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A faulty production line

David Wayles

  • Family of GP locum who died on 'day off' denied death-in-service benefits

    David Wayles's comment 17 Jun 2015 6:38pm

    Utterly ridiculous. This has got to be challenged. Don't die at the weekend or whilst away on holiday. What about job-share arrangements, even for permanent staff would dying on a monday when you only work thursday and friday invalidate your spouses claim.

  • GPs hit back at ‘incendiary’ attack on general practice by surgeon in the Daily Mail

    David Wayles's comment 26 Nov 2014 1:49pm

    Its the Daily Mail, what more could we expect. Perhaps this is revenge for the success of Dr Jose Serrano in his court case against that malicious publication. They are happy to give a platform to anyone with a view extreme enough to appeal to their readership and sell copy. With regard to this particular baffoon a referral to the GMC might deter him from repeating such a ridiculous slur on primary care

  • GPs paid to reassess all long-term bisphosphonate patients

    David Wayles's comment 22 Jan 2014 1:41pm

    January 14 Drug tariff, alendronic 70mg is 90p for 4 = £32.40 drug cost saved for a three year holiday

    and the cost of DXA to determine if a holiday is appropriate is ?

    I appreciate there are other considerations but as a cost saver does this stack up, unless of course you just stop the medication without checking.

  • Farewell remote monitoring DES

    David Wayles's comment 06 Dec 2013 1:28pm

    From my position as a locum pharmacist I see enhanced services being de-commisioned or slowly falling apart as the re-accreditation training is no longer available. This means for example that the EHC PGD requires me to offer chlamydia screening but that was decommisioned from local pharmacies last April so I have to refer patients back to you.
    On the plus side re BP checks I often do these in pharmacy, infact one local surgery requests us to do daily checks for a week and then send the details to them. Pharmacies could be used for more of these checks and typically fall over each other in their eagerness to provide additional services for free.