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Gold, incentives and meh


  • NICE and BTS/SIGN to produce single set of asthma guidelines

    Klavio 's comment 24 Jul 2019 10:39pm

    NICE has been always an absolute CRAP, just once compare different countries with UK to see how miserable Brits do in the matter of guideline.

  • Time to scrap CSA exams

    Klavio 's comment 24 Jul 2019 6:06pm

    I for sure will give a crap to UK and will leave the country for good, once I pass this Crap exam.

  • How immigration is affecting GP recruitment

    Klavio 's comment 30 Mar 2019 9:03am

    Recruiting GPs from abroad yet creating and exam like CSA with over 70% IMG fail despite of their training in UK, how do I understand this Paradox? a trainee sat five times for CSA failed sadly by one point and the general feedback sounds...... examiner didn't feel bla bla bla bla..... didn't feel so this CSA goes by what one person is feeling about a trainee who is trained in UK but has different accent or skin color. But GP refugees start to to work as GP straight forward in a program in somewhere in UK, did they have a better training? How RCGP would explain this? It's a shame that candidates experience discrimination and injustice in RCGP exams, spend over £10K for exams and fail by one point based on what one feels about a candidate. I wish I would be a refugee or had MRCGP international which is way easier to pass than CSA in UK and yet get recruited here in UK.

  • New refugee recruitment scheme sees 14 GPs taken on in one region

    Klavio 's comment 23 Feb 2019 3:02pm

    What will be the outcome of this scheme? hiring foreign trained GPs in NHS ? there so many UK trained GPs staying behind the funny CSA exam and fail, many of them highly trained doctors in their country yet failing ridiculous CSA, Is RCGP blind ? can't see the problem or there is money issue and these trainees should cover with their exam fees their deficit?

  • RCGP fails to stop BME trainees falling behind in exam results

    Klavio 's comment 14 May 2018 3:00pm

    I took CSA in April/18. I should say I thought I passed but I was shocked when I saw marking and score. I was graduated 1995 since then practicing medicine as GP in my country, Australia and UK. The exam made of DG CM and IS, all IMG and BME I know have failed and all of us had a score of 18-20 in IS domain, how come? for £1700.00 no individual feedback what did I do wrong? it just says The examiner felt the Candidate ..... The examiner didn't feel? what is she or he supposed to feel if this is a standard non bias exam then the feeling of examiner shouldn't play a role, how do I know the examiner is not a racist? I have a very bad experience this regard in UK and surely I am not the only one, CSA is an unfare exam and many simply fail because examiner doesn't like the accent of candidate or the way candidate look. It is a SHAME.