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Thinking of Oz

  • GPs vote for home visits to be removed from contract

    Thinking of Oz 's comment 22 Nov 2019 9:41pm

    I once had patient call the police on a home visit. Usual story of carers requesting, then unable to get a hold of anyone to find out more. 6pm, dark in winter, lone female and I was screamed and shouted at for breaking into a mans house uninvited and police called and visited surgery the next day. As a lone female I have also been asked to visit patients refusing to come in due to feeling suicidal etc. My husband worries and is appalled- he made me
    Install an app on my phone that alerts him immediately if I’m in danger. Aside from all that home visiting is an abused system already. Add to that an ageing population of truly housebound patients and our whole day could be spent visiting. If anything drives me away from GP in the Uk it’s home visits. I had no idea when I trained to do this job I’d have to fit in several visits to people’s homes in my lunch hour, and often find the patient has gone out to the hairdressers instead as I was taking too long. I’ve had calls at 5.50pm For people who have felt ill fit days telling me it was my duty to visit right that instant. No wonder no one wants to be a GP. I keep reading about all these people they are training to do the job but if it carries on like this they will all run for the hills too. Adopt the Australian model and have someone else doing dedicated visits. If the visit is unnecessary as patient not housebound- charge them. And if usually mobile but too ill to come in they need A and E not a GP.fed up with arguing with patients over home visits.

  • Reimagining the UK’s shortage of GPs

    Thinking of Oz 's comment 20 Jan 2019 2:16pm

    Won’t exposing medical students to general practice earlier in their training just put them off?? Catherine I’m not sure it’s about making our own beds more comfortable more about going to work and not being physically and mentally battered by it on a daily basis. If I had my time again I would have done a hospital speciality but when I started GP training it was not anything like it is now. I love my job but the increasing demand and the expectations need to be addressed or people like me will not be able to do this job until they are 65. Burn out or emigrate.

  • Four in ten patients feel their GP practice building is a 'poor environment'

    Thinking of Oz 's comment 20 Jan 2019 2:07pm

    Alison smith fantastic comment, imagining a lunchtime spa when the reality is running all over the place fitting in house visits before afternoon surgery starts.