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GPs go forth

Katharine Morrison

  • The stormy night that shaped my views on death verification

    Katharine Morrison's comment 15 May 2020 10:19am

    I've been asked by nurses in hospitals to verify death in two patients who were indeed very close to death but not actually dead. One had even been washed and laid out!

  • Introducing Pulse's 'Clinical Crises' series

    Katharine Morrison's comment 17 Apr 2020 12:38pm

    Great idea. You could also keep an eye on the comments section and we could add more clinical issues as we come across them.

  • The questions that need answering

    Katharine Morrison's comment 08 Apr 2020 5:52pm

    Pulse oximetry is very useful and could be done by the patient if given instruction. The device would need swabbed with alcohol afterwards.

  • I'm having to start my medical career early - and I need Government support

    Katharine Morrison's comment 07 Apr 2020 12:33pm

    Hi Stephen, I'm sorry you are not getting a break before you start clinical work after many years of hard study. At the end of my career, like many jaded old docs, I can't say stuff like, "Its the best job in the world a la RCGP". What may help is to look at Dr Dike Drummond's YouTube short videos on the causes of physician burnout and what you can do to protect yourself, at least to some extent. Better to know this at the start of your career. You must be careful with personal protective equipment and not take on too much too early.

  • The resuscitation question

    Katharine Morrison's comment 04 Apr 2020 5:35pm

    This is yet another way that GPs are "the meat in the sandwich". They are told to prioritise resources sensibly and when they do this they are blamed for being insensitive. They have nothing to apologise for.

  • GMC re-registers nearly 4,000 former GPs to join coronavirus battle

    Katharine Morrison's comment 30 Mar 2020 11:04am

    Thanks for the information from down under because otherwise I would have thought that 4,000 GPs were coming back to work. A fraction of this will end up coming back. Best wishes to them, I'm sure their colleagues will be grateful. The GMC are using this as a PR exercise and journalists don't seem to have realised that there are a few more hoops to jump before considerably less than 4,000 GPs return to practice.

  • Why I've returned to the NHS ‘Hotel California’

    Katharine Morrison's comment 25 Mar 2020 6:36pm

    Well done Dominique. Hope you and Simon get a lovely honeymoon once this virus has gone.

  • We at the GMC understand the burden you are shouldering

    Katharine Morrison's comment 25 Mar 2020 6:32pm

    The clinical negligence system runs mainly on disputes between the patient/complainers side versus the doctor(s)/medical defence union/crown indemnity side. Unfortunately the standard of care expected by patients from their doctors is all things, to all people at all times regardless of resources, time, pressures etc. It takes several or even many years for negligence cases to come to court. At some time in the future, how can doctors really be sure that failures arising from this current crisis, whether systemic or personal, won't be judged just as harshly as they are now?

  • GMC asks 5,000 unlicensed GPs to return to work in coronavirus crisis

    Katharine Morrison's comment 19 Mar 2020 9:52pm

    Andrew: I had a similar flu on 6th Jan which was severe, and so did a lot of other people in the NHS and police. I think it was probably just a usual flu strain. I suspect that if it had been a coronavirus that more would have died of it.
    Whistler: That is the most bonkers thing I have heard all week. They are mad to let you go.

  • GMC asks 5,000 unlicensed GPs to return to work in coronavirus crisis

    Katharine Morrison's comment 19 Mar 2020 6:59pm

    The very young ages of the doctors involved just shows how disillusioned they were to have left in the first place. I went to the line at 60, mainly to avoid the penalty on my pension and don't want to return to General Practice. For me the war is over.

  • If you disagree with the RCGP's assisted dying decision, make your voice heard

    Katharine Morrison's comment 27 Feb 2020 10:24am

    I agree with you Sam. The results were:
    Opposed to change 47%
    Should adopt neutral stance 11%
    Should support assisted dying 40%
    Logically the result should have been to adopt a neutral stance with a majority of 51%. Splitting the vote of the change fraction to keep the status quo is biased.

  • Petition urges GMC to take responsibility for wellbeing of GPs under investigation

    Katharine Morrison's comment 26 Feb 2020 4:36pm

    There appears no good reason why this doctor was not allowed to see his son. I think that the way to solve this problem is for all consultations to be done only on medical premises where they are all video and audio recorded for the protection of the doctors and nurses. Home visits should be scrapped except for the dying.

  • Media reports of sepsis deaths 'make parents pressure GPs for antibiotics'

    Katharine Morrison's comment 25 Jan 2020 11:42am

    Knew this would happen. The anti antibiotic group and the anti sepsis group need to put their heads together to come up with a public message which does not polarise the issue. Something like: Sepis is a rare but rapidly fatal condition that needs early identification and antibiotic treatment for cure. Using precious antibiotics for common self limiting illness makes it less likely that you or a family member will survive sepsis and will not prevent its occurrence. Do not badger your GP or health care worker for antibiotics. They will know when they need to be prescribed. The symptoms of sepsis are: a b c d. The people who get it tend to be: w x y z. The action you need to take if you suspect sepsis is: k l m n.

  • Judge rules health secretary's right to suspend GPs' pensions before conviction is 'unlawful'

    Katharine Morrison's comment 20 Jan 2020 10:54am

    The doctors have paid into their pensions so what is the rationale for not paying it? Such a ruling is not fair to the spouses and children of the doctor. Are other professions similarly treated?

  • Twice-yearly cholesterol-lowering injection set for NHS clinical trial

    Katharine Morrison's comment 16 Jan 2020 10:23am

    Has it actually been proven that lowering cholesterol lowers all cause mortality?

  • Female GPs earn on average £40,000 less than male counterparts, finds report

    Katharine Morrison's comment 14 Jan 2020 1:43pm

    I worked as a GP partner for 33 years and got the same pay as the male GPs. There is no discrimination gap here at all. Women have a burden of household and childcare labour that men generally don't have. Women generally do not want to work the same hours and intensity as men in terms of their paid work. This is a matter of choice for these women who are lucky enough to be able to do fewer hours or not take on partnership work. Part of that luck factor is having male partners who do take on the paid work burden. Male GPs and female GPs who do not have children already subsidise maternity leave and that is enough.

  • GP acquitted of ‘assault’ after serving 15 months in prison

    Katharine Morrison's comment 03 Jan 2020 1:10pm

    We need surgery only consultations with audio and visual recording of every single one. The patient should have one year to complain and that is all. This would protect the doctor far more often than it would protect the patient.

  • All rise for NICE

    Katharine Morrison's comment 18 Dec 2019 5:07pm

    I've been doing this for years. It saves you from having to take people off their medications again when they start falling about. An important point is that the arm that the cuff is on should be supported by the other arm so the elbow is at a right angle. If you leave the arm straight down this falsely raises the blood pressure. Also they need to not talk and preferably do the bp before conversing with them much because the more they talk beforehand the higher their blood pressure.

  • The RCGP must adopt a neutral position on the assisted dying debate

    Katharine Morrison's comment 11 Dec 2019 7:17pm

    I support the choice of patients to end their suffering by physician assisted death. Currently it takes at least 3 months to arrange a physician assisted death in Switzerland and at a cost of £13,000. There are many safeguards to respect. Even though a nice home birth may seem like a good idea up until the moment it isn't, a nice home death may seem like a good idea up until the moment it isn't. Not all experiences around life events such as birth and death are under our control, no matter how skilled and resourced we may be. Personally I would prefer to die by a method of my own choosing under certain circumstances. The majority of the public agree with this stance and although many doctors would not like to aid patients in this situation there are some that would. Medically assisted abortion is the killing of a little person at the very start of their unlived life who has no choice in the matter. Physician assisted suicide is the killing of usually an old person or at least adult who has lived their life, wants to die because they consider living unbearable, or who is afraid of a painful, protracted, undignified death. They may also wish to spare their relatives anguish by witnessing such a death. Why abortion is considered to be a woman's right up till 24 weeks gestation and is becoming decriminalised and physician assisted death is considered medically abhorrent and a criminal offence defies logic. Other countries and certain US states have already overcome safeguarding issues so we don't need to figure it all out from scratch. Doctors and patients who do not want a physician death and prefer to have a natural death may continue to do so. They should not impose their religious or moral stances on those who don't.

  • British GP unable to work in NHS as GMC says laws are 'not fit for purpose'

    Katharine Morrison's comment 05 Dec 2019 12:21pm

    The Australians have stopped recognising UK qualifications.