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GPs go forth

David Jones

  • LMC leaders vote to reject the network DES

    David Jones's comment 12 Mar 2020 10:54am

    Population health is the ICS focus.
    PCN DES puts GPs in driving seat.
    Federations etc can hold employment and sickness risk and support training + HR.
    The world economy looks dire.
    I think that this is a good deal and step forward for primary care. Commissioners love at scale solutions and this gives us skin in the game.

  • GP practices offered funding to cut cancer referrals in new scheme

    David Jones's comment 06 Mar 2018 9:40pm

    Peter Patel for President!

  • League tables

    David Jones's comment 06 Mar 2018 9:21pm

    In my area we have a £1.00 per patient prescribing incentive scheme based on reduced spend or coming in under national astro PU.
    This does not take into account deprivation or prevalence, despite the fact that CCGs have prevalence and deprivation taken into account in their would be too complicated to do this for individual practices.
    We need to generate our own referral data and peer review the quality, then reflect the workload better in the funding formula!