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Steven Hopkins

  • Online GP service censured by advertising watchdog for implying NHS link

    Steven Hopkins's comment 12 Apr 2018 7:17pm

    Tried using PushDoctor for a puzzleing rash my wife had. Charged £20 to credit card but then wanted full ID check with scan of passport and other proofs of identity. Stated it wad a CQC requirement. Local MP (Steve Crabb) agreed that this was very right and proper. I feel it was Orwellian as Tescos
    doesnt ask for my ID when i buy booze or fireworks. Not impressed with "service" nor with MP. Thoughts?

  • GMC successful in High Court bid to strike off junior doctor

    Steven Hopkins's comment 26 Jan 2018 11:08am

    It is time we had a vote of "no confidence" in the GMC?

    It is absurd and a travesty of any justice or morality not to consider the context of a mistake. One suspects that this decision was reached, not to punish an erring doctor, but to protect an establishment that is under resourcing the NHS. There but for the grace of God go any of us.

    I suggest a "Survey Monkey" vote of "No Confidence" in the GMC.

  • Revalidation – why it is time for a rethink

    Steven Hopkins's comment 08 Jan 2018 5:50pm

    I wonder if Pulse would be brave enough to run a survey. I propose a vote of no confidence in the GMC.

    I would also propose a similar vote of no confidence in the BMA.

    What about it Pulse?

  • ​Anger as GMC tries to overrule its own tribunal and strike off junior doctor

    Steven Hopkins's comment 07 Dec 2017 12:03pm

    Medical mishaps happen in a context, they are not isolated but the sum of a series of difficulties leading to error and, occasionally, tragedy. One suspects the GMC's motives as they are not answerable to the profession and have long since lost their independence of thought. Consequently, they have become merely a branch of the Civil Service and therefore their role has become no more than to protect the establishment and cover its deficiencies.
    The training of junior doctors is squeezed by budgetary and time constraints. Is it right to blame the doctor for being poorly trained?
    The work load is excessive and so time for considered thought limited by all the other pressures both on the ward and off. Is it right to blame the junior doctor for making an error in difficult circumstances?
    When I first joined the medical profession, the GMC was held in high esteem. This is no longer the case. It is too removed from reality and has been implicated in too many changes which have distracted doctors from their core role and undermined their training. In seeking to punish this doctor, the GMC are merely seeking to protect themselves.
    The GMC is no longer fit for purpose.