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  • Over 5,000 medical students will join NHS coronavirus effort 'next week'

    eudr.'s comment 29 Mar 2020 1:29pm

    i wonder whether the college will step up and enrol over 500 fully trained GP registrars who missed out on being fully qualified by 1 mark or 2 on their CSA exams?
    now that exams are not important!

  • Over 150 overseas doctors join NHS from international recruitment scheme

    eudr.'s comment 15 Oct 2019 6:30pm

    CSA at the cost of £1680 vs £0 GP-app for internationals& no English test as well .....among these 2 candidates not sure who will try jumping out of a frying pan!

  • Doctors with dyslexia are less likely to pass the CSA exam

    eudr.'s comment 03 Oct 2019 7:06pm

    Anonymouse : not sure about safety risk..
    dyslexia is not equivalent to incompetence when these drs have managed to clear medical schools in different parts of the world and even worked successfully in different specialities..your RCGP is saying 10 mins is not enough but they are adopting it anyway i find that risk to patient's safety: eg asses autistic teenager climbing windows in your consultation room, dipping hands into sharps bin in 10mins!

  • Doctors with dyslexia are less likely to pass the CSA exam

    eudr.'s comment 27 Sep 2019 9:00pm that so? declare your dyslexia and that's a straight ticket to failure!Jeez..

  • HEE to push for five-year GP training pilots in every deanery area

    eudr.'s comment 26 Sep 2019 5:30pm

    i totally agree Harry. it may be cheap labour/ service provision plan in community.
    It is less painful when a trainee get released from training at 3 yrs than 5yrs! Not to mention few extensions for more csa trials or maternity/ paternity, ill health in between that may extend training period.
    -hospital training is very important , because this is what a trainee will fall back to when rcgp releases them from training, the 500 trainees who failed can at least work confidently in ED or acute medicine.

  • International GPs will not be required to take second language test

    eudr.'s comment 18 Sep 2019 7:54am

    last time i read was£100m assigned for recruiting international Gps,so we got 120 recruited so far not enough, decision to drop IELTS BANDSCORE TO 5.5... ok we not reaching the target let stop the english exam all together.. this foreign dr can't communicate.. patient safety issue referred to gmc for 'incompetence' suspended or manslaughter charges
    meanwhile more than 400 gp trainees mostly BMES locked out by csa after 3-4 yrs of training.. . rcgp thinking of ?6th attempt csa
    it looks like RCGP can do things as it pleases, not sure who is winning.

  • 5,000 GPs need to be trained each year to meet workforce targets, says RCGP

    eudr.'s comment 05 Sep 2019 1:21pm

    400 potential new GPs trapped in MRCGP limbo as GP leaders call for reform
    12 July 2016- pulse
    feels like am in a hamster's wheel...

  • NHS 111 updated protocols after it was blamed for death of six-year-old boy

    eudr.'s comment 03 Sep 2019 2:04pm

    unfortunate ending: now that we got more ANPs, PAs, paramedics helping at level of drs, how about more face to face consultations and do away with this IT digital clinical problem solving? not sure if changing 111 pathways would help

  • Time to scrap CSA exams

    eudr.'s comment 24 Jul 2019 12:09pm

    .. am not sure why it is called an exam anymore?
    I went through this CSA x5 - on every occasion the pass mark was being raised by 0.5 -1-2. I felt like a sacrificial lamb every time but never gave up as i had come a long way; now being part of a BME csa CONTINUAL FAILURE- statistic is so so sad. when I recently had a glimpse of this statistic had mixed emotions;

    quoted (According to the RCGP's latest annual report from 2017/18, the pass rate of the AKT exam for white doctors was 86.8% and 60.7% for all BME doctors. For the CSA exam, 93.8% of white graduates passed, compared with 83.4% of UK-educated BME graduates and 39% of internationally-educated BME graduates.)
    FIRSTLY reassured it wasn't my fault, i clearly had little chance- 39%,2ndly was it worth all the sacrifices I made.? AT the time of sitting this exam 6 BME internationally trained candidates I knew failed, all at different re-attempts levels training in various vts.
    All my foundation training has been in UK for the last 13 years and had no doubt it was achievable but i think i under estimated and brushed aside all these rumours of bias & subjectivity. Words cant explain the devastation, pain , despair, disappointment,daily torture during that 2 yr csa preparation on communication ie getting the 'Phrases right'.. expensive courses , financial difficulties and well being instability caused..I would never wish this csa experience on worst enemy.3-4 yr training programme all gone but positively so much knowledge and experience / community exposure gained. . eeh cant help thinking of those still in training. Lets hope this CSA format changes to give more chances to the likes of us that had sheer determination to be independent GPs but was unfortunate. I agree an exam should have standards, be real and be credible to measure knowledge &skills not to be made easier. Still focusing ahead and hope there will be something better waiting somewhere.

    Finding locum hospital jobs now is so competitive as PAs now able to clerk ,admit and manage patients at level of an SHO.. of course I cant work as a GP registrar
    best wishes to all those in training.

  • CCGs halving targets of 'extremely disappointing' international GP scheme

    eudr.'s comment 10 Feb 2019 10:05am

    ''To come and work in the UK, doctors in Europe need to have an IELTS level to 7 to 7,5. There are only a few doctors out there who already have that level, which is why we said we’re going to find doctors who have an IELTS level of 5 or 6 and train them up to 7.5.''
    if you can compromise with the language then DROP THE CSA SCORES FOR IMGS to match !! lol

  • Government backs independent inquiry into NHS ‘bullying’ accusations by GPs

    eudr.'s comment 13 Nov 2018 10:31am

    .needless to say..bullying is everyday routine; some gp trainees have had it rough from hospital clinical supervisors ; intimidation and pointing how 'useless' gp speciality is ,instead of being mentors and giving guidance out to ruin someone's life with baseless trainee reports. its pathetic..'as they say its how the system works!'unfortunately . hope some change comes about..

  • GMC advises doctors to seek legal advice if reflections ordered by court

    eudr.'s comment 12 Sep 2018 8:24pm

    any funded lawyers to proof read...?

  • Dr Bawa-Garba was in a 'perfect storm', says supervisor ahead of appeal verdict

    eudr.'s comment 14 Aug 2018 5:12pm

    Dr. Cusack opened my eyes here,''Dr Bawa-Garba reflected extensively on the clinical care she gave. Documents containing her reflective comments were seen by a prosecution QC prior to his extensive cross-examination and therefore fed into the criminal court process. The GMC have stated that reflective practice was not used, and have issued a factsheet for the profession.[4] However, the Medical Protection Society, which previously represented Dr Bawa-Garba, has admitted that it ‘may well be the case’ that reflections fed into the trial''

  • Dr Bawa-Garba was in a 'perfect storm', says supervisor ahead of appeal verdict

    eudr.'s comment 14 Aug 2018 5:04pm

    WELLL DONE Dr. BG! nurse Taylor was pardoned, nurse Amaro strucked / nothing happened to consultant; participants of the whole team were differently handled, what can explain this if it was to do with system failure, work load and lack of supervision ?

  • Patients told they need GP firearms sign-off after police updates guidance

    eudr.'s comment 18 Jul 2018 6:12pm

    prescribe a pistol or antibiotic!!

  • Patients told they need GP firearms sign-off after police updates guidance

    eudr.'s comment 18 Jul 2018 6:11pm

    couldnt stop laughing!hilarious

  • NICE urges rheumatoid arthritis patients to seek specialist care during flare-ups

    eudr.'s comment 14 Jul 2018 1:04pm

    so as we wait for 3mths or so, if NSAIDS not helping, can nice agree that gp start steroids? then assess /take care of osteoporosis as well; as it seems by the time rheum sees patients hands may have started to deform..

  • HEE deal with Caribbean medical school aims to recruit GP trainees

    eudr.'s comment 12 Jul 2018 8:17pm

    ..positive impact? missed the point!

  • GP recruitment issues push locum rates to £1.4k a day in one area

    eudr.'s comment 09 Jul 2018 12:51pm

    @bemused, just cracked my rib!oouch!

  • Is GP training still fit for purpose?

    eudr.'s comment 05 Jul 2018 11:46am

    Dr.Sidhu you say as it is

    harry well said - under table politics& statistics of how many should get thro'exams, how many to retain for service provision.'