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Independents' Day

June Greaves


  • GPs set for new enhanced service for urgent home visits under NHS plans

    June Greaves's comment 03 Dec 2016 2:11pm

    Healthcare provider worker @ 10.36am.

    Here here !! But sadly, most individuals aren't much interested in 'what's best for the society as a whole', they only vote for which party will best serve THEMSELVES & mainly which will bring them more MONEY ! As Maggie Thatcher said, "There's no such thing as society, only the INDIVIDUAL !"
    And it shows !

  • Are care plans worth the paper they're written on?

    June Greaves's comment 03 Dec 2016 1:40pm

    It would appear, from some GP comments, that Care plans will only become relevant & important to them when the care plan is YOUR OWN or YOUR LOVED ONE'S ?

  • GPs set for new enhanced service for urgent home visits under NHS plans

    June Greaves's comment 29 Nov 2016 7:06pm

    GP Partner @ 10.58pm, You are misinformed. NI contributions of all employed people fund at least 20% of all NHS expenses, the rest is funded by prescription charges & general taxation which we all pay !
    They are NOT "only for pensions" !

  • GPs set for new enhanced service for urgent home visits under NHS plans

    June Greaves's comment 28 Nov 2016 12:50pm

    Other healthcare professional @7.54am,

    Do you REALLY think the elderly & the poor voted in the Conservatives ??

  • GP guidance on UTI testing should undergo NICE review, says health minister

    June Greaves's comment 17 Nov 2016 11:20am

    Interestingly, some weeks ago, there was an extremely good exposure on Woman's Hour about this very subject. I listened intently to the Consultant Urologist bemoaning about the thousands of poor women who suffer unnecessarily from chronic UTIs because of the wrong diagnosis & treatment by GPs. I waited & waited & waited frustratingly for the CORRECT diagnosis & treatment - but he NEVER gave it !
    Medical etiquette !!!

  • GP wins case against GMC for releasing fitness-to-practise report to patient

    June Greaves's comment 28 Oct 2016 11:11am

    I must admit I too am bewildered at how so many doctor contributors are so quickly prepared to automatically sympathise with their colleague, when NOBODY seems to know exactly what the GP was alleged to have done NOR what the final outcome of the case was!

    Would your opinion have been the same had the patient been yourself or your loved one ?

    So, if not the GMC, then WHO/WHAT does protect the patient ??

  • 'Uber-style' private GP appointment service primed for national rollout

    June Greaves's comment 26 Oct 2016 7:54pm

    Anon. GP partner @ 9.48 on 19 Sept !

    Not so 'Ubergefucht' as the patients, particularly the poorly off ones, as always !!

    So it IS all about money for many of you !!?

  • GPs to access free burnout service from January 2017

    June Greaves's comment 08 Oct 2016 10:13am

    Thank you, Dr. Johnston,

    Let us not, in our personal struggle to survive, fall into the trap of believing that there are only 'deserving' ill ! Ironically, we shall ALL end up, sooner or later, as patients !

    United we stand, divided we fall !

  • GPs to access free burnout service from January 2017

    June Greaves's comment 07 Oct 2016 10:19am

    Dear Dr. Minhas,

    Here's another scenario ;

    Consultant Obstetrician ; I'm sorry, Dr. Minhas, your baby was stillborn. Unfortunately, the doctor, who was looking after your wife in labour, was drunk & didn't take seriously that the foetal heartbeat had become so slow & irregular. However, you will be pleased to know that the poor doctor is receiving counselling for his drink problem.

    I will leave the next scene to your imagination !

  • GPs to access free burnout service from January 2017

    June Greaves's comment 06 Oct 2016 6:04pm

    I'll have to be careful or my sympathetic tho' frank comments may be blocked as they were from the Editor's blog !!

    I'm delighted for GPs that they will soon have rapid free access for help with stress related conditions. As Victoria Cleak courageously points out, I agree, it's a pity that, because of the shortage of NHS psychotherapists & counsellors, the GP's patients in similar states will have to wait for months if they can't afford £60 +/hr for private help !
    Dare I suggest too that it's not only GPs who are at risk of 'burnout' in the NHS AND other 'caring' professions !
    Also, as the psychotherapist contributor points out, personal & external circumstances often HAVE to change for recovery to take place. Perhaps it is unfair to put all the blame on 'needy' & demanding patients when the responsibility for the cause lies elsewhere ?

  • Finding the beauty in general practice

    June Greaves's comment 03 Oct 2016 1:45pm

    Dear GPs, I know it will not be much comfort to you but this is NOT only a difficulty for GPs, it permeates throughout all our lives & it REALLY took off with 'There is no such thing as society, only THE INDIVIDUAL ' !!!
    I'm confident that there are lots of patients who REALLY do appreciate your efforts, we should tell you more often ! Thank you !

  • The NHS is sliding towards Narnia

    June Greaves's comment 03 Oct 2016 1:13pm

    So, 'Honest from Yorkshire' you REALLY don't see ANY way that you can help the patients you mention ? How about just being a compassionate human being with relevant knowledge & contacts, recognising honesty & remorse & a plea for help from a desperate flawed fellow man/woman ? Just how do YOU define a 'medical problem' ??

  • Finding the beauty in general practice

    June Greaves's comment 01 Oct 2016 12:07pm

    Anonymous GP partner @ 12.57pm !

    I think either your name or an apology is called for, please !

  • Junior doctors lose High Court legal challenge against health secretary

    June Greaves's comment 30 Sep 2016 2:21pm

    Well said Dr. Vinci Ho & Anonymous GP partner @ 12.26pm. I agree with all you said

    Shame on you PULSE with your misleading & inaccurate headline & report ! Who's side are you on, the gutter press' or the doctors' ?!
    Now we shall see whether the BMA et al are worthy of the doctors they purport to represent ??

  • Testosterone prescribing soars as ‘male menopause’ is increasingly medicalised

    June Greaves's comment 26 Sep 2016 10:53am

    As if there wasn't already too much testosterone around in the world !! I suspect there will be some female GPs sitting on their hands !!

  • Et tu GPC?

    June Greaves's comment 25 Sep 2016 9:30am

    This comment has been removed by the moderator.

  • Et tu GPC?

    June Greaves's comment 24 Sep 2016 10:22am

    Dear Dr. Shabi,
    It was ever thus, it's all about tactics, whether it is the nursing profession or the teaching profession or even the Police, governments depend on our altruistic principles to divide, browbeat & take advantage of us so that we sometimes forget why we chose that career in the first place.
    Surely, General Practice IS part of the NHS just like Nursing & ALL the healthcare professions.
    I suggest we are ALL fighting for the NHS. A lot will depend on the Judge's decision next Wednesday, but whatever the decision we cannot fail to admire the courage, sincerity & integrity of the junior doctors of 'Justice 4 Health' who, with the support of the public, have risked everything,

  • Patient admits only wanting Gabas to get off their tits

    June Greaves's comment 23 Sep 2016 1:10pm

    Sorry Dr. Mephisto, I wouldn't waste my time !

  • Hunt's flagship named GP policy ‘had no impact on continuity of care’

    June Greaves's comment 22 Sep 2016 11:11pm

    Please could someone explain to me why continuity of care ISN'T good medical practice ?

  • More pointless than a dead parrot

    June Greaves's comment 22 Sep 2016 12:01pm

    Dear Anonymous pharmacist, 10.01am.
    NHS patients do not HAVE to pay for an emergency supply ! It is entirely up to the pharmacist. If the patient is elderly, or not well & has overlooked asking for a repeat prescription of a drug which would be inadvisable to stop suddenly, then ANY sensible & compassionate pharmacist would supply a small free amount to a known patient whilst awaiting the prescription.
    HOWEVER, if the pharmacist is greedy or bloodyminded, of course they could refuse or charge !