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  • Set a fair exam and we won’t need to retrain ‘failed’ GPs

    Doctor's comment 20 Mar 2018 11:27am

    Thank you Dr Sidhu for writing this article. Coming from you who is a GP trainer himself means a lot for ex GP trainees. Most trainees who have struggled with CSA have excellent colleague and patient feedback which is taken over a period of time in their training. Does the opinions of supervisors and real life patient which states a trainee to be competent to be a GP, carry no weightage when deciding about a doctors ability? Does just getting couple of marks less in a exam given under very stressful conditions speak about a doctors ability to practice safely?

  • RCGP reviewing whether MRCGP exam is ‘fit for purpose’

    Doctor's comment 30 Jul 2017 5:47pm

    Its very unfair that a doctor who has spent 5 years studying medicine and then worked as trainee in NHS at different level for 5 + years, who has showed continues progress and marked competent to work as GP on work place based assessment, is deemed unsafe just based on doctor getting just 1 mark less in acting based CSA exam.The doctor is denied oppertunity to work in trained speciality labelled unsafe while physician assosiates with no medical degree and just 2 years training and no MRCGP can work in general practice.Is patient safety not compromised with PA' s working in general practice?