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A faulty production line

Muhammad Ahmed

  • Statins ‘may only postpone death by three or four days’

    Muhammad Ahmed's comment 08 Nov 2015 11:03pm

    Upto 20 % increase in Diabetes in people starting Statins, So we treat one risk factor and give another condition to patient. I still suggest Statins as NICE has advised but is it justified I dont know,
    Perhaps I would not opt for statins

  • Our BBC doc about rural practices will shed light on issues faced by all UK GPs

    Muhammad Ahmed's comment 04 Sep 2015 10:51pm

    I fail to understand who are these people and what they are talking about as I am fully trained GP with background of specialist and yet I am unable to find a suitable partnership. Suitable partnership means with average income not 300000 K.

  • GP recruitment crisis forces removal of thousands of patients from practice list

    Muhammad Ahmed's comment 13 Jun 2014 1:09am

    I am newly qualified GP. I work in an area of chronic shortage. Yet I see my fellows going for interviews and offered very humiliating contracts, what to say of partnership. One of my friend worked in a practice as "salaried with a view to partnership" yet even after one and half year of hardwork, no sign of "partnership" on the horizon. As you imagine he left. Still that practice has shortage of doctor. It really make me laugh. Another practice keep on interviewing doctor not recruiting and I know inside story that they are waiting for a suitable GP. I my self am a multifaceted GP with Fellowships in surgery from three countries, MRCGP and offered only salaried post. I will leave practice if not offered partnership in next six months. So before complaining you are not getting GP please make good offer if salaried and make them partner if you like them.

  • International graduates should face higher bar to work in the UK, finds GMC-commissioned research

    Muhammad Ahmed's comment 20 Apr 2014 0:44am

    @Dr Caldwell
    Interesting to ask why img come to UK. Answer are many but in nut shell they come for better life and training. Many want to go back however they get stuck at some point in training so either become specialty docs (an exploitation that only happens in uk and australia) and cant go back because of lack to training to consultant grade. Many become GP for persumably for better life and they cant go back because in south asian countries one can become gp after graduation andhouse job. If IMG get full training to cct in hospital specialties believe me many will go back. You cant imagine the life of consultant trained in west in these countries. Hope this explains.

  • Judicial review into claims of racial bias in MRCGP will begin in April

    Muhammad Ahmed's comment 03 Jan 2014 7:06am

    You are not alone. I was lucky as I had an exceptionally good trainer who believes this exam is biased and did not change a single word in ESR despite failure and was always proactive in finding ways to help me in the difficult time.
    Good thing in your case is bad time is over just keep smiling till you get cct and persevere. Thanks, sorry and I appreciate are magic words. Think of your csa consultation your agenda- SICK ES agenda and try negotiate.

  • BMA contributes £25k to international doctors' judicial review fund

    Muhammad Ahmed's comment 13 Nov 2013 3:53pm

    Surely these are IMG and shot them being IMG and not able to speak colloquial English, perhaps they would not been registered with GMC, however would British and English doctor would throw light on an IMG life who is working in area where some time whole list of patient are Eastern Europeans, Should he consult in Polsh, Czeck, Latvian or in English. Please think as these are people who are running NHS on ground.

  • Porter: RCGP must 'acknowledge there is a problem' in exam row

    Muhammad Ahmed's comment 16 Oct 2013 10:30pm

    @shurleea Harding,
    I agree that every one deserve best treatment. I am IMG with postgraduate qualification not only from Britain but Overseas.
    I have worked in different seniority levels in UK. I have seen every complication and practice written in the books and some not written in UK and people responsible are both "BEST BRITISH" doctors and Bad IMGs.
    I was never asked by any gp in saw in UK like I am expected to ask?
    Get real. British Medicine is not best, perhaps it is run by IMGs.
    UK is only country with F1, F2, Speciality Doc, Staff Grade, SPR, StR, Associate specialist, subconsultant, clinical assistants. so much discrimination in same grade.

  • Legal action commences over MRCGP exam failure rates

    Muhammad Ahmed's comment 06 Apr 2013 11:09am

    Hi there,
    Another CSA Victim here, Narrow margin failure. Can any body advise me how to get CSA marking sheets for the exams. I have emailed college twice over last three weeks no answer yet except automated response. We have to play by the rules set by rulers. Hence I am optimistic for future attempts although still dont know why failed despite no cross at clinical indicators in use less feedback