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Independents' Day

Mr Doofus

  • Practices facing tight deadlines to form primary care networks

    Mr Doofus's comment 24 Mar 2019 7:41pm

    I can see very limited, if any gains in joining. The funding will be used to backfill senior GP time out of practice to sort development, more £'s to locums. Business set up costs and legal fees will gobble up much else.
    The demand on Pharmacists rises suddenly so costs will not be £50k but £60k each to appoint, basic economics, and guess what you back fill the difference. Exposed to redundancy costs within 2 yrs. So if you are a small surgery joining a big one, power of vote gives control to the big, who can then cost you money you may not have.
    The system has been broken by DOH in micro management, relicensing, loss of autonomy and CQC, guess what a desperate move now to try to salvage the mass exodus, and you/ we will carry the individual financial risk for it.

  • 'General practice made Richie ill'

    Mr Doofus's comment 22 Mar 2019 7:33pm

    Eloquent and wise, as ever.

  • GP federations will not count as primary care networks 'in most cases'

    Mr Doofus's comment 22 Feb 2019 9:28pm

    Not difficult, join nothing.
    100% coverage with 50% participation, now that will work won't it....?!
    Its no-ones wish, and there should be en masse rejection until this is clear, sensible and better understood.
    Do not forget everyone here runs an INDEPENDENT business, personally liable for losses, redundancy and buildings. If it's not right don't join up.
    £20k for an average size practice is not worth the hassle.