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The waiting game

Uncertain times


  • We need to be shielded from more NHS advice

    Uncertain times's comment 16 May 2020 10:12am

    agree with C Ho; how many NHSE are GPs and they should go too

  • New asthma guidelines – double trouble for GPs?

    Uncertain times's comment 13 Feb 2018 5:23pm

    Well done, v.good article on the complexities of the Condition and the inconsistent 'expert' guidance.. low dose ICS still the mainstay. Another concern is that some its will take a tablet instead of ICS, easier to carry etc, different reasons to those that the nurse/dr expects.

  • 'If you want to vent, don't do it in front of a trainee'

    Uncertain times's comment 29 Dec 2017 10:13am

    HSL come across well; what will not work is when you do not use the wc and XXXX in your own back yard.
    So look at todays national headlines please. The Junior doctors are equally exploited in GP land as well as Hospitals. Its an unpleasant truth. This is not aimed at our lovely leaders in BMA, RCGP who ere sincere in their support the junior doctors
    So I disagree wuith RCGP to extend the training when the ST's go to the mini specialist clinics eg ENT,Opthalmol, Dermatol already and bring back upto date knowledge to our small insignificant practice; that way, we don't particularly need to attend updates.
    The RCGP may not be aware of the above,the quiet good work that (some of) its own members manage to do.
    Is there a lost connection between the RCGP and BMA, LMC . GPC. Its confusing for new Doctors as to what are the different functions of these groups..

  • CCG changes GP contract from PMS to APMS during procurement

    Uncertain times's comment 12 Dec 2017 1:02pm

    medics exploiting medics.. not just in hospital. conflicted members of the powers that be are sometimes medics... who are really good at the price of everything and the value of nobody including their own.
    I think all Doctors should become salaried, indemnity covered by the NHS itself-that way, the new salaried partners will be encouraged to be an an obvious pay salary AND carer ladder; they can pay out directly for their social/medical cuts that contribute to the current disaster zone. Lost my rose tinted spectacles.. off to the local supermarket as they now sell them

  • Single-hander crowned GP of the year after turning 'red-rated' practice around

    Uncertain times's comment 08 Dec 2017 8:23am

    Truly amazing. Very well done KB. Here is a Beatle tribute .. Let it be, let it be, let it be...with KB ...dadadadada.. Let it be with KB :-) (applause)

  • Single-hander crowned GP of the year after turning 'red-rated' practice around

    Uncertain times's comment 01 Dec 2017 2:56pm

    Outstanding!! Very well done!

  • Three-quarters of medical students encounter negativity towards GPs, says RCGP

    Uncertain times's comment 28 Nov 2017 9:29pm

    A lot comes from our own ranks ,; Carry on exploiting...
    It has been mentioned a few times. 10years ago, murmurs of 'the end of the profession..' started.

  • NSAIDs less effective than antibiotics for UTI, study finds

    Uncertain times's comment 16 Nov 2017 8:31am

    otherwise.. antibiotics for acute back pain and naids for abdominal pain. Shows that European studies on this subject do not always transfer their amazing results in a different country. Nsaisd/antibiotics for hernias.

  • Recruitment programme worth millions attracted just 18 GP trainees

    Uncertain times's comment 08 Nov 2017 7:35pm

    young returners to work cannot get back into the system;
    so ended up as working for Locum (London)
    a system set in stone by Deaneries+ NHSe is completely obstructive.
    Outsourcing recruitment even worse

  • Target to add 1,500 medical school places 'will only add 750 doctors'

    Uncertain times's comment 20 Sep 2017 9:11am

    In some areas. A lot of the Drs cannot hold onto jobs because of poor working conditions .. so NHSe have no choice but to give the Trad GP practices to anyone else .. at a better price as stated in another article this week.

  • GP practices owe over £90m in premises fees, NHS Property Services claims

    Uncertain times's comment 18 Sep 2017 12:24pm

    Unscepted GP Partner- Spot on. Jpoin the merry go round where very 2-3 years self-styled GP's swop roles between BMA, GPC etc etc; that might not be a problem, believe me, i have met some- and many are completely sincere. The problem comes with the CCG's and contracts, premises, so many GP owners have not/never appointed new GP partners. Stunning to say, the profession does not see the professional iatrogenesis it has caused when Gp Practices have no intention of developing its own workforce and instead join the bandwagon of the usual song , our poor downtrodden profession. Remember the phrase 'The end of the Medical Profession' started appearing 7-10 years ago.. look at some of the medics in power/money positions who share a cup of tea with you and say what a lovely dr you are..

  • Stress of training forces four in ten trainees to consider quitting

    Uncertain times's comment 04 Aug 2017 1:55pm

    .. so don't prolong the agony by prolonging GP training; as bothprospective and actual GP's have to update themselves as and when; Ok, call it PUNS and DENS, but don't torture the young ones into unnecessary extended training.. they will never finish. The young's we have do show brightness, up datedness so that helps us senile ones. If the St2's can handle a reasonable number of patients in GP land, long before their registrar year, then it could problem based (dare i say QOF based) don't need 6mths of O and G at all) Dear RCGP/HEE pls consider what you are doing.

  • Don't denigrate profession in front of trainees, RCGP chair tells GPs

    Uncertain times's comment 11 Jul 2017 6:15am

    Some of the negativity comes from the members of the Deanery as well as RCGP. If you want to ruin the trainees lives, give them 8,9 sessions to do - service work-(Mon-friday), remove training. Then complain nonstop that the trainees are not good enough. Then charge them anyextra exam revision course insurance 1K to do the MRCGP, adding to their debt, whilst doing locums to pay off debt. The record is 10 sessions in a week- all service work, no training, and daft approval system that has allowed trainees in London to be abused.. and go into another branch of medicine. RCGP cannot and must not turn a blind eye to its educational iatrogenesis- the laughing stock of our hospital colleagues (PS some of my best friends are...fiends..)

  • Don't denigrate profession in front of trainees, RCGP chair tells GPs

    Uncertain times's comment 11 Jul 2017 6:02am

    Please apply this to your own RCGP Deanery members. Some GP trainees have to work 8,9 sessions, the record being 10 sessions. When asked why this trainee worked 10 sessions , he/she replied not a problem ...but had to complete the year, get signed off. So the RCGP allows its own Deanery members (MRCGP) but bot haccountable to them as protected by HEE. Helen and Clare are such nice people, but need to look at the abusive culture of some of it members.

  • Professor Mayur Lakhani elected RCGP president

    Uncertain times's comment 02 Jun 2017 12:24pm

    Dr DB 11:06 completely right. Carry on posting.
    The uncomfortable truths are that some within General Practice- and I mean Doctors- are completely exploiting other doctors because of their career status, young, middle, older drs. The RCGP, BMA,LMC, GPC may not be fully aware of this- and they do not alwaysshare the same platform or exchange these problems/issues.
    Yours truly
    GP Partner. addendum as a junior Dr, i was immensely helped by the BMA, and lately LMC

  • Professor Mayur Lakhani elected RCGP president

    Uncertain times's comment 02 Jun 2017 12:18pm

    fromGP Partner
    Please do not extend GP training, they will never finish. The F2's in General Practice on our N.London rotation have done very well in a Gp environment. After 20years work, i and others still do not know everything. Some of their hospital experience is transferable to GP.
    Otherwise, they will not be able to finish, never pay off debts, return to hospital jobs, give up and do something else, emigrate, or and remain on low GP pay for many more years, get exploited by other GP private companies, not just corporate ones etc

  • Train driver on tricyclic refuses to inform employer. What should I do?

    Uncertain times's comment 02 Jun 2017 12:01pm

    Reported in press a couple of years ago or so. Pilot on transatlantic flight falls asleep. he wakes up and finds the other copilot asleep (overworked, on prescription drugs, or other). Who is flying the plane, Autopilot is.. except there aint no such autopilot in our job.
    Have a nice smart uniform (or not) that you see on Tv (for airlines) sanitises an overworked profession...just saying

  • Practices 'not legally bound' by GP trainee contract, says GPC

    Uncertain times's comment 30 May 2017 1:50pm

    3:31 spot on. Its all inconsistent even between training areas, so the red flag trainee is not different from a red flag trainer (see letters BMJ this week), except the red flag trainer (the exploiting ones) will get away with it. The trainees in GP are usually doing similar menial tasks e.g. other partners docmann/hospital letters filing, similar to writing the notes on a ward round. The RCGP have been particularly dopey about tackling trainer abuse. Remember though, in GP training, there are no routine weekend or nights, not supposed to be after 6pm, other than the required OOH experience chichis entirely reasonable- esp when the trainees have seen GP's working the OOH.

  • GP training rota has turned me into a dinosaur

    Uncertain times's comment 23 May 2017 12:22pm

    Yes well said training GP's
    As a GP partner, I have seen the ritual abuse of trainees. Everyone thinks trainees are only abused in hospitals, but ignore that this is occurring in GP land.
    Some ST's have been doing 8+ sessions a week.. no training sessions, (the record being 10 sessions in a week, far more work than any GP partner) another has reported just 2 tutorials per month.
    A South London Deanery Educationalist said at a fairly recent training conference- first you give the trainee praise, then you give them an 'excremental sandwich' writing this phrase on the flipchart. No spelling mistake ,the Deanery attitude stinks, speaks for itself. The RCGP and BMA act as onlookers, do-gooders, writing how cruel the world is to us, adopting an antiGMC and antiCQC stance. After all, if a GP practice is a negative environment to be in and the Gp's are struggling themselves, why force GP trainees to become like them, be trained in their image?

  • Some 70% of sessional GPs will leave if conditions get worse, finds GPC

    Uncertain times's comment 19 May 2017 9:19am

    Dear 100-110 Euros an hour Locums and Retired GP's
    You would be very welcome to work at the larger new GP Feds, the difference being you would get paid holidays, have a more obvious support group(you may already have one)The LMC have always had sound advice, time space. If you work c. 5 sessions, there would always be a regular slots for you. It is v.sad that some practices have had to close, But many London Gp Partnerships have ripped off the salaried, newly qualified and training Gps. The new Feds will not allow this or disguise this Unexpected outcomes have occurred for the better, despite this depressing time for the Profession. The Juniors in Kent have been moved away from the inadequate training hospitals.