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Doc Anon

  • Schoolgirl died from heart attack after hour wait for ambulance at GP practice

    Doc Anon's comment 26 Sep 2019 7:07am

    I have far too many horror stories about the challenges of getting an appropriate ambulance disposition. Also been refused an ambulance from phone triage alone without face to face assessment by a GP- patient had rung 999 several times & call passed to OOH GP. It was an acute abdomen & required life saving urgent surgery. The worst was a penetrating injury & arterial bleed. Nearest ambulance 40mins away. Had to organise alternative transport & miracle they survived. It’s terrifying when the cavalry can’t come & is a national scandal. I would get an Uber to A&E rather than call 999 if I needed emergency medical attention!

  • GMC was advised to appeal Bawa-Garba case to 'protect reputation of profession'

    Doc Anon's comment 05 Aug 2019 4:11pm

    Given that it lead to the profession losing complete trust in their regulator I would say it was a massive own goal & I would expect the people involved to reflect on their error, apologise & resign.

  • Almost 90% of GPs found their appraisal useful for improving patient care

    Doc Anon's comment 11 Jul 2019 0:22am

    I hate appraisal & every GP I know feels the same. This 90% approval rating is nonsense. Give us an anonymous poll for a true reflection. It takes up so much of my precious free time, disrupts my work life balance, lowers my morale & makes me feel resentful. I will quit medicine as soon as I can afford to.because of tosh like this. It wastes so much time & money that could be used far more constructively. What are the benefits? Is there any evidence to prove we’re better doctors or we’re weeding out the next Harold Shipman....?? Funny how slow other countries have been to adopt this farce. We are literally leading the world in how not to treat a professional workforce 🙄

  • Out-of-hours service shut due to not enough GPs ‘willing to work’

    Doc Anon's comment 12 Jun 2019 3:14pm

    Low pay, busy shifts, no access to notes increasing risk of error & because patients not familiar more likely to make a complaint. Also deal with acutely ill population so higher chance being involved in an unexpected death with the ensuing stress of coroners court, being named & pictured in national media, risk of prosecution & being criminalised.
    Also the pensions mess means people less likely to do overtime.
    The only positive is state indemnity- before April my MPS bill was £18500 p/a!!!
    Also 111- patients encouraged to ring for anything & everything but because staffed by non clinicians cases passed to OOH GP team who can not deal with the workload. Need to reduce demand not drive it up...
    Also GP registrars witness how understaffed & potentially unsafe the service can be so are not keen to sign up once qualified.

  • GMC relationship with doctors ‘severely damaged’ following Bawa-Garba case

    Doc Anon's comment 12 Jun 2019 2:39pm

    I work in a service which is finding it extremely challenging to recruit staff. There are not enough clinicians to fill the rota meaning at times my workload is unmanageable. This case is so upsetting & means I am scared & anxious when I know I can not deliver a safe service. It’s frustrating because I work hard & am competent yet at times feel set up to fail. I like my job & colleagues & know if I leave the service will be even more dangerous for both staff & patients. It’s terrifying knowing if there is a fatal outcome I could be named & pictured in national media, lose my livelihood or be criminalised.
    The justice system & GMC actions mean I no longer want to work as a doctor in the UK

  • I'm being denied an appraisal - for being a British GP working abroad

    Doc Anon's comment 12 Jun 2019 2:06pm

    I was born in UK, attended a London medical school & completed my GP training including MRCGP in the UK. I lived in Ireland 2002-2011. While I was working abroad appraisal was formally introduced & the farcical performers list was invented. I worked full time as a GP in Dublin & there was no structured appraisal process in Ireland when I lived there. I decided to return home for family reasons but it was mission impossible. I had 2 job interviews that I travelled to at my own expense but wasn’t offered the posts due to not being on the performers list. I couldn’t get on the performers list because I wasn’t working in the UK?! I then contacted a practice I had previously worked at & they offered me a salaried post. Since I had “proof” I was intending to work in the UK the PCG finally arranged to meet me for an interview to deem if I was worthy to be added to the performers list. The non clinical lady who met me felt despite my MRCGP (with distinction!) I would need retraining to re-enter NHS UK work force. I was incredulous & started applying for private GP posts instead. Finally common sense prevailed & after 12mths & 3 trips to the UK I was allowed on the list & could return home. If I was trying to return from Australia, New Zealand or Canada I would have given up. Appraisal is also a major waste of time, resources & impacts on my morale & job satisfaction. I resent how onerous, box ticking & bureaucratic it is. I suspect it is a factor in early retirements. I shall be so happy to never do one again!

  • GMC chair apologises to doctors for ‘fear and anguish’ caused by Bawa-Garba case

    Doc Anon's comment 14 Mar 2018 9:34am

    Been a GP 18yrs & the treatment of Dr Bawa-Garba has shaken my faith in the justice system, the GMC & my profession. If I was 10yrs younger I’d emigrate, 10yrs older I’d retire yet I’m trapped in an understaffed & under resourced system that is unsafe for both patients & myself. I am genuinely fearful that if there is an adverse outcome on my watch there is a real risk I could be criminalised & lose my livelihood. GMC should be fighting this grotesque scenario not perpetuating it. The Truly Exceptionally Bad thing here is that Hazida has been hung out to dry for what has been an extremely traumatic event for all concerned. She should have been supported not vilified. Condolences to poor Jack’s family but this is not justice. Shame on you for not seeing the bigger picture. Your position surely now is untenable.

  • In full: GMC chair's apology to doctors over Bawa-Garba

    Doc Anon's comment 13 Mar 2018 11:53pm

    Truly exceptionally bad apology which is not accepted. We won’t be satisfied until this gross injustice has been challenged, overturned & Dr Bawa-Garba has been reinstated. That poor woman was trying to save tragic Jack’s life in an unsafe workplace. She should be supported not scapegoated & lessons should be learned so there are no more Hazida & Jacks in the future

  • #IamHadiza: Pulse front cover shows GP solidarity with Dr Bawa-Garba

    Doc Anon's comment 01 Mar 2018 10:28pm

    Thank you Pulse- a striking image & kudos to all the contributing doctors.
    You can’t criminalise genuine human error without looking at the system failures. Not taking into consideration unsafe working environments for clinicians & patients mean we are all Hadiza & sadly more families will suffer the tragedy of preventable death.
    Wishing Dr Bawa-Garba all the best in challenging this appalling miscarriage of justice.

  • 'Indemnity fees are killing our profession' - sign this letter to Jeremy Hunt

    Doc Anon's comment 02 Sep 2017 10:14pm

    Sonia Chester, OOH GP Surrey