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Nikolas Markert

  • BMA warns reported increase in pensions tax threshold 'will not solve problems'

    Nikolas Markert's comment 17 Jan 2020 7:41pm

    Even if it became true, all a little late for me....
    Will I get a refund of all my overpayments over the last few years? It would pay off the rest of my mortgage and buy a nice new motor.
    My AW8 has gone in....

  • Decrease in GP income 'contributing to recruitment problems', finds study

    Nikolas Markert's comment 13 Jan 2020 8:51pm

    It took 10 years to regain loss of income since 2008. Now it’s moving South again. Not to mention buying power or rubbish exchange rate due to weak pound and Brexit ( relevant to me, being one of those European migrant workers ).
    Now the pension tax ...
    Not to mention the recent PCN DES crap.
    Sorry guys , I’m off , due to take earlier retirement this summer . Good Lucy with it all ...

  • PCNs and more LMCs urge practices to withdraw from network contract

    Nikolas Markert's comment 13 Jan 2020 6:09pm

    Totally bonkers DES !
    Good on you guys pulling out, as this is the only option we have and the only language 'they' understand.
    We've seen loads of rubbish contract changes over the years, but this just tops it all.
    We live and work on planet NHS, not sure, what planet 'they' live on...

  • Hancock approves plan to pay GP pensions tax but warns of 'tax avoidance'

    Nikolas Markert's comment 22 Nov 2019 10:56am

    Sorry mate, too late, I’ll be doing my very last OOH shift tomorrow and leave partnership in June. Too little too late. Not to mention, the incompetence of Capita...

  • Hancock: 'I'm in discussions with Treasury about removing pensions tax taper'

    Nikolas Markert's comment 17 Nov 2019 12:41pm

    The tens of thousands ££££ in extra tax, I paid in recent years, I assume, are unlikely to be reimbursed ?
    Whatever the treasury may brew up will not come into force before next tax year.
    Sorry guys , I’ll be off into the sunset as from 1st July, done, dusted , retired , lost to the profession... one FT male partner, EU migrant, less, good luck with finding a replacement .

  • What we know about new health secretary Matt Hancock

    Nikolas Markert's comment 10 Jul 2018 8:41am experience in health care and likely having private health insurance....
    Just the right guy. Apart from Jeremy Hunt, they usually last 12 to 18 months, make a few changes and then move on, usually up the career ladder...

  • NHS England set to consult on 'biggest GP contract reform since 2004'

    Nikolas Markert's comment 05 Jul 2018 5:57pm

    Whoever thought this out, doesn’t really get it. We don’t need another reorganisation and re-labled targets. What we need, is to make the job attractive once more, real in young colleagues, entice old folk like me to stay.
    The changes proposed in the article don’t account for increased administerative workload and the ever growing army of administrators GPs employ these days to hit all them targets , spending the majorly of the funds hitting the targets generates in the first place.
    We need to look at new ways to pay for indemnity and also the imposed pension surcharge tax. As a higher earning / tax paying full time GP partner in his mid to late fifties, I calculated , that income tax, NHS pension contributions ( e’ers & e’ees ) and the new pension surcharge tax, I’ll be not far off paying 80% of my gross income, before I even pay for The MDU, let alone my own mortgage and something called life, or what’s left of it.

  • Four in ten European GPs intend to leave the UK following Brexit

    Nikolas Markert's comment 03 Mar 2017 12:55pm

    Afte 24 years on planet NHS as EU migrant GP, this article reflects the way I feel post BREXIT...
    Not only have we endured years of negative press and sexed up claims of our overinflated income, the ever increasing political interference and constant reorganisation of the NHS and primary care, increasing workload due to growing and ageing and demanding population. We are now also contending with a sharp drop in numbers of recruits and the looming mass exodus due to a wave of retirements.
    .....and now this, BREXIT, well done !
    I think, I may speak for many EEA citizens / 'EU economic migrants', many of us feel less welcome and appreciated now, even those of us playing a vital role in the UK. Not to mention our high tax rate and negligible use of benefits.
    The new GP recruitment drive n Europe makes me laugh, I can think of a few rude gestures from across the English Channel. Good luck with that to Jeremy Hunt and his little helpers ! Maybe Amazon can help him find those promised 5000 GPs.
    End of rant

  • Seniority payments to be reduced by 15% a year

    Nikolas Markert's comment 16 Nov 2013 6:08pm

    Most of the commissioning work is done by the old dogs. Most older GPs are full time, do on calls, extended hours, some also OOH. They are vital to running the show.
    Scrap seniority pay and these old dogs will be heading for the exit. Who will be taking on all these jobs, when they have left, our young part time salaried colleagues

  • GPs to oversee all vulnerable patients under emergency admissions DES  

    Nikolas Markert's comment 16 Nov 2013 5:47pm

    Who are the GPs providing all this access? Partners ? Will our salaried colleagues expected to do so too?
    Can we commission this to our very efficiently run OOH provider? How will the patient contact them / us, via 111 ?
    Whom am I expected to communicate with? We have our new 'Health Hub', who is supposed to take all our community referrals for almost anything. However, it does not always work, as they lack capacity. Also, there are too few community hospital beds, which are never available when needed urgently, i.e. OOH.
    All rather ill thought out and this will just push more GPs in their 50s to retire early and put young doctors off going into General Practice and rightly so !
    Maybe, we all should go salaried, or maybe turn into locums, with the demise of the partner, the political class, media and our patients will then see, what it means, when we start working to rule, not doing any extra, unfunded work and stop going the extra mile and being innovative. Sadly, the foundation of UK General Practice, and therefore the NHS will be lost and there will be no way back.

  • Department of Health publishes details of proposed GP contract changes and paves way for imposition

    Nikolas Markert's comment 02 Apr 2013 6:20pm

    I probably agree with most of the comments some of my fellow GPs have made about the forthcoming changes to QOF. The government has really lost it, big time, just as the previous one did, possibly even worse ! None of this nonsence will really improve patients care but will unnecessarily add to the complexety of our work. As Simon Ruffle puts it, we all make ourselves complicit. However, I am not sure, why so many GPs use this forum anonymously !? Why not state your name ? I think, this is rather feable ! What do you guys think ? Some hit squad will come and snotch you ? Man up !

  • GPs told to prepare for 'Tesco-style' seven-day opening

    Nikolas Markert's comment 23 Dec 2012 4:54pm

    Contract imposition, revalidation, pension changes, constant drop in income, ever increasing workload and ticking boxes, increasing patient expectations, ageing population, constant attack by Daily Mail style media....and now 7 day opening, whatever next....just watch the 50-odd year old GP population, the back-bone of the profession, retiring within the next few years...who will suffer in the long run are not Sir Bruce and his new-year-honor-list buddies, it will be the elderly and chronically ill .
    Unfortunatley, I still have a mortgage to pay, otherwise, I would just leave.