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Independents' Day

David Ruben

  • How delays have hampered GPs’ efforts to assess patients at high risk from Covid-19

    David Ruben's comment 01 May 2020 12:17pm

    Our software update to start identifying and recoding patients on/not-on shield list came day after supposed deadline. We started work day after and have steadily worked through, contacting firstly all who were on the list to check they had received their NHS letter, then to tell patients if should not have been on list. For those patients repeatedly not at home on trying to phone (hopefully they are staying with a relative rather than spending their days at work or doing daily shopping) we have sent letters. So process taken what? 4 weeks into 12 weeks supposed start of shielding when this all had been in discussion for some weeks before the lock-down came into force.

  • GP practices must not ‘feel closed’ to sick patients, says NHS England

    David Ruben's comment 15 Apr 2020 10:20am

    I got a call from our local deputy GP CCG lead that my emails firmly rejecting or criticising the bullying & harassing torrent of emails from NHS & local NHS/CCG to have coded and reviewed shielded patients (despite no searches and our own computer system not due for required update until night of 15th - 1 day after supposed deadline), and to continue referring as normal (despite the CCG's own Referral Management Team having sent out email that the are not accepting non-urgent referrals for 4 weeks), amounted to "not being a team player".
    Local CCG does not have a duty to pass down instructions from NHS if those instructions are physically impossible to do, that at best just wastes my time and at worse is adding to my stress of being bullied.

  • PCNs to get 100% funding for all extra clinical staff as further roles are added

    David Ruben's comment 07 Feb 2020 7:41pm

    As soon as collaboration between PCNs allowed, all this work can be transferred back to the local networks that were being set up to provide the delivery of services that CCGs were told they could not provide vs merely commission. The PCNs can then merge together for efficiency back to a sensible unit size of ~300,000 patients and then merge again to large clusters as has happened to PCTs and RHA before those. The great wheel of repeating the same subdivision into small area teams to then economies of scale & negotiating power back into large regional teams continues. This will only increase burden on GP partners which becomes ever less attractive. The BMA/GPC do not represent us, as they sycophantically line up GPs for mass resignation / enforced take-over of general practice by local bodies with only salaried doctors, and this then ripe for post-Brexit UK-USA trade deal of mass takeover by American Healthcare Organizations. Why are we shooting ourselves in the foot, as well as loading the breaches having manufactured the shotguns ?