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  • Soaring costs for copying patient records ‘should be a national scandal’

    mike's comment 18 Aug 2018 10:07am

    perhaps that should say Like a cornered rat - oops

  • Soaring costs for copying patient records ‘should be a national scandal’

    mike's comment 18 Aug 2018 10:06am

    I know leave ASAP is a reality for me also, but believe it or not after 25 years I feel institutionalised, I know nothing else, so i want to fight on and I want compensation for the sheer mess they have caused in my work life balance due to obstacles i cannot jump and neither pull out of, cornered rat with nowhere to go !!! Bast...s

  • Soaring costs for copying patient records ‘should be a national scandal’

    mike's comment 17 Aug 2018 8:06am

    This is total Boll,,,,, I will defy this unethical act, and only give summaries in the first instance, or get the patient to sort it out themselves. I do not care for the consequences as i have had enough of this crap day after day of abusive behaviour towards our profession.

    It will never end, and as soon as the whole GP community wakes up to this the more likely we are to act as a unit and fight everything that is so bloody obviously abusive against our profession from the government.

    I bet you they are laughing at all our comments now revelling in the distress and dismay it is causing us!!

  • Dilemma: Practice criticised for having no male GP

    mike's comment 13 Aug 2018 3:45pm

    We really do need now to find a strong leader, NOW. It is time to fight against the criminal mentally abusive game playing shown by the Government and its team - NHS England. Unfortunately followed trailing behind by their pets the LMC and BMA, who do bugger all...... self serving subservients.

    We cannot be suppressed anymore. We were chosen for this job as highly educated individuals doing a high risk job and we are treated like s--- and suppressed because of our potential strength, that many of our colleagues fail to appreciate or don't want to????

  • It feels cheap to play devil's advocate

    mike's comment 11 Aug 2018 11:40am

    sorry Pete either this piece is too intellectually challenging for me in the literature sense but at the very least is a bit too confusing for me to grasp. Prefer much simpler language that we can all understand. Unless of course what you are trying to say is so controversial it has to be camouflaged with a lot intricately woven sentences, that need unravelling. If others fully understand this piece then good on you.

  • Dilemma: Practice criticised for having no male GP

    mike's comment 09 Aug 2018 8:57pm

    here we go again, "now what else can we do to make their lives f'ing miserable?", "o I know whilst its a tough time finding a locum let alone a GP partner let alone one of a sex of choice lets shoot them right where it hurts, that will weaken them further"

    when is this ever gonna end???

  • NHS England's top GP resigns following Pulse comments

    mike's comment 08 Aug 2018 9:42pm

    'did not reflect NHS Englands policy' utter shite, they are the followers of Satan himself up there or rather down there in parliament.
    Whats he take us for??

    unfortunately that's how all politicians see us, as we never make our voices heard, a bunch of weak sheep following the shepherd to the abattoir. That's how naive they think we all are for him to make those comments. For gods sake will you all open your eyes not just the brave making comments on this site. But you know what, talking to a lot of my colleagues, they think, ah, what will be will be, I just want to get on with my life.... Shame, sad, unbelievable, dont understand that attitude, must be missing something?thats why we are not getting anywhere obviously!!!

  • Government 'serious' about retaining GP partnership model, says review lead

    mike's comment 07 Aug 2018 10:20pm

    HA HA HA here we go again, they really do mean it. They cocked up , they thought controling us by making us all salaried would be ideal, then they realised, sugar,its gonna cost a lot in admin to keep them going and doing all the other stuff we are not paid for. Lets keep the partnerships its cheaper and less hassle for us in the end.


    the evil sods thought , hang on, making them salaried will give them a unified power of equality and also we cant stress them out as much unless they remain self employed partners. God forbid GPs should stand up for their rights!!! . They need to see us suffer, why?? privatisation and suppression of the educated and respected, well not so sure about the last bit but you get the drift.

  • NHS England's top GP resigns following Pulse comments

    mike's comment 05 Aug 2018 7:54pm

    i would not be surprised if there was some pre planning involved in all of this , I will look out for further developments good or bad!!!

    Testing the water ?????

  • Small practices must not be the collateral damage of reform

    mike's comment 04 Aug 2018 10:37am

    thats good you have diplomatically expressed some of the sentiment from the gp comments. If you read between the lines its the usual nastiness of utilising a GP whose ambitions probably lie elsewhere whose comments we are supposedly to take on board. This time they are not two steps ahead of us and have been caught out for the creepy spin doctors that they are. Dishonest and even potentially corrupt in my opinion.

  • In full: GP Survival’s call for Dr Arvind Madan’s resignation

    mike's comment 03 Aug 2018 11:24am

    at long last..... lets rally on chaps, i have been speaking out in our ccg meetings for years with no support whatsoever from my colleagues lets get these bastards out, remove the whole lot including NHS England and take it over. Time for revolution and standing strong. WE are supposed to be the cream instead we act like we are the putrid part of milk gone off at the bottom.

    A man can dream cant he???

  • GPs petition for resignation of NHS England's top GP after Pulse comments

    mike's comment 03 Aug 2018 11:17am

    two faced liar for sure, why dont we all become entrepreneurs eh

  • NHS England primary care director 'sorry' for comments about small practices

    mike's comment 03 Aug 2018 11:08am

    if you ever needed evidence that the gmc lmc bma are all self serving subservients then he epitomises it, words like that would never come from a man like that, trust me it would only have been said if the hidden agenda was to target all small practices as personal potential meat

  • What NHS England's top GP really thinks

    mike's comment 02 Aug 2018 10:31am

    yet another self serving subservient

    dont misunderstand me in the context i am coming from, I know London well and the types of GP's here, and that sort of comment would never ever have come out. So it is likely a false statement in my opinion.

  • NHS Choices removes 200 reviews over suspicions of practice staff involvement

    mike's comment 17 Jul 2018 11:01am

    I am not sure its just the comments that are frustrating, they have took it upon themselves, to state that a practice is one of the worse in the country under the score with 2 to 21/2stars. That is more demoralising. I guess if you drop to a score of 2 you will be deemed and recorded as being the shit-est surgery in the country

  • NHS Choices removes 200 reviews over suspicions of practice staff involvement

    mike's comment 16 Jul 2018 11:46am

    I hope that was tongue in cheek

  • NHS Choices removes 200 reviews over suspicions of practice staff involvement

    mike's comment 16 Jul 2018 11:09am

    Further to my comments above I told NHS choice we would install cameras and telephone recording to prove our point. well guess what we had another ridiculous comment on NHS Choice. Because the hand gesture from our receptionist on the phone asking him to sit and wait for her to finish talking on the phone was deemed so offensive he made a negative comment. What the F, we have caught this on video and I will ensure i use it as evidence against this most politically derisive methods used yet by the government. Which we all know is what it is.

    But who the hell do you trust to look after your back not the left not the right not the center and certainly not the LMC or BMA who are a bunch of self serving c, and done nothing of any meaningfulness in all the years I have been a GP, Puppets and career merchants clearly. We have nobody except ourselves to fight the system, and unfortunatey many of you are not up for the fight so it is almost a dead cause.

  • NHS Choices removes 200 reviews over suspicions of practice staff involvement

    mike's comment 16 Jul 2018 10:23am

    It is a disgrace the NHS Choice, it is totally unrepresentative of the practice patient feedback from other resources. Only those that have a gripe against the practice and believe you me sometimes its cultural make comments. They accepted and refused to remove a comment from a patient stating that our receptionist shut the phone on them forgetting to mention that the patient swore at them !!! I have written to my local MP about this and will go to the papers. Furthermore the cheeky bastards feel it is correct to state that a practice that has a score of 2 and a bit 'is one of the worse in the country', how in gods name are they getting away with that.Just demoralise us even more. It is not bloody trip advisor when are they gonna get it ?? sorry they already do of course. get it that is.

  • Number of GPs continues to decline as 200 leave in three months

    mike's comment 19 Feb 2018 4:01pm

    haluk salih Christopher Heath • 24 minutes ago
    It is absolutely disgusting how our representatives do bugger all and completely ignore what state we are in. Token gestures here and there yes, but at the end of the day slaves to their careers and the government.
    The bombardment of additional unpaid work each week is the reason for the decline as well as the unnecessary excessive surveillance brought in by the Government. Every single new Nice guideline, every single new drug alert or some new fancy local policy serving the pockets and egos of others means a huge amount of work created either undoing what you have done or implementing a new regime for care and recalling them all back in again to get back in line. This goes on weekly if not daily. What if we ignore the overwhelming information and indeed find we are so stressed by our workload and lack of staff that we forget to implement any of these changes??we get done for manslaughter. Wonderful life, what the hell am I still in this career for? Just be a locum, pop in, send them for blood tests or a 2ww go cover yourself from blame then leave the mess to the few burnt out remaining partners to follow up. Take your money and go home safely knowing you have absolutely no responsibility for what happens thereafter, you have after all implemented the safety strategy. Sounds like a better option to me because I cannot see any of you lot standing up and being counted in this debate.

  • Er, how come we're doing out of hours again?

    mike's comment 15 Sep 2017 9:25pm

    I see we all resign en masse, before the crazy personality disordered patients destroy us first or the government stamps that great big giant foot if theirs all over us like ants!! Both have been occurring for a few years now in case you hadn't noticed, in particular those that are gutless and obedient to the point of foolishness, of which there are many unfortunately holding the rest of us back!!!