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Independents' Day

Anna Livingstone

  • First 36 GP practices sign deals with 'Uber-style' private GP company

    Anna Livingstone's comment 22 Apr 2018 1:57pm

    This makes me sick. These Doctaly and other business doctors are contributing to the destruction of the NHS, which is the only basis on which health care can contribute to a health a country overall. If you have spare energy use it politically to improve resources, not greedily at the expense of the many. We have a shortage of GPs in the UK, and, even though fees are now high at medical school, they are a small proportion of our investment in staffing the NHS.
    It is shocking that people want to make money out of the health needs of others, and the record of the private sector in quality of health care is poor. In the US, with its thriving health care market, there are some of the worst health outcomes in wealthier countries including early death, not only because of exclusions but because of the strong evidence that inequality worsens everyone's health.
    And as an ageing GP I have seen the distrust a two tier service can bring. Not such fun in the consultation.

  • 'Indemnity fees are killing our profession' - sign this letter to Jeremy Hunt

    Anna Livingstone's comment 02 Sep 2017 6:03pm

    URGENT Mostly retired GP finding indemnity fees more than I earn in training Out Of Hours sessions and LARC - we need direct NHS indemnity covering individuals working for the NHS in general practice - funding practices or in global sum disadvantages both practices and lower earning doctors. No fault compensation needed but meanwhile Dr Shukla is 100% right.

  • Mr Cameron, the NHS is not safe in your hands

    Anna Livingstone's comment 05 Feb 2016 7:26pm

    You've said it Naomi. I strongly support the letter

  • We need to unite around junior doctors

    Anna Livingstone's comment 28 Sep 2015 12:19pm

    NHS and social care staff of all kinds are feeling demoralised and leaving the services because of attacks on their lives and pay and on those whom they need to treat and care for. There is no reward in delivering an unsafe service at am unsocial hour to an unfamiliar patient in an unrealistically short time , if you are given time at all, on an uneconomic wage. We all need our NHS and care services so I'm really supportive of junior doctors taking action, not drifting away. This makes negotiations all the more powerful. I'm going on 17th and am in UNITE and BMA.

  • GP funding formula changes to be announced by autumn

    Anna Livingstone's comment 10 Jun 2015 3:55pm

    Look here everyone, united we stand. We all lose as staff and patients if we don't have properly funded NHS general practice, so we must fight for an uplift overall. As hospitals shrink, (and I am not only talking about the primary care burden of the crisis at local PFIs) a whole load of work has been pushed onto us in general practice across the country and the remit of that work has increased, including long term conditions' managment, but our share of the NHS budget has dropped. We shouldn't take no for an answer from the Government.

    In addition, and I work in a practice in Tower Hamlets
    under threat of closure, there has been historic (see Collings JS 1950 in Lancet) and ongoing underfunding of general practice for some parts of the population, from students to the deprived. This is particularly the case in urban areas, where poor people are concentrated. Many have multiple problems and come more often with more illnesses, worse and experienced much younger. Deprivation weightings in the nineties improved things a bit, but we had to argue for MPIG when it became clear QOF would bring serious cuts. Meanwhile we worked to deliver high quality care and build teams, to teach, train and recruit to this work. Our efforts have been punished with QOF cuts and axing of MPIG to a level of non viability of the practice. Weighting for the elderly discriminates against areas from which well elderly emigrate and where young sick live. Each of our patients, we are told, is worth well under one person.

    General practice, and I mean the whole team, not only docs, is the very foundation of our comprehensive NHS, and to allow it to collapse in areas where it is more vulnerable, will affect everyone. It is already affecting recruitment seriously. Fair funding should allow fair access to services in relation to need and use, and fair wages and conditions for those working in it. We need to be united on this.

    Preventing closures is urgent, so in the meantime, restore MPIG.

  • General practice should move towards becoming predominantly salaried, says Burnham

    Anna Livingstone's comment 17 Sep 2014 11:23am

    Sorry, I saw 'New Labour' opening general practice and the rest of the NHS to big corporations and profiteers and salaried doctors who had to work to minutes of throughput before continuity and breadth of generalist care of patients . What we need after the election is a commitment to better funding of NHS provided care. Local NHS practice collaborations (federations, networks) allow the autonomy of partnership with the strength of shared governance and care. Salaried doctors within practices need respect, good wages and conditions and partnerships should provide these but I don't trust companies to deliver on any of this.