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  • GPs saw 13 patients on Christmas day under extended access opening hours

    DrRubbishBin's comment 16 Jan 2020 3:15pm

    I'd be fascinated to know what 'urgent problems' these 13 patients had and what good was done with the money that was spent. Is there any data on what was up with these people and what interventions these '£250/hr' GPs administered?

  • BMA warns reported increase in pensions tax threshold 'will not solve problems'

    DrRubbishBin's comment 16 Jan 2020 3:08pm

    who earns this much anyway? this is bullshit brought about by people who have no understanding of what the issues are. it will help the super well off and nobody else. the NHS is screwed, its dying and the only way forward is to look after yourself as an individual (as if there was ever any other thing to do) and accept the NHS is never going to be an organisation worth committing yourself to. It's always been parasitic and always will be. Make the most of it that you can but don't base your future on the NHS - it's an utterly appalling employer and always will be

  • Pulse 2019 review: GP practices face ambulance delays

    DrRubbishBin's comment 30 Dec 2019 7:49pm

    "J*** effing C***** why can I get a take away in 10 minutes and an ambo in 60 (if I am lucky) minutes? WHY?"
    Genius!! we need to outsource the ambulance service to deliveroo

  • Pulse 2019 review: Hancock goes Back to the Future with AI

    DrRubbishBin's comment 24 Dec 2019 9:39am

    "Where we’re going, we don’t need GPs!"
    This is the exact opposite of the most likely outcome .. the article even says as much. At the moment all these algorithms do is generate extra consultations. INPUT - the kind of vague crap people routinely present with when they are worried about their health - clever AI black box - OUTPUT "see a GP urgently" . We'll need more GPs not less

  • Teen girls with anxiety at greater risk of developing eating disorders

    DrRubbishBin's comment 20 Dec 2019 7:21pm

    This is so unexpected i really don't know what to say.

  • High-profile GPs lose seats in Conservative landslide

    DrRubbishBin's comment 13 Dec 2019 5:58pm

    None of the political parties have policies that will fix the NHS but you have to vote for someone. What is certain in my mind is Jeremy Corbyn would have seriously damaged our economy and without a decent economy there's no money for a decent NHS. As did the never ending running sore over wether or not we hold another referendum- thank God we can put that one to bed and think about some of the other issues we need to fix the NHS for example

  • Discharge reports need to work for patients and GPs

    DrRubbishBin's comment 12 Dec 2019 12:43pm

    Let's talk about 111 and OOH letters too. They are often next to useless, with paragraph after paragraph of pre-written pro-forma rubbish stating what the patient did NOT have wrong with them and hidden away at the bottom of page 2 a tiny sentence saying 'patient advised to see their GP within 24 hours' Time wasting , unhelpful and short of letting us know the patient called 111 almost always clinically useless. An exercise in 111 legal arse covering - at times actually detrimental to the thinking of the Dr receiving it and consequently the patients care.

  • 'Simply not enough' GPs, warns BMA as new analysis highlights hundreds lost from workforce

    DrRubbishBin's comment 09 Dec 2019 8:16pm

    "The doctors are out there just don’t want to work for an unforgiving NHS" That is it 100%

  • British GP unable to work in NHS as GMC says laws are 'not fit for purpose'

    DrRubbishBin's comment 05 Dec 2019 10:54am

    The law is only as good as the politicians who draft if. If the law is an ass it's because the political system that wrote the law is an ass. Why would we be surprised. Take a look at parliament

  • Doctor loses tribunal after refusing to use transgender patient's chosen pronoun

    DrRubbishBin's comment 05 Dec 2019 1:27am

    Beware. Open debate is not possible and freedom of speech is dead. This news site is heavily moderated and any views expressed must align with the editor or they will be deleted. You must comply or shut up.

  • Rage against the migraine

    DrRubbishBin's comment 28 Nov 2019 11:53am

    often as a locum all day everyday i see people booked into 'emergency same day appointments' many with trivial self limiting illnesses that developed within the last day or so and definitely didn't need a Dr. If you want to see a GP these days it's about how to work the 'emergency appointment' system. Some patients are absolute experts some are too honest. Want an appointment with your GP today? -- book the day off, sit on the phone and learn how to bull shit and lie. Works for the folks round me

  • Risk of death increases three-fold if patients co-prescribed methadone and benzodiazepines

    DrRubbishBin's comment 28 Nov 2019 11:43am

    are we supposed to be surprised?

  • The value of visits

    DrRubbishBin's comment 26 Nov 2019 1:01pm

    "AL "4 TRIES IN ONE GAME" BUNDY | Hospital Doctor26 Nov 2019 9:43am

    Complex palliative care patients need continuity of care
    Often It can be highly inappropriate to pass these on to a locum GP"
    I doubt you actually know much about locum GPs, many practices use the same people over long periods who get to know the practice population well. With the move towards 10,000 + practice lists it's unlikely even employed GPs have met more than a small % of the patient list. Whilst I totally agree continuity is very important for this group the reality of general practice as we are forced to work today makes this often very difficult. Your comment isn't helpful

  • Working Life: TEDxNHS

    DrRubbishBin's comment 20 Nov 2019 2:13pm

    I got as far as "my previous focus on research opened my eyes to how the NHS is a male-orientated system, in terms of careers and female patients’ care." I'm utterly sick of this kind of blatant sexism which is trotted out so frequently. Not only is it gobsmakingly sexist it's flys in the face of reality. As a locum everyday i go to practices where you'd be lucky to find a male anywhere except in the waiting room, The admin staff are female, the practice manager is female, the nurses and midwives are female , the phlebotomists is female, all the GPs are female and low and behold often most of the patients too! It seems to me great swaths of primary care are run by and expressly for the benefit of the female sex, it is utter nonsense to suggest it's all about men. That is utter crap. The author has come across men in numbers elsewhere it seems and takes this as evidence they are up to no good. Really?

  • White GPs have a role in calling time on racism from patients

    DrRubbishBin's comment 18 Nov 2019 5:25pm

    Racism is wrong. We should stand up to it and point it out where ever we can.
    Of cause Drs should be able to speak the language of the country they are practicing in to a level that enables them to practice safely - isn't this just basic common sense?
    This country is full of all sorts of objectionable people with objectionable options and behaviour, I quite often feel really uncomfortable with some of the people i see. Can i refuse too treat people who's opinions i find offensive? No
    This article is great.
    As always when the subject of racism is raised many of the comments are truly depressing. Openness and humility is what's needed to heal division. Is there a country in the world where bad people don't exist? Show me where and if i had to leave my country I''ll go work there

  • GPs' working conditions are 'lonely' and 'damage' patient relationship, warns GMC

    DrRubbishBin's comment 15 Nov 2019 8:58am

    "Professor West said GPs are exposed to different pressures than secondary care clinicians but are ‘no less important’.."
    oh thanks ..actually it's secondary care Drs that are "no less important" not GPs. I need to say that because we all know there's a common assumption that secondary care Drs aren't especially important and it really does need pointing out that this dreary bunch of hospital based Drs actually do some good work some times despite what you might assume. Yes those hospital Drs are indeed 'no less important' have as be we got that clear?

  • We must convince graduates that general practice is 'exciting', says Ashworth

    DrRubbishBin's comment 14 Nov 2019 5:49pm

    another totally ignorant politician who thinks he might like to run the NHS, thinks making GP look exciting is what's needed, like everybody is leaving or going part time because they're bored. says more about his own particular biases and pre-conceptions than anything.

  • Little evidence that locum GPs pose greater risk to patient safety, study finds

    DrRubbishBin's comment 13 Nov 2019 1:51pm

    I'm not going to comment other than to say I'm not going to comment, and I'd like to add after an absolute abomination of a morning clinic in a failing surgery with too many patients and not enough Drs the suggestion that locums are over paid and possibly generally crap (as a locum) has me absolutely fuming and ready to punch someone. Good job i haven't commented then, and i'm not one of the patients booked into your afternoon clinic, because if i was i'd be giving you a gob full even though it's got absolutely nothing to do with you and is not in any way your fault

  • GP leaders to call for removal of home visits from contract

    DrRubbishBin's comment 12 Nov 2019 3:13pm

    great idea but no chance

  • LMCs call for GPC to reject PCN model in favour of new GP contract

    DrRubbishBin's comment 12 Nov 2019 3:01pm

    Patients don't care who they see because many of them don't know any different, unless they have experienced health care in a different country. i used to feel offended when patients from eastern Europe told me 'it wouldn't be like this at home' now i just nod my head and agree. 'yes' i say 'it is indeed crap' . Add to that the angry 20 something who's come in to complain they're no better after taking the antibiotics they were given for a 'presumed uti' via their video Dr. Where do you start? ' i think video consultations are a bad idea' , 'video consultations are a business idea not a medical one' - you need like an hour just to explain and you've only got 10 minutes to sort out the mess. 'yes it's shit isn't it ' is really all there is you can realistically say in the time available