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A faulty production line

Siraj Shah

Siraj Shah

  • Primary care networks are making noise, but will they deliver?

    Siraj Shah's comment 01 Aug 2019 0:31am

    Hastily formed PCN’s have created extra layers of bureaucracy increased our workload without providing any practical help to ease the current GP recruitment crisis. Attending pointless MDT meetings is taking us away from our patients. Appointing of pharmacists, social prescribers etc. will not make any difference to our increasing workload.

    I am opposed to PCN’s taking on the responsibility of employing pharmacists / social prescribers etc. for two reasons:1) some practices may not be able to afford 30 % contributions 2) there is no assurance that long-term funding will continue for these jobs.

    You may be aware that those pharmacists who have not already jumped on a PCN bandwagon will be more than happy to embrace their new contract - Community Pharmacist Consultation Service which involves pharmacists taking referrals from 111 to provide same day appointments for minor illness at £14 a time; but I can bet you the patients will still want to see their GP the next day.

    It seems the pharmacists have done better when negotiating their new community contracts in comparison to our hopeless self-serving leaders and BMA who have endorsed PCN contract without putting it to vote. I feel the PCN's have been created to demolish GP partnership model driving a final nail in the coffin of General Practice.

  • Why we aren't signing up to the Network DES

    Siraj Shah's comment 06 Jun 2019 0:50am

    Given an already stretched GP workforce and recruitment crisis how on the earth are we ever going to manage PCN contracts? In my opinion PCN contract is another gimmick invented by senior NHS managers and lawyers to force us back into 24/7 cover.

  • Pulse's GP workload survey is open - take part now

    Siraj Shah's comment 11 Feb 2019 8:25pm

    As a single handed GP with list size of 2800 patients my daily work starts at 6 AM from home having full remote access to clinical system using emisweb with integrated “babblevoice” telephone system.
    Today 11/2/2019 I have dealt with:

    27: Test results
    15: IC24/111 reports
    12: Email electronic discharge letters
    18: Telephone consultations
    25: Patient consultations
    02: Emergency appointments
    25: Hospital Clinic letters
    110: Repeat prescriptions
    01: Home visit
    Back home at 8 PM

  • Pressurised GP out-of-hours see serious incidents increase by 26% in a year

    Siraj Shah's comment 23 Jan 2018 1:49am

    GO to your GP syndrome must stop; why does everyone from milkman to a consultant has to say to a patient go and see your own GP! I think they all pass on the buck to protect their own asses.

  • EMIS may have to pay millions due to GP reporting failures

    Siraj Shah's comment 23 Jan 2018 1:32am

    GP has to submit a claim for every item of service is just a symptom of underlying carcinomatous growth that has invaded the NHS. Everything we do is controlled and micromanaged but as a profession we and our leaders have to accept the responsibility for this situation.

  • Revalidation paperwork equivalent to 390,000 days' worth of GP appointments

    Siraj Shah's comment 11 Jan 2018 10:51pm

    Areas of discussion (My appraisal 1/3/2017)

    General practice is becoming a nightmare - overwhelming bureaucracy and micro-management combined with huge unfunded workload shifted from secondary to primary care, increasing patient demand and lack of resources ....

    Career Aspirations

    Retire A.S.A.P

  • GPs could charge for wider range of travel vaccinations under PHE review

    Siraj Shah's comment 28 Nov 2017 10:13pm

    Another load of rubbish if a patient can afford a holiday abroad why can’t they afford to pay for their travel vaccinations? The reality is that lot of our patients do not bother to take preventative measures against travel related illnesses when going abroad? Is it because they expect to be treated free on the NHS if they do happen to develop any travel related illness on their return to the UK.

  • GPs overlooked as Government finds hundreds of millions to bail out hospitals

    Siraj Shah's comment 23 Nov 2017 12:34pm

    We GP’s don’t have any voice even if we do make some noise now and then no one is listening - so why waste our time and energy. BMA, GPC etc. are all toothless tigers they are only protecting their own interests “barking dogs seldom bite”.

  • GP locum reliance caused half a million overspend in one area

    Siraj Shah's comment 26 Sep 2017 9:26am

    Proliferation of locum agencies shows how our own colleagues are exploiting the profession- high locum costs are driving the already moribund general practice to its terminal stages…given the current scenario of unaffordable locum costs resulting into recruitment crisis and practices closures the locum force will soon be out of demand.

  • Not a single hospital sanctioned for GP workload 'dump', finds Pulse investigation

    Siraj Shah's comment 04 Apr 2017 8:14pm

    If the tariff system / payment by results would not have been introduced we would not be faced with this mess today.

  • GP workforce declines by over 400 in just three months

    Siraj Shah's comment 29 Mar 2017 7:56pm

    Having really enjoyed working in the NHS, 12 years as a hospital doctor and 32 years as a GP I have decided to quit as soon as possible. I feel general practice in particular has become a very risky business: - fragmentation of the services, overwhelming bureaucracy, micromanagement, over regulation, lack of support, dumping of work from secondary to primary care, ever increasing demand from our patients, fear of litigation, free for all complaints process, demoralized work force, huge increase in practice running costs….I ask myself why on the earth do you want to be a GP!

  • ‘We’re trying to build the future’

    Siraj Shah's comment 23 Mar 2017 9:03pm

    These old fashioned ideas are unworkable in the present climate- where we are dealing with an increasing demand created through huge demographic changes, perception of needs and expectations determined by our clients (based on political rhetoric) , woefully inadequate resources, lack of medical manpower and demoralized NHS staff.

  • GP walk-in centres to close in favour of 9:30pm Sunday bookable appointments

    Siraj Shah's comment 03 Mar 2017 10:27am

    Seven day access is politically driven Mr Hunt’s stunt, it can only deal with trivia and address the never ending needs of our worried well. In my view this will result into further fragmentation of care, generate a huge amount of workload for GP’s – as almost every consultation will be bounced back to patients GP – “see your GP next day” - we all know the reasons why!

  • F*** QOF

    Siraj Shah's comment 25 Feb 2017 6:31pm

    A high QOF score does not necessarily indicate high quality care, any quality indicator that is financially driven and data open to manipulation is unreliable. In my opinion financial incentives to improve population outcomes do not work, despite spending 5.86 billion on QOF incentives it has led to no significant improvement in mortality rates (Lancet).

  • NHS Health Checks have prevented 8,400 heart attacks and strokes, claims study

    Siraj Shah's comment 21 Dec 2016 11:03pm

    Like all other imposed gimmicks upon GP’s - online access, patient surveys, NHS Choices, PPG’s, unplanned admissions, yearly ritual of appraisals; NHS health checks are a share waste of time & resources. But don’t forget there are lots of people employed to see that these rituals are carried out they have to justify and protect their armchair email pushing jobs.