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Joanne Mccormack

  • GP's online low-carb model saw '40% of diabetes patients able to cut medicines'

    Joanne Mccormack's comment 28 Aug 2018 4:14pm

    Calorie theory has some major holes in it eg you will never weigh zero no matter how little you eat. Low carb works for many because foods that are high in carbs are often also high in fats and are addictive foods. That 1-1 ratio of fat:sugar keeps you eating and never full. I have practised low carb for 5 years myself and taught it to many patients and staff. You have nothing to lose in recommending this programme to your type 2 diabetics. If it works for them, it works. Ask yourself if you are a carb addict and if you are , try it yourself. If you have type 2 diabetes, try it, you have nothing to lose but weight and drugs. My only concern is that it does not go low enough, but then it is an online programme, and they have to be careful. Interest declaration: I am an unpaid member of the advisory board, which I do because we have a public health disaster going on here, and their results are good.