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  • Eight people attacked during 'serious incident' at GP practice

    Harry's comment 21 Jan 2020 5:00am

    The assailant will probably get an emergency appointment by one of the partners as soon as he is released (probably soon) as well as a follow-up for 2 weeks’ time. A simple “warning letter” will then be sent to him which will act as a slap on the wrist for being a bad boy on this unfortunate morning. NHSE will inevitably step in if he is eventually expelled from the practice and they will issue his medications for him, after requesting them from the GPs who were unfortunately beaten up on this occasion.

  • GPs missing out on millions from developers 'due to CCG confusion'

    Harry's comment 21 Jan 2020 1:12am

    “section 106 funding, collected from housing developers by local councils and then given to health commissioners, is not being passed on to practices because in some cases CCGs do not always have a clear understanding of how it should be spent.“

    Socialism for you. The art of not knowing how to best spend other people’s money (not very surprising is it when you never earned the money yourself) which inevitably leads to squander and waste

  • GP leaders vote to hold special LMC conference after rejecting contract deal

    Harry's comment 19 Jan 2020 1:27am

    As long as doctors keep negotiating with the government and hoping for “better terms” then nothing will change. The con will continue. Doctors will be the net losers in this charade. It’s the same as masochism. More people are into S&M than previously thought

  • A draft of the deluded or deceitful

    Harry's comment 17 Jan 2020 5:04am

    “Happy to pay a tax increase in exchange for my first pay rise since 2004!”

    Jesus. People really have very low expectations of themselves.

    “In exchange” basically confirms that people willingly will make a pact with the devil for something... ANYTHING in return! Enjoy those returns and please do let us know when they arrive!

  • GP leaders vote to hold special LMC conference after rejecting contract deal

    Harry's comment 17 Jan 2020 3:16am

    BMA GPC are 100% collaborators with government for yet more government, special privileges for themselves and a self-sustaining reason to exist. The 20% in their ranks are the ultras.

  • The next few weeks are critical for the future of networks

    Harry's comment 16 Jan 2020 3:39pm

    The electorate will always vote to get something for nothing. It’s human nature. They’ll vote for more not less free stuff any day of the week. Why wouldn’t they given the choice? Those who argue that Corbyn losing the election is a rejection of socialism are deluding themselves. The tories are rampant socialists too, they worked out long ago that a hefty dose of socialism wins you votes and power. Plus this particular election had a massive dose of brexit baked in so this skewed people’s traditional voting calculus. The real evil is to be found in government whose underlying motives are always self serving and its tactics of coercion are ultimately based on the implied use of force and, if necessary, violence.

  • The next few weeks are critical for the future of networks

    Harry's comment 16 Jan 2020 1:26pm

    Christopher, you are of course right on both counts. For thousands of years the relationship between doctor and patient was a sacred one. A private encounter between 2 willing, consenting participants. Doctor and patient. Now we have the benevolent, omnipotent government in the way making ever more outlandish promises it can’t keep to the electorate on whom it depends for its very existence....I don’t know about everyone else but I smell a rat here....In this perverse “love triangle“ the only party who benefits is the government as they stuff their pockets full with taxpayers money. What do we get in return? A lousy health service, entitled, unhappy and embittered patients who were promised one thing and got another, and a fed-up medical workforce who feel let down by policy makers. A 10 year old could have predicted this outcome. It’s not rocket science.

  • The next few weeks are critical for the future of networks

    Harry's comment 15 Jan 2020 10:30pm

    When the government realised that they had botched up healthcare provision in the UK through their mismanagement and squandering of the healthcare budget (a lot of it went straight into their pockets) their immediate instincts were for more centralised control, more collectivism, more “community” (that’s where the word “communism” comes from incidentally).. What can be more collectivist than “networks” that can be more easily centrally micromanaged by government? This of course comes with a big trade off. A confiscation of personal liberty and the inevitable backlash we are now witnessing. Ditch government involvement from our profession folks. In its entirety. Failure to do so will mean prolongation of this agony with further backlashes and resentment in the future.

  • RCGP urges NHS England to restart development of PCN specifications

    Harry's comment 15 Jan 2020 1:38pm

    RCGP should stay out of politics and concentrate on education. The last thing this profession needs is more politicos

  • RCGP releases action plan for primary care with 'urgent' call for GP workforce boost

    Harry's comment 14 Jan 2020 3:32am

    RCGP are as political as any government health department or agency if not more. Even the RCGP “curriculum” was authored by politicos riddled with conflicts of interest.. Cronyism should have no place in a medical college whose only business should be in education yet in this case it is found in abundance

  • Government's review of doctors' pension tax allowance begins

    Harry's comment 13 Jan 2020 3:42pm

    How about completely severing all links with “the government”. Why should a “government” dictate your pay and work conditions for you without you having a say. Why should the government decide whether to grant you your license to practice. Why should a government tell patients that they can complain at will about any doctor and that the government’s socialist machinery will in turn unfairly investigate that doctor through its kangaroo court system of “panels” made up by political cronies and sycophants. This is serfdom and slavery. People shouldn’t complain if they still want to share beds with the government. The reason why the government has so much power over doctors is because those who did the negotiating on behalf of doctors did not have doctors interests at heart. They had their own self interest at heart which was to align themselves with the governments interests. Careful who you trust in this world

  • Practice forced to divert patients due to ‘staggering demand’ from closures

    Harry's comment 13 Jan 2020 12:54pm

    This is the Mr Bean driving round a roundabout form of medicine. One collapsing service is “referring” patients to another failing one who in turn sends patients back to the referring party. Lunacy masquerading as good management. Who are they kidding

  • Network proposals prompt GPs to resign as clinical directors

    Harry's comment 11 Jan 2020 2:10am

    Sadly many would argue that Gp consulting rooms have also become soulless, generic, uninspiring individual torture chambers, designed to satisfy the political aims of our political masters. No wonder hardly any GPs are doing any research any more. The life, scientific pride and curiosity and creative imagination has been beaten out of them. The whole socialist system of healthcare is madness yet few people call it out for what it really is because they want to be politically correct. If you want to remain politically correct don’t complain!

  • Network proposals prompt GPs to resign as clinical directors

    Harry's comment 10 Jan 2020 2:28pm

    No..but it sounds like a nice little vote earner. Whether it works or not in practice is besides the point

  • Working Life: Working in trans health

    Harry's comment 10 Jan 2020 1:47pm

    There is no money for heart operations on the NHS or cancer treatment as well as a host of other potentially life threatening conditions such as cystic fibrosis, yet there is money for sex change operations? How come I wonder?

  • Is this what you signed up for?

    Harry's comment 09 Jan 2020 11:01am

    This is what happens (you get shafted) when people (doctors) decide to live on someone else’s this case the government’s terms. People should live and work on their own terms. Not someone else’s terms. And yes doctors are people too.

  • ​Not enough research taking place in primary care, warns report

    Harry's comment 09 Jan 2020 2:09am

    The government doesn’t want dwindling numbers of GPs doing any research. The government doesn’t even know what research means. They simply want GPs to be indentured slaves doing more and more donkey work under worsening work conditions for less pay so that the nhs doesn’t collapse which would be politically rather embarrassing

  • Just one in eight GPs earns over £100k a year

    Harry's comment 07 Jan 2020 1:59pm

    Even the GPs earning over 100k pay 30-60k in tax so what difference does it make? Your take home pay will be maybe 20k more a year but the downside is the extra stress and negative health effects that entails on you personally and on your family. Many GPs are therefore deciding that the trade off ain’t worth it. Its not rocket science. The public have been spoonfed by corrupt media and politicians the notion that GPs are greedy lowlives who are there to serve, get paid a little and shut up. This explains the rudeness GPs encounter every day from members of the general public...I think we all know what I mean. Bottom line is that the UK economy has stagnated over the last decade and everyone has turned into a moaner. GPs were easy prey in this climate as they’re frontline medical staff and people wrongly think that our job is a piece of cake when the reality is anything but

  • Just one in eight GPs earns over £100k a year

    Harry's comment 07 Jan 2020 12:17pm

    Yet vast sections of the general public GPs serve think we are rich lazy and arrogant and are only doing it to get “rich”

  • How the benefits clampdown is undermining the GP’s role

    Harry's comment 06 Jan 2020 8:50am

    All this talk about “fitness to work” is complete garbage as it’s meaningless. It’s a smokescreen used to hide the government’s own goal which is that it doesn’t have a clue what to do with the millions of uk citizens of limited economic value because of the government’s self defeating minimum wage laws. The vast majority of people who drag themselves through this mud bring an economic value to the workforce which is generally judged to be less than the minimum wage. It is therefore counterproductive for any organisation to hire them which terminally handicaps them as it makes them even less attractive to a potential employer. Going on welfare is their only option. The solution to this latest governmental clusterf*uck would be to abolish the minimum wage and slowly phase out welfare benefits so that low skilled people can utilise their greatest asset which is their ability to undercut their competitors by offering their services for less