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Gold, incentives and meh

Ulrich Pfeiffer

  • Strikes may put doctors' training and registration in jeopardy, regulators warn

    Ulrich Pfeiffer's comment 05 Sep 2016 5:37pm

    Bullying of the worst kind.

  • My rock ‘n’ roll salvation from general practice

    Ulrich Pfeiffer's comment 10 Aug 2016 6:32pm


    great to hear from you again. But are you really back at work full time?? Judging from your musical tastes you must be reaching pensionable age soonish. Remember the graveyards are full of indispensable people. Look after yourself, nobody else will.

  • ​NHS apologises as payments delayed due to rising retiree numbers

    Ulrich Pfeiffer's comment 24 May 2016 10:24pm

    I have now had a letter that because of the backlog my benefits were authorised after the 5 April deadline and according to HMRC the LTA of £1,000,000 applies, not £ 1,250,000 as before. This is costing me about £30,000 in LTA charge.

    This is a scandal. I would be interested to hear from other affected parties.

  • ​NHS apologises as payments delayed due to rising retiree numbers

    Ulrich Pfeiffer's comment 19 May 2016 11:54am

    I personally handed in my AW8 at the end of December with a retirement date of 2 April, 13 weeks notice. I was told to expect my lump sum on my retirement date and made relevant financial planning arrangements. As very near the date no pension calculations letter arrived, I spent a considerable amount of time on the phone to a call centre in Fleetwood who told me that they had 30 days from my retirement date to pay me.

    Come the 3oth day still no letter and no money in the bank. An intervention from my local PCSS by email eventually ensured payment of my lump sum by 5 May, followed a few days later by the pension letter.

    The pension calculations appear wildly out with the monthly payments just over half of what I expected and I have sent a request for more information on the workings of the calculations which is yet outstanding.

    A letter of complaint sent by special delivered however was met with a written response within 3 days just stating that the lump sum had been paid in the meantime and hoping I did not want to take this any further.

    A phone call to BMA pensions department met with a resigned response that Fleetwood had been experiencing back logs since June 2015.

    All in all a pretty poor show. Do not hold your breath and make sure that when you do get paid you check the calculations carefully or get your accountant to do it for you.