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  • The NHS ‘Brexit dividend’ lie is insulting our intelligence

    Doc 's comment 26 Nov 2018 9:58pm

    Unscepted- don’t insult Sceptic! I fully agree...... all political parties have wrecked the NHS with their short term vote appealing policies..... labour and the PFI outrage, tick box culture etc started the rot which the tories continue....

    It is insulting for a publication which we read for MEDICAL need to assume we all think alike just because we work in the NHS! Respect our differing opinions and engage in debate..... not hurling childish insults!
    I don’t want to see political posturing in Pulse- for the same reason I no longer read the guardian....
    I don’t expect it in Pulse - it’s not the place for it and the arrogance and assumption of it really incenses me.... I’m not allowed to rant at my patients with my views- nor would I dream of inflicting them in people........equally Pulse spare me yours- I don’t share them!

  • RCGP backs second EU referendum amid fears Brexit will 'damage' the NHS

    Doc 's comment 26 Nov 2018 9:40pm

    So happy to read these comments and agree entirely...... how bloody dare the RCGP do this?
    Arrogant misguided political posturing- no mandate from me either? They don’t speak for us..... we are a disparate group not aligned with one political Opinion - what an arrogant assumption..... none of their bloody business to be even voting on this?! I want it withdrawn!!!!

  • We need to tackle societal problems to stem the tide of mental illness

    Doc 's comment 26 Nov 2018 9:34pm

    Mental health issues affect all of society not just the poorer- it is not class specific! A review into postnatal suicides showed it was mainly white middle class women at risk.....a group who can be conveniently overlooked by health visitors etc as “not needing input”.
    My plea..... leave politics out of medicine!
    Treat what needs treating, however it needs treating for that individual ....... every individual has equal health needs for GPS- maybe different needs but equal needs! GP is NOT the realm for health inequalities or societal problems- that’s a wider public health issue and it is dangerous to fall into that path as GPs.
    Eating disorders in teens, self harm, psychosis, alcohol, depression, bipolar........... that’s not bloody austerity related- the push back to GP is enormous- as the reader above commented the most shocking, serious referrals are “ discharged back to care of GP”- no input?! All lies at our door- who do we discharge to?

    Public health can do targeted work in communities etc- for sample......but everyone has an equal right to care and treatment too
    GPs are uniquely placed to provide individual care to ALL....irrespective of social class/ economic background!
    I hate this political posturing.... that’s for public health or MPs!

  • Pharmacies to offer strep throat swab testing and on-the-spot antibiotics

    Doc 's comment 22 Nov 2018 8:09pm

    Add on gastro oesophageal reflux ( ent presentations) and glandular fever and so well said above...... we don’t just dish out antibiotics or not...... we look at each case and actually diagnose the issue.............take a lot of risk and a lot of flack for doing a damn tricky job?! Damn cheek trying to foist cheap replacements ?!

  • Should GPs promote sustainable living as part of health advice?

    Doc 's comment 22 Nov 2018 8:04pm

    Just fuck off- load of tosh?! Embarrassing
    - what other profession would take on the ills of society?!

    I’m busy enough looking after the MANY individuals ( that can actually get scarce appts ) and individualising their cate- my focus is not public health- and for a reason... focussing on the population is not focussing on what’s best for the individual in front of you!!!

  • Our urgent clinic improved same-day access while freeing up GP time

    Doc 's comment 15 Nov 2018 7:06pm

    Agree- high risk- just needs 1 leg pain seen by MSK which turns out to be DVT - I’ve seen it happen x2 in one of our surgeries in last few months !

  • GPs have a duty to discuss weight with patients – no matter how awkward it is

    Doc 's comment 10 Nov 2018 6:13pm

    Agree with comments- patronising load of tosh......... blame teachers and doctors for all manner of social ills......then their responsibility to address them.... joke!

  • GP point-of-care testing 'effectively reduces antibiotic prescribing in children'

    Doc 's comment 09 Nov 2018 11:14am

    Takes ages- take test out of fridge- wait 10 minutes.... use and re see patient???
    Madness- when a single session is a chaotic 7 hour marathon- I don’t have time for this! I still use clinical acumen thanks!

  • Referrals have been made a box-ticking exercise to cut costs

    Doc 's comment 07 Nov 2018 11:27am

    Too true- and the same for “referral pathways”- excuses to bat back or re direct/ delay referrals .....
    I manage my gynae cases to secondary care level- by the time I refer in you KNOW they need to be seen- don’t reduce the individual to some one size ( doesn’t!) fits all pathway tick box Referal form ......

  • GP practices to receive top-up funding from CCG as Government slashes MPIG

    Doc 's comment 06 Nov 2018 3:02pm

    It’s not as simple as deprivation.....we’re considered to be in a wealthy borough in London- but lose out on Carr hill and in deprivation and we don’t get ANY funding for 3,000 of our patients....
    However our patients are not “wealthy”- and this certainly doesn’t equate to need......our Katie ta have a very high consult rate- serious morbidity ( we might not H.A. e huge numbers of diabetes/ copd- but we have all sorts of neurological problems, cardiovascular, mental healthy, gynae and paediatric) and 3 x national average for consultation rate and our core payment per patient is very low....( far less than 100)
    i question these figures- some of you quoted- does anyone get 200 per patient?! Our salaried docs earn more than partners but partners are doing 14 hour solid days minimum - often 16! We get brushed off with funding diverted to deprived areas..... this is general practice- all patients have health needs!!!! They may be different but they have needs and funding should be fair for ALL! It’s NOT public health which can be targeted!
    Before you spout off about less deprived practices- do some research- we provide secondary care level mental health, paeds, gynae and A&E work from damn hard working good doctors- we have lost 25% of our budget yet provide the same service - don’t let them Pitt us off against each other- the funding in general has gone!!!!!

  • Get me some adrenaline, I feel a petition coming on...

    Doc 's comment 01 Nov 2018 9:04pm

    And more state “ regulation”- turning us into cheap replaceable commodities- the more pathways and protocols they enforce- the harder it is to practice autonomously and individualise our patient care ....
    all our innovative excellent schemes (A&E avoidance, paediatric care, mental health ) -all disallowed A’s other practices couldn’t offer the same- essentially we have a dumbing down to the lowest common denominator!

    The demand is enormous and never ending......expectations are unbelievably high about what people are entitled to and demand.....we have a skeleton service ( colleagues off sick long term- ) currently going 14 hour solid days- no break. The limitations have to come from us- so we bear the brunt of complaints.... despite trying desperately to be all things to all people- A&E, shortfall from hospital, mental health, sexual health- don’t worry- we cover it.....
    The secondary care services are watered down cheapest delivery options from lowest qualified staff- as cannot meet the numbers.....
    The system needs to learn to say NO- it can not provide everything- and we already pay for it so Dr Ho is right - I’d rather spend the money than the government- )IT billions- for a shit service?! ). Angus the ideas seem sadly idealistic and naeve ..... throwing money at it won’t improve it?! It’s broken.....
    we carry on due to our sense of duty and care.....which is why we all work over and above......
    But. The new work force coming through won’t stay till 10pm- don’t want to be partners and are used to a different way of working with the new contract!
    It is stupid that prescriptions ALL prescriptions are free for people with thyroid disease and diabetes....

  • My tolerance for suffering fools has reached full capacity

    Doc 's comment 24 Oct 2018 8:15pm

    Even something sensible such as being able to charge NHS patients for services we are no longer funded to provide ( crap, could for 55y for endometrial protection if HRT, mich minor surgery etc)- we could do this for a small fee- but nooooo the issue of “charging patients” is blanket ban as “ unfair for those who can’t pay”- but its “those who can’t pay” who suffer- as if we can’t otivude the device for a small fee- they take their credit cards to private providers who really overcharge ..... how is that sensible or fair? It’s impossible to have a rational discussion as many senior GPs in GMC/BMA are blinded by the very idea of charges- like crazed zealots!

  • GPs fear new NHS App will drive additional workload

    Doc 's comment 20 Oct 2018 8:47pm

    We’ve had an enormous number of complaints about a Evergreen- a private compan6 the government currently uses as one of the options for digital access.
    It encourages patients to sign up for increased e access eg booking more than 2 appointments at 1 time- Patients noted “ small print” advises this is in exchange for Evergreen ( a private company) accessing their medical record- we bore 5he brunt of their fury- but knew nothing about this!

  • We can’t base public health policy on one MP’s experience

    Doc 's comment 26 Sep 2018 8:58am

    Key point is spot on.... too many MPs and “celebrities”- think -their experience- is -everyone’s experience- and they appoint themselves “ experts”.....

  • More than two thirds of GPs work less than full time, says official data

    Doc 's comment 20 Sep 2018 5:49pm

    That’s because- My one 1:2 day is actually
    7am-5 pm solid- not even time for a wee?!
    Hence most of my colleagues are “ part time” ( misnomer)- as full time is minimal 14 hour+ days and not sustainable these days! We’d crack up!!!!

  • Putting GPs in gyms is a fantasy – and a fallacy

    Doc 's comment 12 May 2018 11:26am

    Really well written and comprehensive article! I’d never really rated Dr Cannon ( only seen daily mail stuff and was a bit dubious)- but this is excellent- I now hold u in high regard and can see why you’re in the daily mail- for a sensible voice to get the nesssge out to the many - wee fine- keep going!

  • First 36 GP practices sign deals with 'Uber-style' private GP company

    Doc 's comment 11 May 2018 10:54am

    Plus basic eg
    We no longer have cryotherapy - (not funded)- so we refer dermatology ( waste of money and time) or send patients to a private Skin clinic which charges exorbitant amounts- why can’t we charge a nominal fee to out nhs patients ? Cheaper- they’re happier..... same for minor ops, LARCs etc......system is mad.... and throwing money at the broken system without addressing idiocies inherent in it will never work. Same day access destroyed continuity- surprise???????!!! You can’t lump emerge y appts and routine / preventative care in the same appt system? Madness- people are leaving in droves- wake up......

  • First 36 GP practices sign deals with 'Uber-style' private GP company

    Doc 's comment 11 May 2018 10:50am

    The last few posters are living under a rock- there are vast numbers of private GPs with people wIlling to pay far more for speed and convenience and good quality care- it is bloody hard to get an nhs appt
    IVe had patients go privately to numerous specialists for speed/ second opinion/better experience.....One of my nhs patients told me “ I
    Paid more for my hair cut than my private appt- which is more important?”
    The nhs works on goodwill- I break my back to give my patients a top class service and time ( you can’t do a holistic thorough job in 10 minutes???) and am rewarded with lengthy waiting lists and High demand and extreme stress?! A colleague does “in and out consults” and no one wants to see him- but he finishes on time and is chilling...... the plan to limit contact numbers is foolhardy all contacts are not equal! Why are people being so holier than though and high and mighty! Damn good for dr dinesh- he’s helping more people than the last few sanctimonious posters! There is no demand control in the nhs coz we suck it all up at the expense of ourselves.....someone has to value our service.....

  • Preparing for new data regulations – GP practice check list

    Doc 's comment 27 Apr 2018 10:23am

    Is it correct that insurance companies and patients can now request entire copies of notes and we cannot even charge for photocopying etc?
    Surely the LMC need to review this! Why are we responsible for funding their requests and financially penalised ? More lunacy!

  • We need to stop prescribing antidepressants in primary care

    Doc 's comment 24 May 2017 11:22pm

    Those calling for more can't access- also miss the point- you cannot ignore the quality abd dkills if the therapist delivering the psychological intervention- if you think 6 sessions with a trainee cuts it long term...... hah!!!! Yes good quality care costs- but it's still with people who actively utilise it 8 y later and are grateful for it - don't get that from your basic CBT- stuff this CBT for all and keep good quality psychological interventions to suit ( i.e. Individualised - (none of this cbt 1 size fits all) for those who really need it!