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Gold, incentives and meh

Christopher Thompson

  • Patients prefer phone consultations over face-to-face appointments, finds survey

    Christopher Thompson's comment 28 Apr 2019 9:49am

    In the interest of balance...

    We’ve been using askmyGP since October 2017 and have found it really helpful in managing our total patient demand in a more efficient way. As a result we never have to turn anyone away because there are no appointments left - a significant improvement for our patients. Our wait time for routine face to face GP appt is now 1 day

    When a patient creates a request on askmyGP they specify a preference for how they would like to communicate with their GP - either face to face, email or phone. This is where this data comes from.

    Clearly if a patient needs to be seen, but specifies a preference for a telephone call or email then they end up with a face to face appointment. What askmyGP does allow though is another option to manage that patients need

    As a rule I end up seeing about 35-40% of patients who end up contacting, satisfied that the rest don’t need to be seen. I consider this safer than seeing everyone but knowing that patients who need an appointment can’t get in

    Important to say that we are paying customers of askmyGP and will not financially benefit from this post

  • GP calls off recruitment attempts after introducing e-consultations

    Christopher Thompson's comment 17 Oct 2018 6:44pm

    (It’s also interesting how quick the people posting have been to discount askmyGP without fully understanding what it is)

    @truth finder - I can’t honestly believe that you are advocating that every patient who has a cough requires a medical assessment for fear that they may have a PE - this would fly in the face of everything that we are trying to educate patients about with regards to self care for minor illnesses

  • GP calls off recruitment attempts after introducing e-consultations

    Christopher Thompson's comment 17 Oct 2018 6:20pm

    Just to clarify askmyGP is quite different to eConsult in that it’s not algorithm based - more a new means of contacting the surgery. (So hopefully no amoxicillin for PEs)

    It works as part of a fundemental change to the Practice access model through triaging 100% of patient contacts. askmyGP allows patients to initiate contact with Surgery through a secure web portal (though patients can still call if they want). It means that patients who don’t need (or want) a GP appointment can be managed remotely and frees up face to face appts to the extent that if an appointment is needed it can be offered that day

    This is only possible and sustainable by fully understanding total patient demand and matching clinical supply to it. When this is achieved it works really well.

    We’ve been going with it for the past 12 months and patients and GPs prefer it. A big concern amongst GPs was that this would unleash endless demand for making access easier - this categorically has not happened. Suprising but true

    We also found that since implementing this change that additional staff no longer needed.

  • Nurses and pharmacists to prescribe via phone to relieve GP pressures

    Christopher Thompson's comment 08 Sep 2018 8:39pm

    Can we please demonstrate a bit of respect for our allied health care professional colleagues? Having worked alongside a number of excellent ANPs and Pharmacists I feel that there needs to be a recognition of the value that they offer. A significant proportion of health complaints don’t require GP input and this seems a sensible way managing them. Comparing NHS 24 to the Nazi party is a new low for this forum