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GPs buried under trusts' workload dump

David O'Hagan

  • Practice in crisis town closed suddenly after inspection

    David O'Hagan's comment 31 Oct 2019 3:22pm

    As their remit does not include clinical quality what is the rule which they use to permit this kind of action?

  • Trust takes over third practice after GP partner recruitment issues

    David O'Hagan's comment 17 Sep 2019 8:21am

    The first two practices have been under the care of the PCT before the existence of CCGs. The CWP is a mental health and community NHS trust, so whilst it runs some inpatient facilities it is mostly about mental health care.

    Having had a practice contract returned the commissioner is required to tender for a new provider before awarding such a contract. It would seem that this process has been quite brief and quiet?

  • Lack of GP time and workforce shortages a factor in late cancer diagnosis

    David O'Hagan's comment 05 Sep 2019 12:55pm

    Is it possible to prove that 'guidelines' improve patient survival?

    Has the question been asked or answered?

  • Just say no to drug (shortage)s

    David O'Hagan's comment 05 Sep 2019 12:14pm

    Visiting a hospital in another corner of the world there was in the doctor's office a drawer filled with pills. All the colours of the rainbow, old new, certainly not stored in optimum conditions. These could be searched through to find one suitable for the current patient.

    I don't know that the available pill informed the diagnosis, 'this week we will have epilepsy as we have antiepilleptics'; 'This week we are seeing a lot of hayfever as we have antihistamines'.

  • Avoiding a nasty pensions tax charge

    David O'Hagan's comment 25 Jul 2019 3:35pm

    Important subject, might have been more GP focused in this publication.

    In particular the point that we GPs don't get the information in time to act on it!

    Also that many GPs around 50 may be subject to this even if not over the £110000 if the growth in the pension fund has been 'estimated' to be to high. This can happen if Capita fail to deposit a change in payments in the correct year!

  • Welsh GP practices face six-month delay to IT switch due to safety checks

    David O'Hagan's comment 10 Jul 2019 8:07am

    Have NWIS identified the problems with their procurement which resulted in excluding the most qualified products?

    Do they realise that these are problems, or are they framing them as opportunities?

    opportunity 1 to stimulate the market
    opportunity 2 to encourage innovation
    opportunity 3 to break general practice by enforcing a massive unnecessary change on an industry with no financial flexibility

  • Welsh GP practices face six-month delay to IT switch due to safety checks

    David O'Hagan's comment 09 Jul 2019 9:38am

    IT company 'optimistic' about its abilities, successful in winning contract, but struggling(unable) to deliver on time(at all).

    Now where have we heard that story before...

  • New laws will make it easier for digital-first providers to set up new practices

    David O'Hagan's comment 01 Jul 2019 8:26am

    The consultation is designed to produce the answers they want, with negatively phrased questions with yes no responses required!

    The fact that they have no idea what primary care is doesn't seem to be preventing them from destroying it.

  • NHS to consider taking on GP premises liabilities

    David O'Hagan's comment 27 Jun 2019 5:31pm

    ..of course now that the NHS owns the computers they all work perfectly...

  • Embrace the NHS App as part of your practice’s digital toolbox

    David O'Hagan's comment 25 Jun 2019 9:19am

    Is your practice population really so small that 200 'early adopters' were making enough trouble that workload changed with an app?

    The workload change identified in relation to these apps is real, but no-one is making any attempt to put any real understanding into the changes. What academic is going to waste their reputation when the commissioners of their research have already decided that 'Patients love it..' based on a skewed sample?

    It is fun to play with toys. They only stop being toys and become tools once they are properly understood and applied in a rational manner. Call it science, or if that is out of fashion common sense.

  • Digital services will help ease GP shortages, says Simon Stevens

    David O'Hagan's comment 20 Jun 2019 5:51pm

    ...of course all the evidence could be wrong...

  • Tomorrow’s IT for today’s GPs – building a future-ready system

    David O'Hagan's comment 19 Jun 2019 8:31am

    Is a cheerleading certificate a requirement for applicants for these posts?

    How do the pom poms not interfere with wifi access?

    It's true that a lot has been achieved, and we do need to remember that, but 'this plan is the only plan, and there is no other plan' suggests that 1984 wasn't high on the reading list.

  • A Babylon cat amongst the pigeons

    David O'Hagan's comment 18 Jun 2019 12:19pm

    Despite siphoning cash out of the NHS the babylon model does not seem to be making enough money to make a profit.

    It is not sustainable, but that is not the point.

  • Will halving pension contributions solve GP staffing issues?

    David O'Hagan's comment 12 Jun 2019 1:16pm

    Massive paycut offered as solution to pension problem

    ..and no-one is keen. I wonder why not?

  • BMA tells May that flexible pensions will lead to a pay cut for doctors

    David O'Hagan's comment 11 Jun 2019 10:29am

    Headline should read;
    "...flexible pensions are a paycut for doctors"

  • Why we aren't signing up to the Network DES

    David O'Hagan's comment 06 Jun 2019 8:32am

    The DES puts pressure on practices to join, but also onto CCGs to 'encourage' them to join. Patients of practices who do not sign up have to be provided with services by the CCG.

    It is vitally important to ensure that the CCGs are not allowed to abuse this power.

    PCN formation has distracted many practices from the changes happening to CCGs which are trying to reduce clinical influence and to concentrate power with a managerial executive.

    We know that the lines of accountability and governance become grey around managers, who have no registration, and move from trust to trust often without having witnessed the devastation they leave behind. They claim 'no conflict of interest' whilst representing a party line which is determined by the political whim of the day. They fail to recognise the legitimate interest of working for the patients individually, and directly.

    To all practices;
    Please look at the details of the DES and work out the costs and liabilities for your own practice. Don't sign up because 'its the only show in town', don't sign up because your mates have, and definitely don't sign up because the CCG says you should.

    (COI employed GP in a practice which has signed up!!, and employed by a CCG )

  • Only 7% of patients who attend extended access GP hubs are over 65, finds report

    David O'Hagan's comment 30 May 2019 1:10pm

    It is nice, if a little counter intuitive, to increase accessibility to younger patients. It is important that these young people who objectively have less health issues to deal with are now being given a service that they can interact with.

    All this with no extra investment, and falling numbers of staff.

    Obviously, in no way does it address the failings already present such as inaccessibility for people with health problems, emergency department waiting times etc. Does this new service risk making these problems worse?

  • Another trust in talks to take over five practices

    David O'Hagan's comment 29 May 2019 12:21pm

    'running one isolated practice isn't enough for the model to work effectively'

    The model doesn't work effectively at any level.

    Though you can keep the delusion going for a long time though within a large organisation. If only there were more practices, or if we organised them like this, or if we do away with the GPs, or if we do computer consultations...

    'Other practices have seen how well it works' and so want to join; is that with consistent with your other statement?

  • Capita wrongly archived 160,000 patient records due to processing error

    David O'Hagan's comment 21 May 2019 9:33am

    ...'we have no evidence'... and we have no intention of looking in case we find some!

    I would assert that NHS England is negligent in its administration of its contract with Capita.
    'I have no evidence' apart from its own words and actions and those of Capita.

  • How GP workload is jeopardising patient safety

    David O'Hagan's comment 08 May 2019 8:37am

    In fact, the 'investment' being made by the NHS in GPs has been falling, and the new investment is only for 'community and primary care services' not for GPs.

    Investment is not being given to GPs to manage with the training and rationality that they have demonstrated over years of service to the NHS.

    The figure of £4.5bn quoted in isolation makes a false impact.
    The context is needed for the quote to be of use. What is the size of the budget? and over what timeframe?

    Please decline to publish figures which are not in context.