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The waiting game


  • GP referrals being knocked back by referral management system

    Doc-ginger's comment 20 Aug 2019 10:50am

    I particularly love the patronising letters we get back to inform us that we must include something that in no way changes the appropriateness of referral.
    Or the recent one - instructing me to prescribe off-licence for an indication I've never used before. So either I prescribed off-licence or the patient has to put up with their distressing condition

    Everything seems "GP to do" but, no, you're not allowed to ask a specialist to get involved.

  • GPs who dole out sugar water give our critics a free pass

    Doc-ginger's comment 25 Apr 2018 2:13pm

    Patients can pay for their own placebo!

    The concept that a homeopathic lump of sugar does no harm is ludicrous. Reinforce the belief that this does something other than make the patient and the Dr feel warm and snuggly about having "done something". So, wonderful the placebo effect works for the non-medical thing that just needed a chat and a bit of reassurance. But what about the harm from "well my Dr thinks homeopathy is great so it must be ok to treat my heart attack, cancer, HIV etc with homeopathy.

    Condoning rubbish does harm. Do the placebo bit by listening to patients. Refer them to counselling if talking is what they need. Be honest. But don't prescribe for the sake of it and comfort yourself with the nice warm feeling that you did good because the patient was happy. I'm sure many of my patients would be happy if I gave them a month's sick note and a bucket of whatever is their favourite prescription tipple. Doesn't mean it right, or profession, or ethical.

  • Just call me Pete

    Doc-ginger's comment 28 Feb 2018 9:49pm

    Well I am not surprised. Because we all have patients that have decided to use our first names uninvited. Overwhelmingly the reasons are to be manipulative, to be creepy and over-familiar, or exert power over you. I can think of a single patient in my GP career that has used my first name with no obvious subtext and just because they were being nice.

    And what a surprise that "Jeremy" is suggesting this. Because he's exactly the same kind of creepy, over-familiar, manipulative and bullying twazzock to call us by our first names uninvited!

  • How to write a Pulse blog - and get five stars!

    Doc-ginger's comment 20 Jul 2017 10:18am

    Writing a sulky, passive aggressive article isn't the way to get 5 stars.

    But we should definitely lie and be all perky and pretend that none of us are stressed and burning out. Because we will definitely get somewhere if we don't say what we are thinking and just blindly adore the government, RCGP, HEE, CCG, LMC or any other acronym.

    Attacking the photo someone has on their blog? For goodness sake!

    For clarity: Female GP, under 40, doesn't work full time, is pretty damn feminist and thinks that resorting to "ugh, it's because they're male that they get more stars" is lazy. But yes, I will write under a pseudonym thanks, for reasons that entirely different to not standing by my comments, entirely personal and none of anyone's business.

  • Sorry to disappoint, but RCGP isn't run by a cabal of government quislings

    Doc-ginger's comment 26 Jun 2017 2:21pm

    Tad disappointing that Pulse is removing and moderating comments without explanation. Mine was neither libellous nor offensive and not even rude or a personal attack but it was critical of the topic chosen.

  • Sorry to disappoint, but RCGP isn't run by a cabal of government quislings

    Doc-ginger's comment 26 Jun 2017 11:39am

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