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Independents' Day

Graeme Wilkes

  • BMA ‘exploring’ legal action after Capita wrongly archived patient records

    Graeme Wilkes's comment 08 Aug 2019 11:35am

    Sorry but why are the BMA involved in an issue which involves an Operational error by an NHS provider affecting other organisations providing for the NHS . GP practices are organisations not people.

    The BMA does not represent the medical profession - I am not a member by choice dating back many years as many of their actions/ stances I have disagreed with I know many other doctors have done the same. The expenditure on a legal team here is a prime example of why I left .

    This is an NHS England issue and the union for some doctors have no right to be sticking their noses in and influencing. If this is a veiled attack on the Indelendant sector then The BMA should be reminded GPs are the largest independent sector supplier to the NHS

  • GPs having to make referrals on behalf of private providers

    Graeme Wilkes's comment 24 Apr 2019 6:33pm

    Lets not forget GPs are independent providers like all the others out there. If GPs issue a UBRN number to their independent provider colleagues then they can make the eRS referral
    The problem here is an usual, no-one can see the immediate need in giving eRS access to independent NHS providers ...... long talked of but never achieved...sounds familiar ? As Medical Director of an independent provider I suggest GPs keep jumping up and down as much as I am on this

  • First-contact physio 'can deal with 99% of MSK patients'

    Graeme Wilkes's comment 16 Apr 2019 11:18am

    Using physiotherapists as first contact is really not new ! Self referral into physio has been around for over 20 years with good effect. The question that has to be asked is which group of patients are these FCPs seeing? We all know that if you open up a new clinic it will be filled. We hear that a small number were referred to GPs and Secondary Care and this is "evidence" of saving appointments but there is no evidence presented that less GP appointments actually happened. How many would have got better anyway and we have simply added extra face to face capacity and cost? Many self referral services utilise telephone triage and soon to be artificial intelligence. So whilst the move to use physiotherapists more is laudable, exclusive use of highly paid Band-8s seeing un-triaged all-comers may prove a loss leader. we need to have a comparison with established self referral services and direct data on whether FCPs actually reduced GP time!

  • GPs to receive training on tackling unprofessionalism from GMC

    Graeme Wilkes's comment 03 Apr 2019 11:05am

    The GMC may be part of the problem but it is a problem for our profession who are being challenged to change and ( continue) to work for our patients best interest ..... for some the “me” has become the priority and the behaviour towards those willing to change can be unprofessional and insulting...... I experience this every week working for the NHS from the independent sector - not unlike all other GPs - it needs to be tackled

  • Babylon app ‘takes pressure off’ GPs to help all patients, says health secretary

    Graeme Wilkes's comment 15 Sep 2018 9:38am

    OK guys , this Politician knows little of Primary Care and the sudden support of GP at Hand seems premature given his length of term. However, everyone seems to be looking at the here and now. There is a time bomb coming in Primary Care of multiple retirements on top of existing shortage on top of the new generation of GPs no longer “vocational” . So what’s the plan ??? I have no interest in GPAH and indeed I left GP after 25 years last year . This has to be a consideration and digital and Artificial Intelligence is entering the modern era. It’s change. Suspect it’s as the quote “ no need to change , survival is not mandatory “ Whether this is where to put the money needs evaluation but many are stating issues and risks without really having seen or evaluated this ...... of course it can’t sort an acute abdomen but coughs and sore throats and whole manner of other things ? Look at Australia ..... used by necessity safely ...... may need to embrace this and if Babylon are pioneering and not liked perhaps you all need to look at alternatives .

  • NICE to reconsider advice that GPs should use gabapentinoids for sciatica

    Graeme Wilkes's comment 21 Aug 2018 11:09am

    re Truth finder
    If your physio takes 12 months you have a poor service ... sorting that should be the action not prescribing addictive drugs
    NICE guidelines show at 6 weeks you should be seeking consideration of spinal injection for sciatica not drugs
    Gabapentin was subject to massive marketing to GPs in the 2000's and at the end of the day it worked..... shame the drug doesn't !

  • Privatisation's creeping tide will engulf the NHS eventually

    Graeme Wilkes's comment 19 Nov 2012 11:26pm

    I stagger to comprehend how any GP can be critical of the NHS logo being adopted by private companies
    " for profits " . As I recall as a GP partner ie a shareholder in a private company, I maximised profits and reduced expenses so my take home pay was as high as possible. I was not convinced the £250,000 earners produced the best results perhaps the opposite Has general practice changed so much? Kettles and copper come to mind.