroad, in countries where people are most likely genuinely very sick and dying!!! Nobody really cares about them either. What a fffed up world this has become, and we all know that.

  • Nearly 1,400 in support of petition for GP workload cap following doctor suicide

    mike's comment 28 Oct 2018 4:12pm

    thats a very key point in this mess, 'the gullible coming off the production line', which is exactly how the government has played it so far with all the new recruits to drive things their way.

  • Nearly 1,400 in support of petition for GP workload cap following doctor suicide

    mike's comment 27 Oct 2018 2:04pm

    sorry MEG no one cares, not even many of your own colleagues could care less, it would be the typical 'UM lets have a think about it and discuss it, interesting point' and that will be that. Wake up all of those Pulse responders you are the only guys that really care about our current dire straits and together we could do something about it, but need to go high very high and create havoc. Enough of this BS diplomatic nicey nicey approach. NO ONE CARES.Got it. No one Cares Like most reading these posts.

  • Nearly 1,400 in support of petition for GP workload cap following doctor suicide

    mike's comment 26 Oct 2018 5:48pm

    What Strike, no one has dared strike let alone face the government over the work issues. Sorry but all my colleagues are pathetic when it comes to campaigning for their own health and working rights.

    I am ready to go onto breakfast TV and give that twat a right bollocking in front of camera as i know he will be a pig ass about it in his usual style. I would love to do what i do in the middle of my own CCG meetings when things are clearly not right. Yes, stick two fingers up at everyone and walk out in the middle of it in protest. Good entertainment at least if nothing else, as no one bloody cares anyway and i just get the satisfaction of doing what people least expected.

  • ‘I increasingly feel professionally attacked’

    mike's comment 04 Sep 2018 8:56pm

    Fing LMC, i didn't even get an apology for their non reaction to what i felt was blackmail against me by my own CCG a couple of years back.

    Why would anyone expect anything from them, subservient self serving tubes.

    We have no representation. We need a proper union, not influenced by power or money. WE are supposed to be the elite , yet we do bugger all to help ourselves. Sadly I am not sure every |GP sees the things the way most of us do otherwise we would not be in this sorry mess we are in now.

    Its almost as if a role reversal has occurred when you compare NHS choice comments to ours, with just the vocal angry selfish minority contributing, but nothing could be further from the truth.