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Nicholas Bunting

  • ‘I want to reduce the burden on GPs’

    Nicholas Bunting's comment 15 Oct 2015 12:27pm

    CQC, appraisal, NHSE, Revalidation are the reasons why my contemporaries - GPs in their 40's are reducing hours, looking abroad and keeping a VERY close eye on their pension pots. You should take a long hard look at what your organisation is doing to GPs and GP - and be ashamed.

  • GP promotional campaign focuses on signing skydiving consent form

    Nicholas Bunting's comment 25 Sep 2015 9:16am

    The MPS has issued the following guidance for the BPA consent forms. Essentially: DON'T SIGN THEM!

    "In terms of liability, if you sign a form confirming the patient is physically and mentally fit to undertake a parachute jump, you could potentially be subject to a claim in medical negligence if a subclinical condition predisposing to cardiac disease or nervous breakdown was not identified and the patient suffers harm. It would be difficult to defend a claim if you had knowingly signed such a form against your better clinical judgement.
    I advise you to amend the wording to a version that suits your clinical judgment that you would be comfortable signing, such as the patient does not have a condition to [your] knowledge that precludes him/her from undertaking a parachute jump. If the patient is unable to do the parachute jump due to BPA’s dissatisfaction with an amended form, it is ultimately a matter for the patient as to whether he/she chooses to undertake the parachute jump. The patient would then need to consider other options, such as seeking another doctor’s signature or lobbying the BPA to accept the revised wording. It seems unreasonable for the BPA to expect doctors to guarantee fitness which is not clinically possible to guarantee under the physiological and emotional challenge of such an activity."