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Independents' Day

Sally Whale

  • Why I retired early

    Sally Whale's comment 08 Feb 2018 9:08am

    So far got my garden back into shape, and had time to think!! Hadn't realised quite HOW exhausted I was mentally until I stopped. Plans include sailing lots, spending time in France where I have inherited a house, and lots of craft stuff. Just waiting for hubby to decompress as he has only just retired and then the world is our oyster.

  • GPs most trusted by public to protect their data

    Sally Whale's comment 23 Jul 2014 6:14pm

    and we are surprised by this why exactly?
    if we follow Mr Hunts advice all that will happen is we will lose trust.

  • Extending GP access forms part of major NHS consultation on future of general practice

    Sally Whale's comment 14 Aug 2013 3:30pm

    we need to change, the challenge is identifying which bits of the current model need keeping and which can be thrown away. the problem is that we may find that the 'chattering classes' who contribute to any consultation value convenience over quality, until its THEM that need the quality. quality tends to mean continuity and a Dr who knows you as an individual, although that may be my prejudice.
    general practice has stuck with the same model for 60+ years with some (relatively major) tinkering at the edges, salaried service, probably, but not if the gvt have any sense as it would just cost too much. they have underestimated the risk sink that is GP in the past have they learnt the lesson??