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  • Let them eat antibody tests

    Docmal's comment 20 Jun 2020 11:18am

    Another very useful ,futile exercise in time wastage.All left wondering why these have been done and how they will be used .Cant help feeling paranoid that yes it could be used to expel us into more risk if positive.Money for this but yet no effective contact tracing, support for managing all the huge backlog of issues with patient delays or management of postcovid patients.Bring on the cake !

  • NHS England asks GPs to manage discharged Covid hospital patients

    Docmal's comment 13 Jun 2020 10:59am

    How and when to fit this is when we are already really struggling with the backlog of community testing with bloods/follow ups eg cardiology. Some areas are disproportionately affected like Harrow.This is rehab-How about using places like the glorified Nightingale to rehabilitate these pts before dumping on GPs.These pts have respiratory needs/Renal failure/Anticoag needs as well as physio and dietary all of which are new to us as a disease and knowing their requirements. How much can we do ?In addition to monitoring their pre existing diseases?

  • GPs told not to direct any Covid-19 patients to NHS 111

    Docmal's comment 03 Jun 2020 5:21pm

    Why is there no mention of the poor assessment by Nhs111 and delays or no use/indication of checking or reassessing sats levels in a pt presenting with Covid19 or giving NHS111 access to hot hub appts to avoid delay by GPs having to re assess?I dont know many GPs who would redirect an ill pt back to NHS111

  • GPs told not to direct any Covid-19 patients to NHS 111

    Docmal's comment 03 Jun 2020 5:16pm

    No surprises there ...redirect everything to your GP.Secondary care ,111 ,e-consults Have already saved so many lives from poor or delayed triage by NHS111. What's the use if they ask pts to call their GP anyway. Lost many patients where they called Nhs11 over the weekend and didnt get re-assessed and stayed at home to die from Covid19. Just shows how damn good we are at triaging the really ill,whatever the cause.No 111 or AI triage service can match our experience,despite all the workload.

  • GP trainee dies with Covid-19 after fighting disease since April

    Docmal's comment 30 May 2020 12:17pm

    Another very tragic loss at the very start if his career.RIP.

  • Staffing Covid hot hubs falls under GMS contract, says NHS England

    Docmal's comment 14 May 2020 3:31pm

    So here we go again with contractual changes shoved in our face..We are a single partner practice with 3 GPs in any one single session and one practice nurse -The other shielding-All GPs from a BAME background.If we manned our local hot hub, the surgery wouldn't run safely and one of us is more than likely to be seriously ill. Why did we become GPs again?Any GP work,locum overseas or private beckons very soon.

  • GP practices asked to 'risk assess' black and ethnic minority staff

    Docmal's comment 30 Apr 2020 6:18pm

    Uh anonyhamster,not sure what you're implying but I'm from a BAME background so definitely not racist!Ofcourse BAME should avoid risk if they are at an increased risk,but just venting my frustration at not being given gowns or eye protection and asked to see Covid pts at home is putting me at undue risk as well.All GPs regardless of age or race should be protected and that is a failure of the Govt for all of us.

  • GP practices asked to 'risk assess' black and ethnic minority staff

    Docmal's comment 30 Apr 2020 10:44am

    Totally agree with Back from the dark side ,as a female nearing 50,from a BAME but with no underlying conditions that I know of,I dont especially feel more immune to this disease from say my over 70 Male colleague..but agree they should have less contact. On a more important note,arent these assessments a bit of a joke when as GPs we are being expected to see patients without a gown or eye protection?Is everyone happy and feeling safe doing this,very soon in patients homes ?Arent we all clearly at risk there?All the GPs who died had the same basic PPE right, doesn't it follow that they died as a result of poor protection in getting it in the first place ?And then being worse off if they were BAME and male...

  • GP trainee launches legal action against Government over PPE guidance

    Docmal's comment 26 Apr 2020 5:07pm

    If more of us did this than I wonder how many men in suits would, be able to force us to go and see patients just in a flimsy apron,and face mask on our way to an early grave,especially those of us who are from the BAME community.If we dont get protected how can we protect others?The Govt need to wake up and see that "the goodwill is running out ", at a time when they are telling us that we should think of seeing shielded patients at home, as well as Covid patients discharged into the community.No testing or contact tracing from them -Where is the science to say as GPs or our nurses, we need less protection?

  • The Government's litany of mistakes has led to a greater loss of lives

    Docmal's comment 23 Apr 2020 9:16pm

    Hear hear Dr Chand. I have no political affiliation and glad to read such an honest and true depiction of the reality we are facing. Still no full PPE,not enough testing and we all know needless deaths, many of which could have been protected while the leaders response has been slow and chaotic.Really glad someone has had the guts to say there is a limit to goodwill.We didnt sign up for this.

  • Tributes page - GPs who sadly died with Covid-19

    Docmal's comment 23 Apr 2020 2:53pm

    As for vocation well I dont know about others but I never signed up to be a war doctor ,neither an ID doctor, and didnt sign up to die ,cause when all is said and done,nobody but my family will pay the cost of such so called "bravery "to go into a situation without support or protection. And I've been a GP for 20years.Id happily hand in my resignation in exchange for my life .

  • Tributes page - GPs who sadly died with Covid-19

    Docmal's comment 23 Apr 2020 2:48pm

    RIP each and every one of them.It pains me deeply to see so many colleagues dying and being from a BAME background myself, I am wondering what they were doing that caused them to die...I mean surely most are remotely triaging ,were they in the hot hubs? and if so did they not have adequate PPE or were they visiting in the community without PPE.It is hard for me to comprehend ,apart from drawing the conclusion that perhaps the 20% asymptomatic lot are infecting us GPs unknowingly and that as expected we are just as much at risk as those in hospital, but without gowns and also assume we are lower risk as we triage first?No point having cold rooms and seeing patients, when you have no idea nor do they that they may be carrying the virus is it ?

  • GPs set to diagnose Covid-19 face to face in 'hot hubs'

    Docmal's comment 02 Apr 2020 8:42pm

    How much worse does it have to get before we all die from stress and or exposure to Covid19.In addition to being told that our contract has now changed to staying open on the bank holidays with no pay and no annual leave.There should be mass resignation.Im sorry but I didnt sign up for this.-Magically judge who has Covid19 remotely ,without testing and guess who doesnt ,and see them potentially infecting myself.Is it me or does everyone still have good supplies of goodwill to accept all this .

  • 'Hugely respected' Essex GP died with coronavirus

    Docmal's comment 01 Apr 2020 11:40pm

    I knew Dr Zaidi personally and am deeply saddened by his untimely death.Equally worrying is the real risk of death from being in contact even with triaged patients.May God give his family strength at this difficult time.

  • Practices will not be reimbursed for locum cover from day one if GPs self-isolate

    Docmal's comment 21 Mar 2020 8:56pm

    After 24years in the NHS I wholeheartedly feel that NHSE really has put us on the "frontline " without exactly asking or giving us any support. I would not have agreed to see that pt above on a HV I mean we are not geared to face deadly situations..why isn't there a Covid team ?We knew this was coming yet no planning at all now leaving already knackered GPs to run around 24/7 to try and manage most of the not unwell Covid pts in addition to our regulars and for what exactly?Death in service?And in addition no locum cover payment,no testing?It has made me seriously re re-evaluate my career choices.

  • NHS advises 'total triage' as GP groups look to limit patient demand

    Docmal's comment 14 Mar 2020 5:08pm

    In addition we have patients who speak little or any English,and pregnant ladies with a mild cough.The message is not getting across and who is to manage pregnant unwell patients -NHS111 simply wont be able to.What about community services and antenatal care-there will Need to be more testing to carry out any safe care ,as all health care staff need protection but so do vulnerable patients who may not have Covid-19.GPs cannot magically know if they have or haven't got it based on just fever and a cough ...

  • GP practices no longer able to remove certain violent patients from list

    Docmal's comment 12 Feb 2020 3:15pm

    So wait till they re -offend and if you're still alive after you can re-register and the next practice has to accept them?So much for safeguarding us and zero tolerance