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  • Babylon patients could view other video consultations after 'software error'

    DMarlow's comment 10 Jun 2020 4:38pm

    It cannot be over-stated how massive this is. This is a terrible breach of confidentiality. I await further news on this and also expect substantial compensation for those patients whose consultations were made public.

  • PHE's BAME review missed a vital opportunity

    DMarlow's comment 04 Jun 2020 12:07pm

    Be careful not to misconstrue the essence of Benjamin Franklin's quote about justice for all with middle class virtue-signalling with outrage-by-proxy.

    It is already well-documented that South Asians and those of African descent have much higher prevalence of diabetes and cardiac disease in the UK. COVD-19 has been linked to higher mortality in those with pre-existing medical conditions. This affects every nation on earth, not just the UK. I agree that association and causation with those in groups of greater risk would be a helpful study to report.

    Michelle Bachelet has form in issuing damning statements all over the world. This is her exact statement: which is a bit vague and suggests missing data from other (less-developed) nations. Report and be damned!

    There are lots of socioeconomic reasons for disparities between what I will call tribes that cuts across ethnicities and, for your convenience, skin colours. Using the racism card so loosely isn't responsible commentary. We should not be jumping on the US race bandwagon. The UK must be the most tolerant place on earth, but if you look for bigotry you will find it and the perpetrators are not all 'white' by a long way. To call me a racist and suggest 'white' people don't give a feck about darker-skinned people is insulting.

    The WRES report is interesting, but doesn't describe the perpetrators of abuse nor link to racism. Your article has undertones of accusation under the cover of inequality with another partisan swipe chucked in for good measure.

    Rather than moaning and lamenting about a problem why not develop a solution and make use of that OBE other than for political gesturing.

  • The UK has failed the first phase - we need to get the next phases right

    DMarlow's comment 07 May 2020 10:23pm

    FFS, we know! You're a GP; when did patients really do as we advised? Policy is being driven by many factors, most of all the general public's willingness to cooperate with lockdown rules. The UK has a great deal of personal freedoms that can't be perpetually over-ridden (unlike concreting people into their homes in China...euphemism). The biggest fault by far is the continuation of international travel into the UK which should have ceased many moons ago. The lurgy will continue to rotate around the globe for years, like the Spanish flu from 1918. There's no vaccine against SARS or MERS...don't expect one for this incarnation.

    The health of the world will suffer for decades as a result of non-covid diseases being neglected. There's so much at stake. I don't believe there is a right way on this; whatever choices we make they will always be wrong, retrospectively.

  • We must not repeat other countries' errors

    DMarlow's comment 21 Mar 2020 10:46am

    It would be really helpful to know how the process has been to re-register as a doctor since the government's and GMC's call to retired doctors. Have the promises been made real?

  • GMC asks 5,000 unlicensed GPs to return to work in coronavirus crisis

    DMarlow's comment 19 Mar 2020 6:43pm

    Is that one third of 15000 doctors in total or one third of 5000 ex-GPs? Either way, how is it so many numbers of under 44 year old doctors are no longer registered are licensed to practice?! And that number is only in the past 3 years.

  • GPs set to care for patients ‘urgently’ discharged from hospital

    DMarlow's comment 18 Mar 2020 11:12am

    The children and I are at home now for two weeks. The will be no GPs left soon. GET HEALTHCARE WORKERS TESTED!!!

  • As a GP who's overcome coronavirus, here's what I want you to know

    DMarlow's comment 16 Mar 2020 6:48pm

    How long did it take to receive news of a positive swab?

  • My plan to deal with Covid-19

    DMarlow's comment 14 Mar 2020 8:55am

    Regurgitated, rather than new or revolutionary, ideas.

  • Shut your coronaviral face

    DMarlow's comment 04 Mar 2020 6:49pm

    If not coughing at me I'm being blown on. We need a post office style window between us!

  • 'Two GPs' among eight confirmed UK coronavirus cases

    DMarlow's comment 10 Feb 2020 4:30pm

    OMG! Who could have possibly predicted this would happen? How unexpected! Never saw it coming? Ad infinitum...
    Dr Chand should be writing for The Onion rather than Pulse:

  • What to do if you suspect coronavirus

    DMarlow's comment 08 Feb 2020 3:03pm

    Yes, excellent advice for theory. In the real world this is totally unworkable. The symptoms are no different from any other snotty cough and cold, except the increased morbidity and mortality. Once a case has been positively identified the lurgy has already spread! Surely, full telephone triage to keep everyone away rather than shutting a GP Practice down because of sneeze-and-panic.
    Contagion around the world has not been inhibited; one has to hope to be on the winning side of natural selection!
    Remember the modified version of the GMC's Good Medical Practice: as a good doctor you will make the care of yourself your first concern.

  • A third of GPs suffer from ‘compassion fatigue’

    DMarlow's comment 28 Jan 2020 2:22pm

    'Hey! Just because I don't care doesn't mean I don't understand.'
    The Simpsons, S2E19: Lisa's Substitute

  • GPs shouldn't ignore the threat of coronavirus - but we're equipped to deal with it

    DMarlow's comment 28 Jan 2020 2:19pm

    This article is a parody, right?

  • The gender divide is a result of an inflexible partnership model

    DMarlow's comment 27 Jan 2020 7:45pm

    I didn't detect any robust solutions put forward other than chucking more money in. Perhaps this is a projection of the powerlessness you feel. As a partner you have the ability to negotiate, you are not a slave. Although, being agreeable is reportedly a majority female trait. You live with the choices you make; you're not a single mother living on some down-trodden council estate working a couple of part-time cleaning jobs.
    Children change everything in the biggest ways imaginable; to think we can carry on without significant sacrifice is naive. One parent at least will need to make the change and this decision is often influenced by eons of evolutionary nurturing. If this is disagreeable to you then perhaps future life choices should match expectation.
    I feel privileged to be able to earn just enough by working very part-time and give my two children the time and energy they deserve, because we will never get this time back.

  • Housing developer to help fund new GP practice

    DMarlow's comment 06 Dec 2019 4:55pm

    This happens all over the country. A developer is obliged to build the infrastructure with a proposed housing development *over a certain size*. The last bit is very important. A developer will go on their merry way building houses and suddenly stop short of this threshold housing number, then feck off and do the same again elsewhere. Thus, lots of sizeable housing estates pop up all over the place...lots of houses and nothing else.

  • NHS patients and GPs deserve better than another five years of this circus

    DMarlow's comment 04 Dec 2019 10:09pm

    Is Pulse an online magazine sponsored by the Socialist Party? The trend of left-wing partisan 'journalism' isn't well camouflaged.

  • Are there too many posh doctors?

    DMarlow's comment 02 Dec 2019 4:41pm

    Medical schools are too elitist...if we're going down the equal outcome route then surely there's no bother transitioning directly from A-level to FY1. In fact, who needs A-levels...

    An anecdotal story about what you perceive as posh isn't going to persuade anyone to adopt a truly socialist model. Being posh doesn't predict a lack of understanding or humility.

  • Ten top tips on dementia care

    DMarlow's comment 20 Nov 2019 11:06pm

    Buckets of lorazepam and risperidone, surely?!

  • Climate change in the consultation room

    DMarlow's comment 25 Oct 2019 4:14pm

    Thank you for your Labour Party Political Broadcast.

    Sounds like another case of stuff killing people, GP to fix.

  • Outgoing RCGP chair to head new social prescribing academy

    DMarlow's comment 23 Oct 2019 4:48pm

    Transferring from one quango to another