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Gold, incentives and meh

David Unwin

  • GP's online low-carb model saw '40% of diabetes patients able to cut medicines'

    David Unwin's comment 30 Aug 2018 7:52pm

    Re 'In the real world, patients either will not or cannot maintain the low carb mantra, and soon re-gain the weight as they slip back into their old ways'

    Yes fair point- I used to think that too. But as a practice since we started offering a low carb option with support to patients as an option instead of medication five years ago- 112 patients- nearly a quarter of our diabetic register have taken up the offer With average improvements in HbA1C of 22mmol/mol over an average duration of 22 months. But yes this does take time and effort but it is very rewarding work
    - Oh and we spend £38,000 less than our CCG average on drugs for diabetes each year