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The waiting game

David jenkins

  • Debate: Do practices have a duty to support locums during the pandemic?

    David jenkins's comment 30 Jun 2020 1:48pm

    i left a high earning single handed rural dispensing practice in wales in 2006. this was after i had a dvt in my right arm, and a haemoglobin of 5. four consultants told me that if i continued to work as i was, my longevity was at risk, and i should get some help. i approached the LHB (same as PCT in england), whose attitude was "you're either working, or you're not - get on with it". so i resigned, and now do locums two days a week.

    the village practice has now been closed (by the same LHB), and there are now 1500 unhappy patients.

    i didn't want to retire - just not to kill myself doing the job !

    i don't expect those who've used my services to employ me when there is no work to do. i haven't done a surgery since march, and, yes, income has plumetted.

    but shit happens, and i would much rather be in my current predicament than be a partner who is short of money because my employer (i.e. the government) promised to cover my extra expenses and then didn't come up with the dosh and also dumped a load of unneccessary admin on me as well !

    storms never last - and covid won't go on for ever.

    hopefully, i will be able to provide some useful input to those practices where i've worked in the near future - looking at some of the nastier comments here i'm very glad i haven't worked for you !!

    by the way - i'm 70, already got my pension, and don't actually need to work - i do it because i enjoy it (most of the time) !!

  • Professor Clare Gerada's letter to the CQC on restarting GP inspections

    David jenkins's comment 27 Jun 2020 10:22am

    i stopped paying into rcgp pocket when they made jamie oliver - a chef for god's sake - a honorary fellow.

    perhaps i should rejoin if there's more of this to come from "the college" !

  • GP practices given four weeks to complete outstanding BAME risk assessments

    David jenkins's comment 27 Jun 2020 9:40am

    original comment deemed sexist and deleted (by female moderator) - see earlier.
    now reposted with "girl" changed to "people"

    more drivel from these silly people.....

    more chance of those being shat on leaving early.

    thank god i'm in locumland, and in wales - if i was working in england, NHSE's recent antics would have ensured my early exit."

  • GP practices given four weeks to complete outstanding BAME risk assessments

    David jenkins's comment 27 Jun 2020 9:28am

    more drivel from these silly people.....

    more chance of those being shat on leaving early.

    thank god i'm in locumland, and in wales - if i was working in england, NHSE's recent antics would have ensured my early exit."

  • GP practices given four weeks to complete outstanding BAME risk assessments

    David jenkins's comment 26 Jun 2020 4:32pm

    This comment has been removed by the moderator

  • NHSE: GP practices may have to provide extra tests when referring cancer patients

    David jenkins's comment 26 Jun 2020 12:16pm

    watchdoc | GP Partner/Principal26 Jun 2020 10:32am

    " please do weekly U+Es and ring results through to my private secretary".



    i don't send patients to you saying "please check their blood pressure and phone the surgery with the figures"

    imagine the uproar if we did !!

  • Extremely vulnerable people told they can stop shielding from 1 August

    David jenkins's comment 25 Jun 2020 2:04pm

    no thanks - i'm sheilding because i'm down to one lung capacity.

    i'm also a locum GP. do you really think that the virus somehow ceases to be a threat at midnight on a particular day ?

    fact is, i'm not going to take a chance that someone will end my life by coughing all over me in work until things are very much better than they currently are.

    back to restoring my 1939 wolseley for a few more weeks.

  • No 'current' risk of second Covid peak overwhelming NHS, says Prime Minister

    David jenkins's comment 23 Jun 2020 2:42pm

    remind me...........which medical school dd he go to ?

  • New shielding advice was 'not rushed', claims Hancock in response to Pulse

    David jenkins's comment 23 Jun 2020 9:06am


    he's even worse than his predecessor - a failed marmalade salesman

    for christ's sake - where do they find them ?

  • GP bureaucracy that was ‘poor use of time’ should not be reinstated, says NHSE

    David jenkins's comment 22 Jun 2020 7:12pm

    ‘what we can get rid of to everyone’s benefit’.

    i can think of two things:

    1 - kanani

    2 - waller

  • Delay CQC inspections for at least a year to protect GP mental health, say top GPs

    David jenkins's comment 20 Jun 2020 4:34pm

    i stopped paying into rcgp coffers when they made jamie oliver (a chef - for god's sake) an honorary fellow. if this is the sort of stuff we can expect from the rcgp now, then i may be tempted to rejoin !

  • ‘Untouchable’ hospitals still rejecting '75%' of GP referrals

    David jenkins's comment 17 Jun 2020 5:22pm

    explain to the patient that they have been referred, and the hospital have declined it. explain you believe they need to be seen, and give them a copy of the hospital refusal letter. give them the number of the secretary, consultant, hospital manager, senior wigleewoo or whoever you think will be most inconvenienced by a phone call from "a patient". explain that if THEY phone, then they will, eventually, be seen, but if YOU phone, the hospital will think it's that awkward bugger jenkins on the phone yet again, and they won't do anything. tell the patient to mumble the words "carmarthen journal" or "daily mail" down the phone if they are being fobbed off. tell the patient to write to their MP, and send a letter yourself (the MPs have got bugger all else to do at the moment). when a stroppy registrar phones you up to say it isn't urgent, explain you have seen, and examined, the patient, and they have not. when they have done so, they can discuss it with you - until then, you believe they need to be seen. if they are still difficult, ask for their GMC number, and remind them calls to the surgery are all recorded "to avoid any misunderstanding". be very polite at all times (i.e. "speak softly, but carry a big stick"). time the telephone calls you make. document every single thing in the record, including time on the phone - e.g. "phone call from dr bloggs at xxx hospital lasting 15 minutes".

    this might seem way over the top, but it is much less likely to bite you on the arse !

    keep a copy of rudyard kipling's poem "IF" in your top drawer, and have two post it notes on your desk, with GMC written one one, and bawa garba on the other.

    it may seem rather time consuming but it really doesn't take long once you get the patter going - and it's saved my bacon a few times !

    remember - just because you're paranoid, it doesn't mean they're not out to get you !

    in spite of all this sort of silly nonsense, i still enjoy going to work !

  • GP notes not required for face covering exemptions, says Government

    David jenkins's comment 17 Jun 2020 10:36am

    by all means pop along to your local friendly gp to get a "ganfyd" note to say you don't need to do what everyone else has to.

    but be aware this is NOT nhs work. it is PRIVATE work, which must be done outside nhs time, and must be PAID FOR.

    no extra monee - no extra workee !

  • Nearly all GP practices sign up to primary care network DES

    David jenkins's comment 16 Jun 2020 8:23pm

    d in vadar | Locum GP

    one forum..........two or more fora !

    just so you know !

  • Property charge hike leaves GP practices ‘under threat of closure’

    David jenkins's comment 16 Jun 2020 11:22am

    more smoke and mirrors and lies from NHSE.

    thank god i live and work in wales.

    remember: "the large print giveth, and the small print taketh away"

  • Nearly all GP practices sign up to primary care network DES

    David jenkins's comment 15 Jun 2020 11:13am

    ..............."should now go ahead and recruit the extra staff that the DES will fund"

    i'm sure they will fund it...........initially. then, at a later date, funding will depend on all sorts of hoops being jumped through, and targets being met, or funds will be "diverted" to other white elephants (sorry, "projects").

    but by this time, extra staff will be in post, who will have to continue to be paid or made redundant out of the remaining, dwindling, funds.

    seen it all before.


  • GP urgent cancer referrals fell by 60% in April

    David jenkins's comment 13 Jun 2020 0:19am

    nothing to do with the fact that:

    a) fewer patients coming in (not our fault),

    b) hospitals not doing investigations, so we're effectively flying blind (not our fault),

    c) even if we strongly suspect malignancy, hospitals apparently sending referrals back (not our fault)

    it probably is our fault in fact - like covid itself, war in syria, race riots in america, global warming etc etc etc...................

  • GP NI contract reforms could keep 100% triage and Covid centres

    David jenkins's comment 11 Jun 2020 11:38am

    this is bollocks - time wasted talking to patients on the phone, who you can't assess properly. then more time spent when they come and see you anyway - often several days later, by which time any pathology they might have has had a chance to cook !

    recipe for things to go wrong.

    wait for the writs to start flying, though this will probably take a while.

    if you "perceive yourself to be ill" by all means come and see me - then we can have a discussion. if you don't come to see me, i think it's fair to assume you are well (obviously, follow up appointments excepted).

  • Nine in 10 GPs want to continue with remote consultations after coronavirus

    David jenkins's comment 10 Jun 2020 11:50am

    Near to Retirement | GP Partner/Principal

    i agree 100 %

    when the writ arrives, you can say "i saw the patient, examined him, made a judgement, and wrote it down - this is what i thought at the time"

    in the virtual world "i didn't see the patient, didn't examine him, didn't notice that he looked a bit yellow (in the dim light on his phone/computer), therefore had no reason to ask if he was itching or his stools were paler than normal, i'm very sorry he's dead, but it's not my fault i was only following orders (from a health economist with no medical training who is interested in saving money)"

    i'm not saying we can't make mistakes - but we are less likely to make them if we can see them and assess them face to face.

    the negligence lawyers must be rubbing their hands, and ordering their bentleys in anticipation !

    at the moment "we are where we are", but there is no reason to continue with this more risky way of doing things when all this is over.


  • Primary care network serving 80,000 patients collapses due to DES concerns

    David jenkins's comment 09 Jun 2020 9:03pm

    Stephen Savory | GP Partner/Principal

    good boy !

    well done that man !

    as i've said before this is an attempt to put a nickel in and try and get a dollars work !